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How to feed the birds in the spring? What to plant in the garden to attract little singers?

While waiting for the arrival of storks and swallows, which are self-sufficient in providing their own food, you observe other feathery birds looking for seeds in your garden. Which ones and what do they need to survive? Ready to help them, find out what the birds are eating in the garden. What seeds to put in the feeder made this winter by your children? Learn when and how to feed birds in the spring when insects are scarce.

You are not connoisseur of the feathery world. We neither ! But to know when and how to feed the birds in the spring, you have to know them and therefore meet their need for food. This winter, you made your children aware of respect for the environment. Introducing them to making a bird cake or setting up feeders with all kinds of seeds has been fun and useful at the same time.

how to feed birds in spring attract feathery garden nest

Although for the inhabitants of the cities, the population of pigeons is embarrassing, and they seek ways to keep them away without hurting them, when you have a garden, you are fond of attracting tits and other feathery birds there. The chiffchaff which will leave the south for the spring of the northern latitudes, the robin which seeks wild gardens, the winter wren which does not like the cold, the Eurasian nuthatch which hastens to build its nest in March and the blackbird activist. These feathery ones join the sparrows and starlings that have survived the winter thanks to your care.

how to feed birds in spring keep filling feeder variety food

Some may wonder whether to continue feeding the birds in the spring as insects appear. It’s like that but not quite: the vagaries of the weather do not allow them to arrive in large numbers. Moreover, nature only opens one eye when it wakes up: nothing green in the middle of March. So keep filling the feeder with a variety of foods, such as nuts or seeds. Do not forget to install a water trough that will also serve as a bath.

how to feed birds in the spring ensure additional food supply

A long-term endeavor is to plant berry trees and shrubs to ensure an extra supply of food. It could be a holly or cotoneaster bush, or you can use honeysuckle to attract more insects. And finally, a well-placed birdhouse around the garden can provide them with a safe place to rest and breed. To this end, learn about ways to drive magpies out of the garden, given their aggressive and invasive nature.

What food do common species of birds prefer?

feed garden birds reason attract feathery ecological

Of course, your reason for attracting birds to the garden isn’t purely ecological. Their song is an asset, if you hear it, it means that nature is waking up for a new cycle of life. How to feed garden birds in the spring?

What does the chiffchaff prefer to eat?

how to feed the birds in spring olive color warbler swift song resounds

The olive color of the warbler, commonly called “chif chaf” is quite remarkable and its song resounds during the summer season. It feeds on mosquitoes, larvae, spiders and if you arrange a ground cover that will attract these insects, this little singer will have plenty to eat. The chifchaf also likes berries and seeds (blueberries, elderberry, black birch and silver birch).

The robin survives the winter: what is its favorite food

should we continue to feed the birds in the spring robin wild garden perennials trees brush

Our hero, the robin, is not very pretentious. A wild garden of perennials, trees and English scrub is his favorite haven: hawthorn, blackthorn, holly and spindle are among the berry trees that the robin loves. As in the spring, plowing the ground is normal, earthworms and other insects will be visible to the watchful eye of the bird. He is preparing to nest.

The winter wren appears in the spring

feeding garden birds in spring winter wren rooting out sharp beak insects

You won’t see this beige-brown bird jumping around your garden in winter. But in the spring, with great zeal, he undertakes the construction of the nest which will please his female. To raise its future family, the winter wren must extirpate insects with its pointed beak. This way, it will get rid of some harmful ones for you. The compost prepared before is his favorite sheltering caterpillars and larvae. These nest in slots and that is why, do not block them without important reasons. Compose borders with insect-attracting flowers and plant natural hedges of ivy and other berry plants.

should we feed the birds in the spring larvae spiders beetles nuts nuthatch torchepot

This beauty with a blue-gray back and an orange belly prepares for breeding in March. The nuthatch can deceive from afar as it runs up and down the tree trunk and vice versa like a squirrel. This is why old trees should not be cut down if you want to invite this bird into your garden. Like the swallow, the Eurasian nuthatch builds its nest with mud and twigs.

In spring and summer, the bird feeds on larvae, spiders and beetles, but in autumn nuts are its favorite reserves.

The host of lawns: the blackbird

what do the birds do in the spring blackbird look down on the ground molehills dead leaves

You see him jumping in the lawn in search of earthworms. These are easily found in molehills and piles of dead leaves. Insects and snails fall prey to blackbirds at the first green twigs. They will not ignore berry bushes and small fruit trees. This fact can turn out to be a real disaster for cherry trees and later for ripened tomatoes. You may be looking to get rid of blackbirds when your vegetable garden and orchard are ready for harvest.

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