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MedTech, WineTech… Here are 10 startups to follow in 2022 in Bordeaux

Synapse Medicine

Synapse Medicine’s mission is to facilitate everyone’s access to reliable and useful information about drugs. The startup, which collaborates with several French university hospitals, has developed a platform dedicated to the proper use of these products. The solution, which claims its independence from pharmaceutical companies, would be used by tens of thousands of healthcare professionals. MedTech recently launched a version of its app for individuals.


Domani promotes inclusive housing for older people. At the start of 2021, she opened her very first establishment shared between seven senior roommates, in Pessac (Gironde). Presented as an alternative to the Ehpad, the promise of this startup is to open shared accommodation in the heart of cities. These can accommodate up to eight seniors, to restore social ties and delay the loss of autonomy. With the concern of respecting the intimacy of the inhabitants and the will to break the feeling of isolation. Each resident thus has his or her private room or studio, supplemented by common areas and housekeeping.

TreeFrog Therapeutics

TreeFrog Therapeutics seeks to make cell therapies safer, more effective and more affordable. The company is developing technology to produce batches of billions of stem cells and differentiate them into “ready-to-transplant” microtissues. Its encapsulation solution thus makes it possible to cultivate stem cells in 3D in industrial bioreactors, with yields and a good level of genomic quality. Stem cells are ultimately used to form mini-grafts, capable of treating diseases such as heart failure, neurodegenerative diseases and cancers.


Poietis specializes in the manufacture of 4D laser bioprinted products for regenerative medicine, as well as preclinical research and the evaluation of the efficacy of cosmetic products and ingredients. The startup, able to manufacture skin by this process, has been conducting its first clinical trial since the beginning of 2022 at the Conception Hospital in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône). Enough to allow him to demonstrate, within a few months, that tissues can be transplanted into humans without any risk.

Vera Cash

VeraCash is re-establishing gold, silver and diamonds as everyday means of payment. The FinTech markets a bank account backed by these tangible values, as well as a commission-free bank card internationally. Its promise is to guarantee a user experience similar to those offered by traditional banking players with an application. The company, whose gold is stored in the form of coins at the Free Ports and Warehouses of Geneva (PFEG), claimed 50,000 customers in mid-2021.

The bill

L’Addition is developing a software suite intended to support professionals in the CHR sector (cafés, hotels, restaurants) in all of their activities. The solution makes it possible to manage order taking and collection, at the counter or directly from the customer’s table. Features also exist to allow online booking or click & collect. The start-up, which is active in around fifteen major cities, presents itself as the reference for payment on iPads in France.


Smartbottle develops innovative communication services for wine and spirits professionals. Its augmented reality mobile application offers its customers the possibility of communicating directly from their labels. The tool recognizes a label and associates it with digital content, in order to facilitate access to information. Each bottle thus becomes an interactive medium, allowing the wine producer to distribute different content – ​​such as 3D animations, videos, technical data sheets or tasting comments – to end consumers.

The New Farms

The Nouvelles Fermes take root in the form of an experimental aquaponics farm of 1,000m2 in Lormont (Gironde): it is a system which consists in associating the culture of fish – in this case rainbow trout – rainbow – and vegetables, in order to avoid the use of phytosanitary products or chemical fertilisers. The company, which raised 2 million euros in 2021 to finance its second farm in Mérignac, has become, with its approximately 5,000m2, one of the largest farms in Europe specializing in aquaponics.


Keenat creates tailor-made solutions to optimize waste treatment. The startup offers communities and businesses awareness services, collection of cigarette butts, chewing gum but also masks that litter the streets. The material collected is then transformed, rather than incinerated or buried. GreenTech has inaugurated a recovery unit, aimed at converting waste into energy or giving it a second life in the form of awareness panels for walkers.


Gouach has set itself the goal of building the first fully repairable electric battery for bicycles and scooters, in a simple and safe way, in less than 10 minutes. The start-up wants to reduce the volume of electronic waste and reduce the carbon footprint of batteries by 70% thanks to its innovation. Backed by fundraising of 3.3 million euros at the start of 2022, it intends to attract new customers, fleet operators and manufacturers. In the pre-industrialization phase, GreenTech is considering the future: it wants to internationalize so as not to leave the way open to its European competitors.

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