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Led by a new team, the Tanche blancafortaise organizes several fishing competitions

The Tanche blancafortaise is launched on new tracks. The fishing association, based as its name suggests in Blancafort, has been involved in the organization of several events since the arrival of fine weather.

However, the association came close to disappearing at the beginning of 2022. With the departure of several members of the old office, the Tanche blancafortaise was looking for new members to continue its activity. The search turned out to be arduous, leading to fears of the end of his adventure.

But a group of new people have arrived to take over the reins, with Antoine Auchère at the helm. Yann Marteau joined the team as treasurer of the association: “I was contacted by Mr. Naudet, the former secretary, to take over the association, explains Yann Marteau. I talked about it all around me and we managed to form a small group of young people, and less young people, for the recovery. Avoiding the end of the association made me want to get involved. Having been a fisherman here for many years, it would have hurt my heart to see her disappear. »

First edition of the street-fishing competition

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The new team has embarked on the organization of events, disrupted for the past two years due to the Covid-19 crisis. The first meeting of the series took place last weekend with the Fishing Festival and a competition which brought together thirteen children.

The next event is scheduled for Sunday June 26 with the organization of the first edition of the street fishing contest. “It’s urban fishing for which you can prepare very quickly. We take a fishing rod, a small bag of lures, a landing net and we go fishing. »

A route will be set up between the place called La Cantine and Launay. “Participants will be able to fish both the canal and the river (la Sauldre, editor’s note), adds Yann Marteau. The advantage here is to be able to make a large fishing area with different environments to prevent participants from being next to each other. They can fish for pike, perch, chub, catfish, barbel and trout. A point system will be put in place to reward those who make “pretty” fish, which will then be released into the water. »

The traditional contest of August 15

This competition will be limited to forty anglers. For the moment, about twenty are already registered (see box). “It’s the first time we’ve organized street-fishing in Blancafort, but I’ve already done several competitions in other places,” says Yann Marteau.

La Tanche blancafortaise is also continuing to organize a historic event in Blancafort, namely the fishing competition on August 15. “It’s the mythical Blancafort fishing competition that I did myself when I was a child, underlines Yann Marteau. The fishermen arrive on the day of the competition, a place is allocated to them at the edge of the canal and they try to make the greatest quantity of fish. The target fish are roach, bream, tench and carp. It’s completely different from the predator fishing that we have with street-fishing. »

Yann Marteau is also expecting around forty anglers for this August 15 event.

Registrations. The Street fishing competition will take place on Sunday June 26 in Blancafort. It is limited to forty anglers. Price: 20 euros. Information and registration on, or by email at:

Guillaume Faucheron


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