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List of insurers specializing in dog/cat insurance

When you wish to take out a health insurance contract to preserve the well-being of your animal, it is not uncommon to come up against strong market competition. Indeed, insurance companies are plentiful and making the right choice among this multitude of diverse and varied offers is not the easiest. To better support you in your approach and guide you to reliable professionals, here is the list of insurers specializing in mutual dog/cat insurance.

How does dog/cat insurance work?

Mutual insurance for dogs or cats is animal health insurance that works more or less like our mutual health insurance for humans. Indeed, this type of contract allows you to reduce your veterinary expenses in case of need and to be able to consult the practitioner with more serenity. It is recognized that owners who take out mutual insurance policies for dogs or cats have healthier animals since they consult earlier and offer better quality care to their little companion.

The different formulas of mutual insurance for cats/dogs

The owner of the animal he wishes to insure can choose between three categories of formulas:

  • Economic formulas : these basic formulas only cover a few treatments relating solely to illness or an accident. They are inexpensive, with an average of 5 to 15 euros per month, but they only offer a reimbursement rate of between 50 and 70% and a low annual reimbursement ceiling amount.
  • Comfort formulas : these mid-range formulas are a good compromise. Indeed, they cover a wider panel of care, with examinations, analyzes and sometimes pharmacy. Their contribution varies between 15 and 30 euros per month on average for a reimbursement rate that varies from 70 to 90%.
  • Premium formulas : these top-of-the-range formulas are the most covering with a more comprehensive list of treatments and a reimbursement rate that rises from 90 to 100%. On the other hand, the amount of the contribution ranges from 30 to more than 80 euros per month.

The prevention package is most often offered separately. The owner can subscribe to it in addition to his mutual insurance formula and benefit from partial coverage of his costs in terms of acts and preventive care (deworming, antiparasitics, vaccinations, sterilization/castration, etc.).

Simple operation

When he consults the veterinarian, the owner of the insured animal gives him a care sheet provided by the insurance company. The veterinarian completes it and attaches a detailed invoice for the care provided. The owner only has to pay the full bill for the care and send the two supporting documents as soon as possible to his insurer, since there is no third-party payment in animal insurance. Then, within a period that varies from a few days to several weeks, the owner receives the reimbursement due to him by transfer to his bank account. The amount of this reimbursement depends on the treatment concerned by his contract and the reimbursement rate provided. However, other factors may come into play, such as the amount of the deductible and the annual reimbursement ceiling.

It should be noted that there are formulas which avoid the owner of the dog or the cat having to make the advance of costs. In this case, his insurer gives him a payment card that allows him to settle the bill directly with the veterinarian. In a second step, the insurer takes the amount remaining to be paid after calculation from the owner’s bank account. Of course, if the owner does not send the proof of care to his insurer within the time limit, the latter does not grant him a refund and debits the entire amount of the invoice from his bank account.

What is the benefit of subscribing to mutual insurance for dogs/cats?

Insuring your pet is not compulsory. However, be aware that veterinary costs can be very high. However, a dog or a cat can be the victim of an illness or an accident at any time, whether or not it has access to the outside. This type of mutual allows to limit expenses and to consult the veterinarian as soon as the first symptoms appear without financial concern for the owner.

Indeed, it has been proven that subscribing to this type of contract for your animal allows you to take better care of its health. Many owners hesitate to consult when their little companion shows doubtful signs and many wait to see an evolution to decide. However, this decision can have disastrous consequences, because they can lead to a worsening of the state of health of the dog or the cat, therefore to longer, more important and more expensive care.

Thus, mutual insurance for dogs/cats makes it possible to limit veterinary expenses significantly, between 50 and 100% on all or part of the care. Animals are better taken care of and generally receive more comprehensive care.

What is the list of insurers specializing in dog/cat insurance?

While a good number of brands offer mutual dog/cat formulas, some have made it their specialty. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • Anillife
  • Animalia Protect
  • Anim’Assur
  • Pets Health
  • Anim O Mut
  • Assur O’Poil
  • AssurVet
  • Blue Bubble
  • Cani Health
  • Fidanimo
  • Gefi Petinsurance
  • Jim & Joe
  • loves
  • Opus Mutual
  • Otherwise
  • HealthVet
  • T’Assurtondog

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