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LEGISLATIVE Catherine Daufès-Roux and Guillaume Ramon to deploy the Macron program with “free will”

Catherine Daufès-Roux candidate for her own succession with Guillaume Ramon. (Photo Corentin Migoule)

The outgoing member of the 5th constituency, who had entered the National Assembly as substitute for Olivier Gaillard when the latter privileged his mandate as mayor at the beginning of last summer, is a candidate for his own succession. His deputy is none other than Guillaume Ramon.

Clearly, legislative candidates appreciate the bucolic setting of the Parc de la Tour Vieille, in Alès. Like Léa Boyer three weeks ago, also in the running for this 5th constituency, Catherine Daufès-Roux chose to hold her first campaign press conference there this Tuesday morning. The two candidates hope that a black cat has not found refuge there and are banking on a more favorable outcome than that experienced by the duo Jean-Michel Suau / Geneviève Blanc, who, beaten in the second round, had also launched his departmental election campaign last year.

” Honored “ to have recovered the keys to the constituency on June 27 as substitute for Olivier Gaillard when the mayor of Sauve had to give up because of the law on the non-cumulation of mandates, Catherine Daufès-Roux, invested by the left Whole ! (presidential majority) for ten days, leaves with a slight advantage over his opponents after having crisscrossed the territory for almost a year with his new costume. “I fully subscribe to Emmanuel Macron’s program while keeping my free will with a requirement on what will be submitted to the National Assembly”started the original Grand’Combine who now lives in Alès.

At 59, the one who gave 35 years of her life to National Education likes to run for a new mandate in a very large constituency of 138 municipalities that she “adore”. “This territory is a real mosaic. The palette is very varied. The issues are not the same in a peri-urban area like Caveirac as in Trèves en Cévennes”, she analyzes. And to add: “What I’ve seen everywhere I’ve been is that all real estate is selling in rural areas. They do not remain on the market for long, which testifies to a newfound attractiveness. »

19 public meetings on the program

To her detractors who say she has “blown air” for a year, the ex-insert at the Socialist Party replies that she has worked on the problem of covered streams “to meet post-mining requirements” in Robiac-Rochessadoule and Gagnières, among others. “I also contributed to freeing up a “wasteland fund” for the Humphry-Davy Regional Business Park (PRAE) in La Grand’Combe”continues the outgoing MP, who says she has also “defended the school map” last March by positioning itself on the side of parents and teachers fighting for the closure of a class, at the Quissac college in particular.

In her political quest, Catherine Daufès-Roux chose the young Guillaume Ramon (30) as her substitute. Municipal councilor of the commune of Montpezat, the last named is none other than the former parliamentary attaché of Olivier Gaillard. A public law lawyer, having studied at the University of Nîmes, Guillaume Ramon is very proud to defend the colors of the presidential majority: “For five years, the State has invested heavily in the territory. » As proof of this, the deputy points to the 40 million euros granted within the framework of the Ségur de la Santé benefiting the modernization work and the consolidation of the finances of hospitals and medico-social establishments, in particular for emergencies at the hospital of ‘Alès (32 M€) or the EHPAD of La Grand’Combe (1.5 M€).

Articulated around 19 public meetings leading it from Sumène (yesterday) to La Grand’Combe (June 10) via Saint-Hyppolyte-du-Fort (May 21) and Saint-Mamert-du-Gard (May 27 ), the duo’s campaign is also based on a list of commitments, including the improvement of means of preventing climatic hazards and their compensation, via a law recognizing tornadoes as natural disasters, the perpetuation of the slaughterhouse of ‘Alès, the strengthening of human resources and the local establishment of police and gendarmerie forces, as well as participation in the overhaul of National Education by providing more resources to ensure inclusion.

Corentin Migoule

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