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Insuring your pet: the new essential reflex

In the company of Julien Begue, France Director of Agria Assurance for Animals, we are going to look at insurance for pets and why is it strongly recommended to insure your animal.

Can you tell us the story of Agria Assurance for Animals?

A leader in animal insurance in Scandinavia, Agria Animal Insurance is a Swedish company founded in 1890. The first animal in the world was with Agria. In 1924 Agria insured the first dog and in 1974 the first cat.

Today, Agria Assurance pour Animaux is present in 7 European countries including France since 2018. According to the well-known proverb, “prevention is better than cure,” Agria Assurance pour Animaux aims to encourage French people to insure before an accident or illness occurs. Agria insures nearly one million two hundred thousand animals across Europe.

As an insurer, and not an insurance broker, we create our own insurance products, market them and bear the financial risk. Which is unique on the French market. We insure the animals and reassure the owners.

Why insure your pet?

Something unexpected happened so quickly! Using a dog insurance contract or an Agria cat insurance contract makes it possible, in the event of accidents or illness, to meet unforeseen veterinary costs: consultations, treatments, examinations, analyses, surgeries or hospitalizations.

Among the main reasons for abandoning pets in France, veterinary costs can sometimes be very high! At Agria, we believe that a pet is a real member of the family and deserves the best care. With Agria, owners ensure their peace of mind and the good health of their animal.

What does Agria insurance cover?

As we explain on our site: “depending on the insurance product chosen, the Agria insurance contract covers the veterinary costs inherent in an illness and/or an accident occurring after subscription.”

At Agria Assurance pour Animaux, there are no standard formulas. Owners are invited to choose their personalized insurance according to the breed of the animal, the sex of the animal, the age of the animal, its status – domestic, breeding or competition animal – and the terms insurance.

Agria insurance, depending on the formula chosen, reimburses the following veterinary costs:

  • Veterinary consultations: general, specialized, emergency
  • Surgery and hospitalization costs
  • Medical analysis
  • Medical imaging: MRI, CT Scan, ultrasound, X-ray
  • Medications
  • Death and euthanasia

Any advice for pet owners looking to get insurance?

When choosing insurance for your pet, it is essential to consider the following points:

  • Insure your animal as soon as possible, the insurance does not cover illnesses that have occurred previously.
  • Check the waiting period on the subscription date. Agria Assurance pour Animaux offers the shortest waiting periods: your animal is covered within 24 hours for accidents and within 20 days for illnesses.
  • Check the age limit of the insurance. Agria Assurance pour Animaux offers subscription without age limit with a fixed ceiling, which is unique in France!
  • Check the amount of the reimbursement ceiling covered by the insurance. Agria reimburses up to 7,200 euros per year for veterinary costs, the highest amounts on the market.
  • Check the exclusions, that is to say everything that is not included in the insurance.

A word to conclude ?

Agria Assurance pour Animaux offers personalized service and unfailing listening thanks to our ambassadors from the animal world. Animal health and welfare issues are societal issues and we encourage all owners to think about insuring their animals!

Agria Assurance for animals indeed invites you to anticipate, to protect your animal as soon as possible before it is too late.

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