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Inside the mind of Payton Gendron, the Buffalo terrorist

Writings published online by Payton Gendron, who killed 10 African-Americans on Saturday in a Buffalo supermarket, have been revealed by several American media. Please note that some details may shock.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden called Saturday’s shooting in Buffalo “an act of terrorism”, denouncing the “poison” of white supremacy. The murder committed by a suspect of only 18 years old, radicalized, left ten dead, all African-Americans. Since the tragedy, the dangerous profile of this boy is emerging. Soon it was revealed that he allegedly posted a 180-page, anti-Semitic and racist manifesto online in which he allegedly invoked the theory of the great replacement. According to him, only whites should have the right to stay in the United States, the others having to leave either by force or by terror. On Tuesday, Buzzfeed News and the “New York Post” gave new information on the alleged shooter, who began to radicalize online during the covid-19 pandemic. According to the New York tabloid, Payton Gendron would have taken months to prepare his attack. In his writings, he would have explained having discovered for the first time the famous theory of the great replacement on the social network 4Chan, often associated with conspiracy and far-right theses. “My current views started when I started using 4Chan a few months after covid-19 started,” he reportedly wrote in his online diary, posted on the Discord network. “Every time I tell myself that I shouldn’t commit this attack, I take 5 minutes on the political server and my motivation is back,” he reportedly added, referring to one of the forums he frequented. , known for its hateful content.

Buzzfeed News reports that the alleged terrorist presented himself as an “eco-fascist National Socialist” who was convinced that the media were in the pay of the “Jewish enemy”, specifying that he did not belong to either political party. Americans. According to Buzzfeed, Payton Gendron, rather than a political activist, is actually “a creature of the Internet, born of ‘memes’ and online publications”. Among the hundreds of messages he is said to have posted in the past are screenshots, threads and images. In a message shared on Discord five months before the attack, he allegedly indicated that the shooting he was about to carry out was just an extension of his online activity. “It’s time to stop trolling online, and make an effort to make this trolling a reality. I will carry out an attack against those who want to replace us”, he would have launched. The extremist manifesto written by the attacker is also, according to Buzzfeed, largely composed of stolen publications and plagiarism from anti-Semitic and racist sites, including pages entitled “The truth about niggers” or “Jews exposed”. The document would also be devoted to several white supremacists who have committed terrorist acts in recent years, including Brenton Tarrant, the killer from Christchurch, New Zealand, who killed 51 people in two mosques in 2019.

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The decapitation of a cat

The “New York Post” also mentions a message published on March 25, still on Discord, in which the teenager admitted to having decapitated a stray cat which allegedly attacked his own cat. “When I got home I was eating pizza when my cat Paige screamed from the garage. I went there quickly and this gray cat was attacking him. I spent the next hour chasing him around the garage and stabbing him with my knife. He then allegedly delivered chilling details of how he continued to slice him so that his head would detach from his body. He reportedly added that he felt no emotion or empathy for the cat and posted a selfie of him, in which his face is covered in drops of the cat’s blood. “I thought I was going to suffer, but I literally feel empty,” he reportedly wrote. “Anyway, my cat Paige is safe now, protected from that evil cat.”

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But in his diary, he also sometimes seemed to hesitate to take action, even explaining that he was “waiting for a sign” proving to him that he should not commit his shooting. “I am not proud to have to kill these people”, he would have indicated while saying to have to “save the white race”. “I can’t say how much I don’t want to carry out this attack but my only other choice is suicide. I wonder if I’m mentally ill and if that’s why I want to act out. The past seven years have been so difficult, I think I’m ready to give it all up.”

“I think you can call me a fascist”

Between two hateful publications or photo of a firearm, he also explained that he was frightened by the covid-19 and felt “unhappy” to see that the people around him were not wearing a mask. After a visit to his cousin, during which he was the only one wearing a mask, he reportedly wrote: ‘It was too much to bear and I had to leave early and walk back through the woods, so I barricaded in the basement for a few days”. But his moments of vulnerability would each time have been quickly erased by his racist theories and the preparation of his attack. The place would thus have been specifically chosen. While the shooter lives in Conklin where the population is 95% white, he would have gone to Buffalo, 320 kilometers from his home, choosing a neighborhood inhabited by a majority of African-Americans. In addition to his assault rifle, he also had two other weapons ready for use in his car. In his posts, Payton Gendron gave a lot of space to the equipment he was going to use, including a military helmet he intended to buy online on eBay or Amazon, as well as some type of clothing he planned to wear. during the shooting, including a specific pattern of socks. He would also have described how he managed to find money to organize his attack, by selling clothes and reselling silver coins. “My parents know little about me, they know nothing about the hundreds of ounces of silver I had, or the hundreds of dollars I spent on ammunition. They don’t know I spent nearly $1,000 on military bullshit. They don’t even know I own a shotgun or an AR-15, or illegal magazines,” he reportedly noted last February.

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Just like the Christchurch terrorist he nicknamed “Saint Tarrant”, Payton Gendron also filmed his shooting live and broadcast it on Twitch. “I stole a lot of info from him because he talks about it better than me,” he would have underlined, adding: “I think you can call me a fascist. Fascism is one of the only political ideologies that will unite white people against replacements. Conservatism is dead. According to the investigation, the day before the terrorist attack, Payton Gendron would have come to recognize the place. He would have already done the same on March 8. “This was clearly a racially motivated hate crime. This person is evil,” Erie County Sheriff John Garcia said. “Honestly, this is all one huge meme. I’m just cooking up a high quality troll,” he reportedly wrote the teenager on May 5, nine days before the massacre. So far, Payton Gendron has been charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty. New hate crime and terrorism charges may be added soon.

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