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How to equip yourself well for a horseback riding when you start? –

Going on horseback is a wonderful opportunity to get some fresh air while discovering our regions. However, a horseback ride can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the right equipment. Here is the equipment you need for your equestrian outings.

Horseback riding is essential for health and morale. Horseback riding is a fun way to get oxygen while practicing an outdoor sport. An equestrian outing is an incredible pleasure that allows riders to recharge their batteries with the horse. In a polluted world, leaving the city and riding a horse allows you to breathe deeply. From the moment you are with your horse on the road, you are no longer considered a pedestrian but a vehicle. All the more reason to have all the necessary equipment to protect yourself and the horse. However, it will be important to choose the best riding equipment.

A quality saddle for long-lasting pleasure

For an equestrian outing, it is essential to choose a comfortable saddle. This will prevent you from hurting your buttocks. A bad saddle will give you bedsores.

Don’t forget your luggage and boots

A long ride without panniers? The mistake not to make. Panniers must be fixed on the saddle, it is your luggage for the journey. Don’t forget to take quality boots for your feet for maximum comfort.

Protect yourself

For your ride do not go out without your helmet, it is essential for your safety. Make sure it’s stable so it doesn’t get in your way. During your rides, you and your horses will be subjected to all types of parasites, including horseflies and mosquitoes. For this there are sprays or gels to counter these parasites which affect your peace of mind.

Watch out for the weather

Each season has its garment! For maximum comfort, dress according to the weather and the seasons. An essential parameter to respect if you want to be comfortable during your ride.

Don’t forget your phone

An equestrian outing can unfortunately sometimes go wrong. This is why it is important to take your mobile phone in case of a problem. Before leaving, tell your loved ones that you are going on a walk.

Essentials for long rides

No networks, more battery… if you are not experienced or you do not know the region well, you must take other objects than the mobile phone which will be essential for you to avoid all problems. A map can sometimes save you a lot of time and get you out of a lot of trouble. Less interactive than a plan on the mobile phone, it can troubleshoot and guide you just as well. If you are going for several days, remember to take a flashlight because night can fall very quickly. For your safety and that of the horse, lighting is very important to avoid any contact or any falls which would cause possible injuries.

Take care of your partner

For the comfort of your horse take a hoof pick to dislodge foreign bodies that may have gotten stuck under the foot to avoid infections or lameness. Don’t forget the grooming brush to remove excess dust from the horse’s body. For your horse to feel at its best, don’t forget to take the farriery equipment with you. To reward the horse for its effort, take treats rich in minerals and vitamins with you. It is an effective way to motivate your companion.

Practical advice

Now that you have all your equipment for your equestrian outings. Now you have to follow some rules to have a good time. Preparing for your equestrian outing is the most important moment. Choose your itinerary carefully so as not to be surprised on D-Day. Choose a route, a hike adapted to your level. Try to find as many places as possible where you can take breaks and refuel yourself and your horse. For your safety and your pleasure, avoid using the roads and favor the trails. Locate nearby equestrian centers that can accommodate you in case of problems or to spend a night. If you have the possibility, take a horse that is not afraid to go out into the outside world (bicycles, motorcycles, etc.). For an equestrian outing, going in a group may be more judicious if you are inexperienced.

Horse riding is waiting for you

With 664,178 licensees in 2021, horse riding is the third most practiced sport in France behind tennis, football and just ahead of basketball. Nowadays, the majority of riders are women. It is the first women’s sport in France. There are more than thirty equestrian disciplines, practiced for leisure or competition, ranging from show jumping competitions to vaulting. In France, there are more than 9000 structures ready to welcome you. All you have to do is take the leap.

Discover five new places in France for horse riding

To discover Corsica, nothing better than a horseback ride. With the sea and the mountains, you will discover new breathtaking landscapes. If you like sunsets, you won’t be disappointed. The south-west of France has many surprises, Around the Lot, the Dordogne and the Lot-et-Garonne you will find many natural parks to discover on horseback. A superb opportunity to discover the heritage of the south of our country. The Camargue is one of the most beautiful natural reserves in the world, and a region where horses are very present. Many breathtaking walks await you there. Normandy is a perfect region for an equestrian outing. You will find magnificent hikes at Mont Saint-Michel. Direction the island of Oléron, you will find many horseback riding between beaches, forests and vineyards, you will enjoy.

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