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how to choose ? What cost?

More and more dog owners are choosing to take out an insurance policy to take care of the health of their little companion. If it is recognized that small doggies have a much longer life expectancy than others, they remain exposed to certain diseases and fragilities. Nevertheless, faced with the thousands of offers that abound on the market, it is very difficult to make a choice. And if you must above all opt for a formula that meets the needs of your little companion, the prices are so variable and the guarantees so different that it is difficult to find your way around.

What insurance options are available to insure a small dog? What price to expect? How to make the right choice ? Where to find the right formula? Let’s go around the question in this file.

Small dog insurance: what are the different formulas available? At what price ?

Small dog breeds have the longest life expectancy. Nevertheless, small doggies are just as exposed to the risk of illness or accident as older ones and protecting them with an appropriate formula can be a good way to take care of their daily health at a lower cost. Indeed, by subscribing to a mutual health contract for his dog, the master can benefit from taking charge of all or part of his veterinary expenses.

In terms of animal health insurance, each insurance company is free to offer the rates of its choice and to apply the guarantees and conditions it wishes. However, for small dogs, there are three main categories of formulas on the market.

The basic formulas

The basic formulas are entry-level contracts with little coverage. Only care related to illness and/or an accident is covered and the reimbursement rate is limited to between 50% and 70%.

These contracts are often accompanied by a deductible and the annual reimbursement ceiling is low, with a minimum amount of 600 euros. With some insurers, it can reach – or even slightly exceed – 1,000 euros.

With a basic formula, the amount of the monthly contribution varies between 5 euros and 12 euros.

Comfort formulas

These mid-range formulas, called intermediate, offer better support. In addition to the costs related to illness and an accident, a comfort offer covers additional examinations, analyses, hospitalization and very often the pharmacy. With this type of protection, the reimbursement rate fluctuates between 70% and 80%, or even 90%.

The annual reimbursement ceiling is between approximately 1,200 euros and 1,800 euros.

With this type of formula, the price of the monthly subscription varies between 12 euros and 30 euros.

Premium formulas

These premium formulas are comprehensive health coverages. They provide almost complete protection of veterinary costs related to the animal. In addition to the care provided by the lower levels of guarantee, the premium formulas cover the costs related to euthanasia and funerals, and they can include a prevention package (vaccination, sterilization, castration, deworming, antiparasitics, therapeutic food, eye and ear care, etc.).

The reimbursement rate of these ultra-covering formulas is attractive since it is between 90% and 100%. As for the annual reimbursement ceiling, it is generally set between 2,000 euros and 2,800 euros.

In return for such support, the master of the small dog must pay between 30 euros and 70 euros of contribution per month.

Insurance for small dogs: how to choose it?

To insure your small dog, you will find a whole range of health insurance formulas on the market. The choice is vast, but not all offers are created equal. To get a good deal, it is essential to choose the health insurance that meets the needs of your animal, that is to say to respect its unique profile.

To help you in your decision-making, here are the parameters that we recommend you take into account.

The health and weaknesses of the dog

Certain breeds of small dogs are more susceptible to certain pathologies. It is therefore preferable to take this into account when choosing an adequate level of protection that will be both useful and advantageous to you. There is no need to pay for guarantees that you will never need, but on the contrary, it is essential to benefit from good care coverage that your doggie may need.

The age limit

All insurance companies impose age limits for taking out a health insurance contract. If it is not possible to insure a small dog before the age of 3 months, or even 2 months, this impossibility is again applied from the age of 8 years generally, knowing that it is shortened for doggies of medium, large and giant breeds.

Why such an age limit? Quite simply because insurers protect themselves against risks that increase with age. Indeed, the older a dog gets, the more it is exposed to the risk of disease and accident. However, when an animal needs frequent and expensive care, it is expensive for the insurance company that takes care of it.

If your little dog is old, be aware that there are still a few insurance companies that agree to take care of senior doggies. On the other hand, the amount of the contributions is clearly higher than the standard offers, with however equal guarantees, in order to compensate for the risks of higher costs.

The animal’s way of life

In general, small dogs have a longer life expectancy than medium to giant breeds. Nevertheless, a dog’s lifestyle has a significant impact on its health. In fact, a dog that goes out frequently and exercises regularly is generally in better physical shape and can live longer than an indoor dog that will tend to suffer from obesity. On the other hand, the risk of an accident and of contracting a disease is also higher if the animal lives in a risky and unsecured environment.

It is better to take into account the habits of life of the small dog to take out a sufficiently protective contract according to his needs and the risks to which he is exposed.

The prevention package

The prevention package is often offered separately against payment of an annual fee. However, some companies include it in their most covering formulas for a small supplement, the amount of which varies.

The prevention package covers part of the costs related to prevention, ie vaccination, sterilization or castration, external parasiticides and dewormers, or even certain therapeutic foods.

The options

Some pet insurance companies offer options that can be added to a health insurance formula for small dogs. These additional guarantees, which can often be added “à la carte”, make it possible to benefit from more or less high coverage of various costs. Against 100 euros to 200 euros per year, you can reduce your expenses for euthanasia and funerals, but also benefit from an assistance service, care of your doggie if you are hospitalized, etc.

The waiting period

The waiting period is a period that runs between the signing of the contract and its actual taking effect. During this period, more or less long since it can last a few days or several months, you start to pay the monthly payments due, but your little dog is not yet covered.

To benefit from better care for your dog, be sure to take out a health insurance contract with a shortened waiting period, or even no waiting period at all. If the latter are a little more expensive, they cover your little companion as soon as the contract is signed.

A contract with no upfront costs

In fact, the master of the insured small dog must pay for the entire veterinary consultation and he receives in return a refund of the amount due to him, within a more or less long period. But to stand out from the competition, more and more brands are avoiding their customers having to bear this advance fee by applying a kind of “third-party payment” for dogs. A welcome advantage, especially when the care is expensive or unanticipated.

Insurance for small dogs: how to find it?

You can canvass the brands that interest you to request quotes. Nevertheless, if you want to benefit from the best offers on the market in record time, we recommend that you use an online comparator.

These free, non-binding and powerful tools are easy to access. After a short questionnaire that allows him to target your needs, he offers you in a few seconds the list of offers that correspond to your search criteria. It is then up to you to request quotes for the proposals that interest you and compare them with equal guarantees. You will be able to opt for the offer that offers the best value for money.

In addition, the online comparator has the advantage of allowing you to negotiate certain additional advantages. Indeed, by relying on the competition’s offers, you can negotiate more attractive rates or more attractive guarantees with the insurer who has caught your attention.

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