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How to get rid of “real” farm rabbits

Once dedicated to family consumption, the farm rabbit is now in the process of becoming a real company animal..

In the same title as the dog, the cat or the hen, the farm rabbit has been the subject of a real resentment for several years. It has to be said that this charming lagomorph has something soothing. Some races, such as the giant butterfly or the Champagne silver, are very docile, allowing themselves to caress like large plums when they rest on the couch or grass. They can even buy themselves just a cat so that we can leave a box at their disposal.

What are the advantages of raising a farm rabbit?

Silent (he doesn’t cover or snap) and autonomous (doesn’t need to go out to do his needs like a dog), the farm rabbit also has the advantage of getting into a very loop «school»In the good sense of the term.

Litter and waste are put into compost, which fertilizes the soil, which produces vegetables from which it consumes straw and pollen, and so on. No question about pushing the logic to eat this sympathetic companion when he reaches the crippling of his life (5 years on average, but some subjects can reach more than double).

The raising of a «trueFarm rabbits are not surprised for many. Even if he can go and come to his house, his place, unlike the small races, sensitive to cold and predators, is clearly situated in the garden. No need to try the apartment adventure. Because once an adult, a giant butterfly weighs 6 to 7 kg on the balance and a giant from Flanders can easily exceed 10 kg.

Why protect your rabbit from climatic conditions?

Very docile and attached, the giant Papillon especially appreciates the company of humans. Photo credit: Jérôme Lebreton. Marc Mennessier

Contrary to an accepted idea, the rabbit as the hen, supports the cold better that the song. It is therefore useless to return in the winter.

Its very insulating material allows it to withstand moderate Siberian temperatures with a few precautions to protect, in the case of intense gel, the clapper during the night with a thin cover, does not leave on the straw and offers it a rich nourishment. energy (wheat, barley or bread leftovers), in addition to its usual ration.

He should also watch out for the fact that the water does not freeze in the frying pan: the rabbit can indeed be longer in winter, where its ration is essentially composed of dry foods such as foin, which is where it is easier to get him rich fresh herbs in water.

How to feed a farm rabbit?

To keep your companion in good healthyou should also watch out for do not have a very generous hand. The rabbit is a large butcher who, in contrast to the hen, has a hard time regulating its appetite. It is therefore better to give him food in small quantities, leaving it to be served at the end of the day, as he can easily find himself overweight.

The simplest solution is to give him complete food for rabbits, available in most gardens, accompanied by plowing of fruits and vegetables or green waste from the potter but, as we have just seen, to dose moderate. If you have the opportunity you can replace the complete meal with dehydrated lentils, rich in protein, accompanied by a handful of foin, winter, or freshly cut grass, summer.

In this case, be careful to choose the plants you are picking because some species such as reindeer, bryone, morelle, lupine, beetle or heifer, which can easily be found in gardens are toxic, even deadly. In order not to take unnecessary risks, sing for sure values ​​that you know (grams, cloves, luzerne, pissenlit, laiterons, liseron …) whose rabbit is, on the other hand, very cold.

How to prevent a demographic explosion?

A couple can easily give birth to about twenty births per year. DR Marc Mennessier

Finally, in contrast to chickens, gregarious animals, rabbits supports solitude very well. It is therefore useless to save several “So that they belong to the company”, except to reproduce and transform you, by the force of things, into … lifter. Be aware, in fact, that a single couple can easily give birth to about twenty rejection per year! But, why not …

You should, in this case, adapt the nutrition of your (or your) rabbit (s) to giving it complete food (in lieu of lime granules) and cereals (preferable to bread) for the entire duration. of tenderness, in addition to foal or grass, so that she had enough milk to properly feed her little ones. Sevrated to two months, the latter will be entitled, for the needs of their growth, in the same regime until they have 4 to 5 months.

Pour avoid demographic explosionseveral solutions are offered to you: keep the best subjects as breeders if you want to enlarge your breeding (but it is better sometimes to provide with another breeder to avoid the risks of interbreeding), they find a new breed. .. consume them (from 6- 7 months according to races).

The rabbit, best friend … of the horse?

Brian Beaunez.

Les horses do not detect nothing but loneliness. Accustomed, in nature, to live in flocks with their offspring, these large herbivores sometimes support very badly to pass the light of their time alone in their box.

To solve this problem, what is better than sharing his litter and his foin with a farm rabbit that will inherit a giant clapper of 20 square meters.


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