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In brief this Wednesday, May 18, 2022 in the south of Avesnois and in Thiérache

May 18, 2022 – 271 views

In the south of Avesnois:

Trélon: seriously injured following a dive in “blue water”

This Tuesday, around 4 p.m., a 22-year-old young man from Saint-Quentin was seriously injured in the back, after attempting a dive from the heights of one of the cliffs of this former quarry, belonging to the family of the Princes of Merode.

This private site, access to which is however strictly prohibited, is regularly invaded by swimmers, from the first heat waves. This old quarry is considered to be a very dangerous site. In 20 years, he has been bereaved twice (in 2006 and 2018) and we deplore about fifteen injuries (drowning, falls, etc.). Yesterday, the victim was taken care of by the emergency services around 5 p.m. and transported in serious condition to the hospital in Fourmies. A priori, his vital prognosis would not be reached!

Fourmies: the “Pavillon Bleu” label once again granted to the Etangs des Moines leisure center

This year, France has 536 sites with the “Blue Flag” label, including more than 450 on the coast. In the Hauts de France region, only two tourist sites have been labeled outside the coast, the beach of the pond of Beauvais in the Somme and therefore that of the ponds of the monks in Fourmies. In addition to guaranteeing an exemplary quality of bathing water, this label aims to promote the efforts of local authorities to keep their site clean and to offer tourist facilities accessible to as many people as possible.

Fourmies: a concert of “disturbed songs”, not to be missed tomorrow evening at the Jean-Ferrat theater

Notebooks of songs totally forgotten by the general public have been found and taken out of the reserves of the collections of the ecomuseum of Avesnois. These texts and scores have been entrusted to 2 frenzied artists, including the actor-accordionist from Fourmies, Mathieu Boccaren.

These songs, with texts that remain current, have been arranged and brought up to date, on rhythms with multiple influences, ranging from electro to rap, passing through traditional French song and gypsy music. It’s funny, energetic, poetic and hard-hitting. It’s called “the deranged songs” and it’s to be discovered tomorrow evening at 8:30 p.m. at the Fourmies theater.

Fourmies: a 1st Prize in the “Graines d’entrepreneurs” competition for students from Saint-Pierre

These students in the Operational Commercial Management BTS class at Saint-Pierre high school were rewarded for having created “Sneak Addict”, an eco-chic mini-company specializing in the recycling of trainers and shoes from major brands…

Trélon: a different perspective on autism with Traits d’Union this Thursday and Friday at the Château de la Huda

On the program, there is a symposium, meetings with professionals and families, round tables, a play and a meal together. It’s free and open to all, with reservation recommended to participate in the Friday lunchtime meal (

In Thiérache:

Le Nouvion-en-Thiérache: a fire Monday evening at the premises of West Pharmaceuticals

It was 11 p.m. when an electric motor suddenly ignited in a room on the first floor of the factory. As a precaution, the 144 employees who were present that evening were all evacuated. More than 30 firefighters from all over Thiérache were mobilized on site to put out the flames. In the end, the damage remains fairly limited and production was able to be restarted yesterday morning.

Hirson: a 12th conviction for a young repeat thief

On Monday, this 20-year-old young man was once again summoned to the bar of the court, this time for a car theft, a BMW which was estimated at more than 40,000 euros. According to our colleagues from the Union, the defendant defended himself by saying that he had bought this broken down vehicle for €200. Arguments that did not convince the judges. A sentence of 7 months in prison was therefore required against the hirsonnais, to which is added an additional 2 months, for the revocation of a probationary suspension pronounced in 2020.

Fontaine-lès-Vervins: 6 months suspended prison sentence for the Thiérachien who had killed his dog in his car

The facts had been committed in December 2021, during a heavily alcoholic evening. His vehicle, stained with blood, had been abandoned in a pasture. 4 guns, including the one that had been used to kill the dog, as well as cannabis resin, were discovered at his home.

This week, at the helm of the Laon court, this Thiérachien explained that he had wanted to part with his pet, after a violent fight with his companion’s dog. In addition to his prison sentence, the judges pronounced against him a definitive ban on keeping an animal, a withdrawal of his hunting license, with a ban on owning a weapon for 5 years and the confiscation of his guns. The Thiérachien will also have to pay €500 in damages to the civil parties and €500 for legal costs.

By Paul Schuler



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