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In the Serre family, son Andréa walks in the footsteps of his parents

Dressage is a family affair with the Serres. At twelve years old, Andréa Serre set foot in the stirrup only two seasons ago, but has already represented France once in international competition. Not ready to stop there, this somewhat turbulent and dreamy enthusiast intends to follow in the footsteps of his champion parents, Arnaud and Anne-Sophie, as well as the trajectory of his half-sister Mathilde. Portrait.

In the Serre family, here is the son, Andréa! At twelve years old, the rider belongs to the “dynasty” Tight and does not mismatch the family in which Anne-Sophie and Arnaud, his parents, obtained multiple titles of champions of France and took part in some of the biggest events of the discipline. At the age of eighteen, her half-sister Mathilde is already, among other things, champion of France Juniors and U25. The youngest of the family has therefore just embarked – successfully – in the bath of dressage and already has some great international successes to his credit since for his first at this level, he obtained three classifications at the CDI Children of Le Mans at the end of April early May, with a second place and two third places to his credit.

Today in sixth grade, the young boy is a good student who has just obtained compliments for his work thanks to his 15.5 average. His parents follow his education with attention. “He is less independent than his sister was at the same age!”, notes Anne-Sophie Serre. Unlike many sons of professionals, Andréa hasn’t saddled up with competitive goals since he was a child. His real equestrian epic indeed began during the first confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2022. Passionate about agricultural machinery, for which he demonstrates real skill, the then ten-year-old boy took advantage of this particular period to spend more time at the stables with the family. It was then that he decided to get serious on horseback, several years after having cut his teeth with Mathilde’s pony for a few gallops in the fields. Alquazar of Massa (SF, San Amour x Landim SSC), the horse with which his father Arnaud placed sixth in the Grand Prix at the 4* of Le Mans, was his first teacher. With this one, Andréa directly discovered the passage-piaffe… at only ten years old! This is how the latter acquired a taste for discipline. Andréa then continued her scales with Molière de Massa (PSL, Maestro x Tabaco de Massa), a five-year-old Portuguese boy. Quickly at ease on this bay, he also continued his apprenticeship with most of the horses in the stable… except those of Mathilde, who categorically refuses to lend her proteges!

“He can sometimes be a little in his world”, Arnaud Serre

This year, Andréa mainly rides her competition mare, Venise de Massa on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Venice, half-sister of Actuelle de Massa, is a thirteen-year-old pure Lusitanian, “very kind, affectionate without however appreciating kisses, but who adores itches at the withers, which she returns well”says the rider. “I picked her up when she was used to competitions, which is a real plus”explains the young boy. “She can be emotional at times but I can count on her”. The particularity of this mare of heart, is that all the riders of the family have already presented her on a competition rectangle. Anne-Sophie made her start in the Medium Tour and in the Grand Prix, Arnaud continued in the Medium, then Mathilde raced in Juniors until the European championships with the bay. Still part of the Children category, Andréa also aims to join the French team and line up for the continental championship this year.

In addition, the number of mounts available at the stables allowed him to diversify his training fairly quickly, passing from youngsters to horses accustomed to the Grand Prix. He paws easily with Venice, the former horse of his parents Vistoso de Massa (PSL, Maestro x Xaquiero)Massa Dynasty (PSH, Bon Bravour x Galopin de la Font)Damocles of Massa (PSH, Bon Bravour x Almonda) and also learns to work on foot with his parents.

On a daily basis Andréa prefers “changes of foot, canter pirouettes, and one of the Grand Prix sequences: pirouette, change of foot, pirouette… and extended trots with Venice!”. In the discipline he practices, the young boy appreciates the fact “to train horses to see them evolve”. He likes too “teach them things and ride them to develop a relationship”. Andréa and her sister Mathilde share a close relationship with their mounts. “Horses make them feel good”emphasizes Anne-Sophie Serre.

At twelve years old, Andréa dreams of being able “hear the Marseillaise” in his honor and to be able to go to the European championships. In the more distant future, he would like “do like Mom and Dad, professional trainer, and have my stables”. His sister Mathilde pursues the same idea, but also passes her baccalaureate and is moving towards law studies, while never taking her eyes off her goal of “continue at high level”. The youngest of the Serre family is also aware of the risk of only devoting himself to horses and says that he sees himself “to study agriculture, to have a background”.

Andrea’s daily life is very structured. Given his school obligations, he rides twice a week and every day during the holidays. He most often works with his father, but sometimes with his mother, who intervenes “from time to time, in addition”. His models are “Dad and mom”which are in his eyes “the best in the world”.

For Anne-Sophie, her son’s greatest quality is to be hardworking, but also to love helping others. Arnaud even says of him that he is “benevolent, with everyone, whom he always wants to help, is very kind and brave”. Mathilde describes him as a boy “generous”. However, his parents can sometimes find him “turbulent and talkative”since he even manages to exhaust the very energetic one-year-old border collie dog… “He can sometimes be a bit in his world, which requires bringing him back to Earth every now and then”adds Arnaud.

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