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How To Get A Horse In V Rising

One of the biggest drawbacks of early game V Rising is the number of moves you have to make in the northern regions of the map. Anything north of the Farbane Woods starting area requires several hours of gameplay to get there. This can make it difficult to return to your castle if the sun rises during your trip. Fortunately, there is a practical way to make your crossing faster and more efficient. After a few hours in V Rising, you can get a horse.

Horses can be acquired from a few different locations on the map. As you’d expect, horses can move much faster than you can on foot or even with the wolf form ability you receive from defeating the Alpha Wolf. However, horses also need to be maintained, just like your castle. For a full rundown of horses in V Rising and how to acquire them, check out the guide below.

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Get your first horse

The place where you will likely come across your first Noble Horse is at Dunley Farmlands. This is the area immediately north of Farbane Woods and holds several farms where horses are kept. You can find a horse in the southeastern part of Dunley Farmlands, just north of eastern Farbane Woods. Near this part of the region, there will be a point of interest simply called the “Farmhouse”.

Here you will see a horse in a stable. Once you find it, you can approach it and hold down the interact key to mount the horse. From then on, that specific horse is yours to keep or lose. If you choose to keep it, you can return to your castle and your horse will stay there until you choose to ride it again. However, if you lose your horse by forgetting where you last put it down, you will need to return to Dunley Farmlands and find another one.

When riding a horse, you can press the inventory key to see your horse’s stats. Each horse comes with three stats: top speed, acceleration, and rotational speed. These stats are random for each horse in V Rising, and at this time it appears that you cannot change or increase the stats. So if you want a specific stat tree for your horse, you can ride one, check its stats, and then decide if that horse meets your requirements. Top speed on a horse is how fast it can go, acceleration is how fast the horse can reach its top speed, and rotational speed is how fast the horse can make turns.

Control your horse

Horses need water to survive in V Rising.

Once you get on a horse, you can control it in different ways. The horse will walk slowly by default but you can press Space to gallop and increase its speed. You can also attack enemies on your horse, but only with your melee weapon. Weapon abilities and skills are unusable while riding a horse. Attacking on horseback can sometimes be a bit temperamental, so we don’t recommend using the horse for all your attacks.

When you’re ready to dismount the mount, you can press Q to bring up a reticle. Aim the crosshairs at where you want to descend, then press Q again to fully descend. The horse will not move from its current location after you dismount unless enemies start surrounding it. You want to try to get off the horse in as safe a place as possible, as you can lose the animal quite easily if it gets scared and runs away.

To keep your horse alive, you must give it wineskins. This item can be crafted from the crafting tab of your inventory as long as you have leather and plant fibers. With the waterskin, you can find a basin to fill it with water. You can then give your horse the full skin to keep it healthy. Each full waterskin lasts 7.5 hours, so remember to replenish your horse’s health frequently.

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