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In the Creuse, an online kitty to save horses

Mélodie Rougeron did not wait to found her association to help the horses she loves so much. “We created Aswado a little over a year ago but before, with my spouse, we were already recovering horses, as individuals. To save them from slaughter, butchery, abuse or to solve behavioral problems. But all of this comes at a cost. That’s why we created an association. It also allows us to have more people to help us and to professionalize our action a little. »
This young association has its work cut out for it but is doing quite well with its twenty members (volunteers and riders), its office and its salaried secretary. An independent instructor even intervenes to give lessons: this is also how Aline Billega joined Aswado by taking her children to climb. Classes that also allow Mélodie Rougeron to raise funds to take care of the horses she saves.

To buy in priority the most desperate cases

But funds, the association will need even more to carry out another project that it has been nurturing for several months: saving horses that must be sold at the next Chénérailles horse fair in May. “We’ve been thinking about it for a year,” says Mélodie Rougeron. We couldn’t do it for the October fair so there, we’re doing it in advance. Two years ago, I had already bought a horse at the fair and now we would like to be able to save five. But you have to be able to buy them – between 900 and 1,500 € per animal – have space and pay for treatment. »

At just 20 years old, the Creusois Florian Chavignaud defends animals of all stripes

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For this, the association has therefore launched an online kitty, on the Leetchi website

, the objective being of course to collect as much money as possible to save as many animals as possible. “We will buy in priority the most desperate cases but which can be saved, explains Mélodie Rougeron. And if we have a little money left, it will be used to finance the care. If we have not collected a minimum of funds, we will not move: either we will return the money to the donors, or we will keep it to carry out this operation at the October fair. »

Aline Billega and Melody Rougeron Aline Billega

“Be careful, underlines Aline Billega. We are not at all against the Chénérailles horse fair. But there may be things to put in place to make it a pleasant meeting place again as before. And to prevent more and more associations that take care of animals moving there: in October, we saw one, coming from Moulins for example. »

No, you will not only find horses at the horse fair in Chénérailles (Creuse)

“In one day at the fair, some horses can be sold two or three times, abounds Mélodie Rougeron. That’s why we want to go early. “It has become a bit of a flea market, continues Aline Billega. Horses are sometimes sold as objects. There could be improvements so that the animals are just well cared for and find suitable families. “And the association does not aim for anything else through its online kitty.
Severine Perrier

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