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is his dog in his image?

We often hear the expression “Like master, like dog”. Why ? Well, because it is believed that many dogs resemble their masters. Moreover, a photographer named Ines Opisfanti has proven this resemblance thanks to shots that are both funny and realistic. How to explain the similarities between a master and his pet?

The right choice of dog

When you want to adopt a dog, several solutions are available to you. We can go to a shelter or an association and get to know the available dogs. Most often, for each of them, a sheet is available to us. It tells us race, age and medical history. But what really interests us on these cards are the characteristics of the dog and all the information relating to his personality.

The other alternative is to adopt a puppy and in this case, it is necessary to be interested in the different breeds. You will need to ask yourself the right questions. Why do you want a dog? What do you want to do with him? We all have different needs. Some people wish to have a dog:

  • To play sports and share an activity (running, dog sports, etc.),
  • To feel less alone
  • To be safe,
  • To empower children
  • To cuddle and feel the affection of a dog.

Of course, there are other reasons! Choosing the right dog also means choosing the right size animal. There are small dogs, medium-sized dogs, large dogs, and even giant dogs. Housing is also crucial. If you live in a studio, it is not recommended to take a Saint Bernard! The presence of children in the home can also guide your choices.

A dog in his image

It is not uncommon to choose a dog in his image. This choice is natural but above all it is proven. A jovial person will appreciate the presence of a Labrador, a greedy and always happy dog. Bald people turn less to long-haired dogs and rather round people more willingly adopt a Bulldog than a Greyhound.

Why this need? Quite simply to feel confident with your pet and to have a dog that is already a member of the family.

You are athletic ? Do you like to run? You will then turn to a dog with a good physical condition that likes to walk, run or swim. Moreover, physical exercise is an important criterion of choice in the choice of the dog breed. Some canines need a lot of physical activity. This is the case of:

  • Malinois,
  • Jack Russell,
  • German Shorthaired Pointer,
  • Siberian Husky,
  • border collie,
  • Australian shepherd,
  • Beauceron.

If you are not very active, know that some dog breeds are satisfied with little physical exercise. A few walks each day, to do their business, are enough for their well-being. This is the case of:

  • Chow chow,
  • Shih Tzu,
  • Pug,
  • Shar Pei,
  • Cavalier King Charles.

Know that these dogs are also those who like the most in apartments and the breeds that are recommended for seniors.

A trained dog your way

If it is often said that a dog resembles its master, it is also because this master educates his dog. He therefore models the animal in his image. Moreover, the older the dog, the more he resembles his master! At first, the dogs will take their habits according to those of their master. Then they will adapt to the daily life of their home.

Dogs are very empathetic animals. They can identify some of our emotions. Either they copy them, by mimicry, or they learn to live with them and remedy them. For example, if you are arachnophobic, your dog may become one or on the contrary kill all the spiders to help you.

What about people with multiple dogs?

The adage “Like owner, like dog” does not apply to owners who have several dogs. Indeed, when several canids live together, they identify less with their master and vice versa. However, whether you have one dog, two dogs, or ten dogs, if you spend time with them, they will develop traits similar to yours.

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