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Michèle Torr is 75 years old: Illness, Husbands, Children, Tragedies…

Michele Torr is 75 years old. Iconic singer of the 70s, she released many successful albums and became a key figure in the French repertoire. On the private side, she knows several romances including one with the singer Christophe in the 60s which caused a lot of ink to flow. A look back at the men of life and the incredible journey of the interpreter of “Take me to dance tonight”.

Michele Torr is one of the emblematic figures of French song. At the dawn of her 60-year career, Michelle Tort continues to fill theaters. Born Michelle Tort, April 7, 1947, in Pertuis in the Vaucluse, the young woman is spotted by Jacques Brel in Avignon. Seduced by its romantic melodies, Claude Francois offered him to open for the Olympia in 1964. The beginning of a long career punctuated by unforgettable hits such as I lovereleased in 1977 or take me dancing tonight, released the following year. Here are the secrets and everything you didn’t know about Michèle Torr.

Michèle Torr participated twice in Eurovision

In 1964, Michèle Torr made herself known to the general public thanks to her very first 45 rpm It’s hard to be 16, chart-topper. She was then 16 years old. The same year, she went on stage at the Olympia for the first time to open for Claude François. Success is on the way. She was then chosen to represent Luxembourg at Eurovision in 1966. where she obtains the 10th place of the classification. The singer repeats the experience eleven later. She represented Monaco in 1977 with the song A French girl and gets 4th place on the podium.

Michèle Torr, 450 songs: her hits and successes

Michèle Torr sings of love. Her powerful voice never left her. With 30 million records sold, 30 gold records and 1 platinum, his career is dizzying. Michèle Torr has recorded more than 450 songs including Take me, My name is Michèle, A little French girl, I appeal to tenderness, Him, A blue wave as much famous refrains who marked the history of French song and who continue to sing in the cottages.

Michèle Torr and Christophe: words that hurt

Michèle Torr was 19 when she fell in love with Christophe, whose real name was Daniel Bevilacqua. After a passionate love story, the singer ends up leaving the young woman. It was then that she discovered that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the dandy refuses to recognize the child. The interpreter of Aline who died of Covid in April 2020 had returned to this rupture in his memoirs entitled Live the night, Dream the day, published posthumously by Denoël editions, on the initiative of his wife Véronique. A story without waffle that lifts the veil on this separation.

Some time later I found out she was pregnant. She probably thought that this child would bind us a little more. That’s probably why she kept it. But it didn’t bring us closer, quite the contrary.“, is it written in his book. Shocked by these remarks, Michèle Torr had wished to restore the truth. “The passages concerning me are completely wrong and absolutely do not reflect the truth about our relationship. And I do not think that these Memoirs are from the hand of Christophe“, she assured in Gala. Harsh words that hurt the iconic singer of the 60s.”Read in these Memoirs that one day I thought that having a child with Christophe ‘would bind us a little more’… These lies hurtshe regretted.

Accusations denied by the publisher Dorothée Cunéo, who also spoke in Gala. Christophe is of course the author of his memoirs. Of course, I have all my correspondence with him on this subject. Véronique Bevilacqua, wife of Christophe, also opened the couple’s photo album to me, but did not intervene on the text.”she had assured.

Michèle Torr: her son Romain Vidal, suffering from multiple sclerosis

Romain Vidal was born from the idyll between Michèle Torr and Christophe. Unfortunately, the singer ofAline never acknowledged his paternity. Suffering from multiple sclerosis since 2007, Romain Vidal, now 54, revealed in November 2021 the heavy medical journey to which he is subject, on his Facebook account. “I find myself in rehabilitation again and it’s not over!“, he wrote. Fortunately, the son of the late singer can count on the unfailing support of his mother Michèle Torr.

“He’s extraordinary. You know, sick people, most of the time, don’t complain and are examples of life. He gives me strength, he is positive“, she confided to Non-Stop People beginning of 2021. Together, they created in 2013 the association Multiple sclerosis, Pays d’Aix. Determined to advance research to help patients with multiple sclerosis, mother and son regularly organize charity concerts for the benefit of the association.

Who is Jean-Vidal, Michèle Torr’s ex-husband?

Michèle Torr lived for 22 years with Jean Vidal, French journalist and director. If the singer Christophe has never recognized Romain, the son of Michèle Torr, Jean Vidal adopted him after marrying the singer in 1969. From their love story was born a daughter, Emilie, in 1973.

After twenty years of happiness, Michèle Torr discovers that Jean Vidal is in debt to the tune of five million francs.My husband, Jean Vidal, was very close to my main collaborators. When I divorced, I also lost my producer, my record company. I discovered that I had debts. We had a lot of money, we stayed in palaces, we bought houses. I didn’t care about anything. Afterwards, I sold a lot of things, I reimbursed the equivalent of 5 million francs“, she had explained in the columns of the Parisian. Jean Vidal died in 2003.

Who is Jean-Pierre Murzilli, the second husband of Michèle Torr?

After several sentimental failuresMichèle Torr married Jean-Pierre Murzilli in 1995. She finally thinks she has found the rare pearl. But past the euphoria of the beginnings, their relationship is rapidly deteriorating. Her spouse changes his behavior and constantly belittles her. Under the influence of thisnarcissistic pervert“, the singer can not leave him, she explained to We both in August 2020. But one day, she decides to “stop accepting the unacceptable, humiliations, insults” and to leave Jean-Pierre Murzilli.

In 1997, two years after saying “yes”, the couple divorced. But the interpreter My name is Michelefinally fails to draw a line under his former companion. The couple then gives each other a second chance.

We resumed exchanging vows of love, giving each other face-to-face meetings, until the day when, realizing that we were even more in love than on the first day, we resumed living together, bought the house of our newfound happiness, and even decided to remarry. Like a vital need, to prove to us that our divorce had been a monumental mistake“, she confided to France Sunday.

If on the surface everything seems to be fine then, in intimate maid scenes rumble. In 2010, Michèle Torr filed a complaint for domestic violence. They end up separating in 2019. Far from being resentful, the singer had confided in We both be on good terms with her ex-husband. “We are talking to each other today. You know I can’t stay mad at someone I loved. Love is different, love changes, but it’s still there. This is how I see things.” And to add: “That’s life, that’s how it is. We do our best, we do what we can.” she concluded.

Michèle Torr facing the disease

The beautiful career of Michèle Torr has been hampered by illness. Following a serious health problem that occurred in 2016, Michèle Torr had to give up the stage for a time. A painful experience on which she had at the time entrusted to France Sunday. “For the fourth time in a few months, I have been the victim ofcardiac arrhythmia, or more specifically atrial fibrillation. I usually have a slow, athletic heart, but every once in a while it races. So I was hospitalized (…). I received electric shocks to restore a normal heartbeat, but as this is the fourth time I have been given it, I am no longer entitled to it“, she reported.

In 2018, she was again hospitalized on tourtender age. “I was lost for a few minutes. I read everywhere that I lost my mental faculties, it’s not true“, she reassured at the microphone of RTL. Back on her feet, Michèle Torr was able to resume her tour and find her audience. Happy birthday !

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