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L’Expression: Continuous news – Bluefin tuna: abundant production, stable prices and large influx of consumers

The Algerian fresh fish market has seen an abundant return of bluefin tuna for the past few days, particularly in coastal cities, where blue fish retail prices are relatively stable, which inevitably captivates consumers to stock up and take advantage of it. of its nutritional value. The prices of bluefin tuna open to bycatch are reasonable and accessible to all, fluctuating between 1000 and 1400 Da per kilogram at the various points of sale and markets in the capital. When interviewed, fish vendors said prices were within reach of different segments of society, including low-income families. At the Bachdjarrah market, the prices of bluefin tuna, very popular with consumers, vary between 900 and 1400 Da, while outside the fish can be sold cheaper but hygienic conditions are not guaranteed. At the Algiers fishery, retail market prices are a little higher with 100 to 300 Da more per kilo, it was noted, a price difference explained by the strong demand for the product by restaurateurs and hoteliers who obtain supplies in large quantities. “Algiers abounds in restaurants and hotels offering fish, which explains the increase in demand which leads to higher prices compared to other points of sale in the capital”, said a trader. At the port of El-Djamila (Aïn Benian), a kilogram of tuna is sold between 1000 and 1200 dinars. Prices deemed “reasonable” by both sellers and consumers. According to a customer, “it’s now or never to buy fresh tuna because you can’t find this fish with high nutritional value on the market all year round”. Same observation at the Zeralda market where fresh tuna, sold in the same price range, on the coast, noted. “Citizens do not want to miss the opportunity to consume fresh tuna because the prices are reasonable and the period of availability of this fish is short”, according to a customer who came to buy it. According to recent studies, tuna has a high nutritional value and is high in protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin D.

– Bluefin tuna, a non-targeted fishery

In a statement, the president of the Algerian Chamber of Fisheries and Aquaculture (CAPA), Lyes Mustapha clarified that bluefin tuna fishing is not targeted by fishermen but concerns all types of fish, however the abundance of blue fish this year, particularly bluefin tuna, made it possible to supply national markets. This abundance of production has made it possible to oscillate prices between 900 DA and 1300 DA/Kg on the markets of the capital. “The abundance of blue fish production, all types combined, and the stability of prices allows low-income consumers to stock up on them. In this sense, the director of fisheries and aquaculture of the wilaya of Algiers, Mustapha Kadri also mentioned the abundance of bluefin tuna and price stability in the face of strong consumer demand.Fishing depends on weather conditions, he said, adding that the period dearth occurs in winter, the strong north-westerly winds not allowing fishing hence the lack of production, which affects prices.The season of abundance lasts from June to October thanks to favorable conditions in particular moderate sea currents and the availability of algae thus allowing the proliferation of blue fish which represent between 80 and 85% of national production.This period is marked by the availability of surface fish in large quantities, the average daily fishing varies between 20 to 30 tons of this type of fish, he explained. According to Kadri, fish prices at the 220 points of sale in Algiers will experience “a certain stability until next October”, adding that “the various aquaculture projects will also contribute to price stability and organization of the market, particularly during the lean season”. It has been noted, in recent days in the coastal cities, a strong presence of tuna sellers with prices cheaper than those applied at the level of the points of sale fitted out for this purpose. These vendors are often accompanied by other young people who take care of the barbecue to satisfy the greed of customers who prefer to savor this seasonal fish outdoors.

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