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“I dream big in racing”

Antoine Griezmann with Iseo de Lou in Vincennes on Tuesday May 17, 2022.

In fact, Tuesday was ticked in Antoine Griezmann’s diary under the name ‘races’. The football star, a key player for the France team and Atletico de Madrid, made a sort of tour of the racetracks. In the afternoon, he was in Saint-Cloud where he witnessed the victorious debut of his 2-year-old Start Me Up. After crossing Paris from west to east, he spent his early evening in Vincennes to attend the performance of his representative Iseo de Lou (Prodigious) who finished fourth. The player gave himself up for us to Audrey Fournier. The races make him vibrate and even make him set his alarm clock so he doesn’t miss anything when he sleeps! He tells us thus: “I was in the middle of a siesta on Sunday but I had set my alarm clock to watch Mangosteen’s race. His victory made me happy and I immediately sent a message to Tony (Parker) to congratulate him.” Sports stars visibly support each other.

Antoine Griezmann is starting to become a regular figure at Vincennes. He was already there on March 26, serving as a guide for other footballers from the France team, including Olivier Giroud, Hugo Lloris, Jonathan Clauss, Théo Hernandez and Lucas Hernandez. 24H au Trot.- You now come quite regularly to Vincennes.

Is it the same pleasure every time?
Antoine Griezmann.- Yes, but today it’s different, there’s a little pressure, I have a starter (Editor’s note: Iséo de Lou). The previous time, I came with other players from the France team but I didn’t have a starter. But basically, I’m here to have a good time. For me, the main thing is that the race is good and that the horse finishes its race well (Iséo de Lou will be ranked 4th).

What do you watch at the races? What keeps you busy at a racetrack?
When I come to Vincennes, I ask a lot of questions. They can be technical or tactical. Horses are like us, they are athletes and you have to take care of them. I am interested in all subjects that can also be found in football. I like to talk about recovery, the content of training, not putting a horse in the red in the race, preparing well for a back-to-school race. In fact, there are plenty of factors that are the same as ours in football. For example, the short jog the day after the race for the horse, the footballer also does it the day after a match.

We all have racing dreams. What are yours?
It’s always the same, I want to do big races, trotting and galloping. I try to find nuggets or the crack of the future. It’s obviously not easy and that’s fine. I take a lot of pleasure, whether galloping or trotting. I like being an owner. I dream big and in racing my dreams are simply to have a runner in the Prix d’Amérique (trotting) and one in the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (on the flat). I already had my colors at the start of the Prix de Diane with Natsukashi (not placed in 2021). It’s the big races and the classics that make me dream.

But how do you track your workforce. Do you have a special thing with your trainers like Mickaël Cormy at the trot?
With Mickaël, the coach as I call him, I manage to follow my horses in training very regularly. Often, he films them on the sulky and sends me the images afterwards. I ask for news, I try not to miss my horse races. I also like to discover their results myself, keeping the suspense if I see the races offbeat. When I’m on the plane, I ask everyone not to tell me the result and then I watch the race in replay.

You congratulated Tony Parker on Sunday. You could be flat rivals. Are you in a “battle” spirit with him?
No not at all. And why shouldn’t we be together on a colt? It is part of our project to be honest and it should be done over time. And then, we could also take Tony to the races at Vincennes. I’m going to talk to coach Cormy about it (laughs).

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Article published in 24h au trot – Wednesday May 18th, 2022


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