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Maine Coon, Bengal, Sphinx…the 10 favorite cat breeds of the French

It’s no secret that cats are on the list of favorite pets of the French. In France, more than 14 million hairballs light up the daily lives of their masters. As you will have understood, felines have a special place in our hearts. And the least we can say is that some breeds of cats are more popular than others.

As usual, the official book of feline origins (LOOP) publishes the ranking of the favorite cat breeds of the French every year. 2020 is no exception to the rule.

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Unsurprisingly, some breeds have occupied the first three steps of the podium for years. They all share several points in common: beauty, elegance and a gentle character. These felines are perfect for family life.

Obviously, the other cats that appear in the ranking also deserve our attention. Without further ado, discover in this top 10 favorite cat breeds of the French.

One thing is certain: you will adopt a hairball after reading this article!

The Maine Coon

Photo credit: Hynek Gazsi / 123RF

The first place in the ranking is occupied by the Maine Coon. For years, this sublime creature has enjoyed enormous popularity in France. It must be said that this cat has everything to please: a dream physique, a silky coat and a mane to die for.

The Maine Coon belongs to the category of medium-long haired cats. It is also one of the largest cat breeds in the world. This soft-hearted giant is an ideal companion for young and old.

Indeed, this feline is a ball of tenderness and kindness. He quickly becomes attached to his master and is very affectionate towards him. If you want to adopt one, know that the Maine Coon can live in an apartment or in a house.

This domestic cat likes to stretch its paws but sport is not one of its favorite activities. However, it sometimes goes away to hunt.

the Sacred of Burma

Photo credit: Borkin Vadim / Shutterstock

Recognizable by its blue eyes, the Sacred Birman is a very popular cat in France. This feline has a breathtaking beauty. It usually has beige fur. On the other hand, its ears, tail, legs and muzzle are dotted with darker hairs.

The Sacred Birman is renowned for its reserved and calm temperament. You may not know it, but this cat is a real pot of glue with its master. If he is attached to you, he is able to follow you everywhere!

Extremely affectionate, he is also known to be a loyal and sociable animal. Her favorite activity? Play with the other animals in the house. Unlike its congeners, the Birman gets along very well with dogs.


Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

In third place in this ranking, we find Bengal. This majestic animal is the result of a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat.

Result: the Bengal has a powerful and athletic body. His face resembles that of his wild ancestor. This mini fawn sports a leopard coat with a short, silky coat.

Contrary to what one might think, the Bengal is an exemplary pet. Indeed, he is affectionate, intelligent and docile. This small domestic leopard gets along well with both adults and children.

Sporty, the Bengal needs to exercise and stay active. As you will have understood, this feline likes to spend time outdoors where it can indulge in its favorite activity: hunting.

If you don’t have a garden, you can buy a very tall cat tree. Be careful, this hairball tends to run away.

The British Shorthair

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

The British Shorthair wins hands down the palm of the cutest cat in the world. This feline from Great Britain is known for its curves, its oval-shaped eyes and its fluffy coat.

This furball is renowned for its balanced temperament. As a result, the British Shorthair is an excellent four-legged companion for the whole family. He appreciates his masters but values ​​his independence.

This calm nature cat lives both outdoors and indoors. However, he likes to go for walks and explore the world around him. He can also learn to walk on a leash.

Like its congeners, the British Shorthair needs to be stimulated with toys and other cat accessories.

The Ragdoll

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

The Ragdoll is a very recent breed of cat. It was created in the 1960s by Ann Baker, a Persian cat breeder from California.

In recent years, this large feline has occupied a large number of French homes. This apartment cat is recognizable by its mid-length, silky coat. It also has a collar around the neck.

The Ragdoll is very popular because it is renowned for its kindness and gentleness. This ball of fur is very close to its master. It’s simple, she can’t help but follow him everywhere!

Above all, this cat adores petting, being hugged and climbing on the lap of his favorite human. The Ragdoll needs constant reassurance. He is extremely affectionate towards children.

The Persian

Photo credit: Another77 / Shutterstock

Sixth place in the rating goes to the Persian, one of the oldest cat breeds. Feline lovers are fond of its angora coat, flattened face and expressive eyes.

The Persian is a calm and peaceful cat adapted to living in an apartment. He communicates with his gaze and meows very rarely. The Persian is very homebody: a good nap on the sofa and eating at regular times is more than enough to keep him happy.

However, this animal needs exercise because it can sometimes be fiery. This ball of fur appreciates the presence of his master in small doses. Indeed, the Persian values ​​his tranquility and his independence. Watch out, he hates being hugged.

Discreet, this feline is an ideal companion for all members of the family, provided you do not jostle it.


Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

The Chartreux is one of the most popular cat breeds in France. His uniform gray-blue coat and his gold-colored eyes are recognizable among a thousand.

This feline has a muscular and robust body. Its cheeks are rather round and its muzzle is quite narrow. This furball can live in an apartment but he needs some fresh air.

The Chartreux develops close ties with his master. He appreciates caresses but refuses to be hugged without his consent. This breed of cats has a strong character.

This animal is renowned for its intelligence, curiosity and independence. From an early age, the kitten must be educated firmly to prevent misbehavior.

The Siberian

Photo credit: Sergio Photone / Shutterstock

The Siberian cat originates from Russia. It has an extremely dense and silky mid-length coat. In nature, it is able to withstand very low temperatures. It should be noted that the Siberian has airs of resemblance to the Maine Coon.

This ball of fur is real glue with its owner. Indeed, he shows a lot of tenderness towards him. The Siberian is renowned for his easy-going character.

This feline is also an outstanding hunter. That is why it is best to raise it in a house with a garden. Don’t panic, it can also adapt to living in an apartment. It is essential to provide him with equipment – ​​cat tree, scratching post, toys – so that he can exert himself.

The Norwegian

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

As its name suggests, the Norwegian cat originated in Norway. It is also known as the Norwegian Forest Cat. It belongs to the family of semi-long haired cats.

In the past, this feline was a formidable hunter, especially during the Viking era. Today, he is considered an excellent pet. This ball of fur is a concentrate of kindness and tenderness.

Indeed, the Norwegian cat is unfailingly loyal to its master. Endowed with a playful character, he likes to have fun with children. Sociable, he does not hesitate to share his hunting ground with his congeners.

The Norwegian adapts perfectly to any type of environment: apartment or house.

The Sphinx

Photo Credit: Illustrative Images

The Sphinx is called the naked cat. This name is not exact because this cat has a very fine down. In addition to its almost non-existent coat, this cat is recognizable by its large ears.

This cat with an atypical physique is very affectionate and sociable. He loves spending time with his owner and snuggling up on his shoulders. You probably guessed it, the Sphinx is perfect for family life. He particularly likes children and is kind to them.

Unsurprisingly, her skin needs to be pampered. For example, it is essential to put sunscreen on him when he ventures outside.

Finally, the Sphinx consumes more food than other cats.

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