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How to choose the best cat scissors in 2022?

Cat scissors are an essential accessory for the maintenance of your little companion. Claw scissors and grooming scissors must indeed be part of his toilet bag! Thus, cutting your cat’s nails or getting rid of a fluff of hair becomes child’s play.

If some cats make their claws on trees, this is not the case for all felines, especially when they live in apartments! Sharp nails then need to be clipped. To do this, it is important to equip yourself with the right tools. Cat scissors are specially designed for the fine and sharp claws of our little companions. They are practical and easy to handle so as not to injure the animal. And short claws, it’s a sofa and hands preserved! Indeed, cut nails will do less damage to your furniture or even to your arms or legs during the famous “fifteen minutes of madness” of our cat friends! If your favorite tom cat is the “long tangled hair” type, you can also find special cat grooming scissors for a refreshing little cut.


  1. The most economical
  2. The most universal
  3. The most accurate

CEEDC cat scissors with nail file

With these cat claw scissors, you can trim your pet’s claws yourself without calling a professional. This device is suitable for both kittens and older cats. Take it in hand easily and cut your pet’s nails neatly thanks to its high quality steel blades. Black and red in colour, this cat claw clipper combines sobriety and pep. A timeless at a low price to save the life of your favorite chair.

The Pecute cat nail clipper made of stainless steel

These cat claw scissors offer good ergonomics for carefree cutting. The blades are made of stainless steel for better durability. This nail clipper is also suitable for small breed puppies, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas but also birds and reptiles. A very appreciable universality for multi-owners who will not need to invest in several scissors.

Ferplast GRO 5997 cat grooming scissors

Equipped with ergonomic handles, these small scissors (about 12 cm long) are a precision instrument for grooming your cat. The round tips allow you to cut the hairs in complete safety while the finesse of the blades allows for very meticulous work. These cat grooming scissors are particularly suitable for the eye area. For short, medium or long hair. This accessory is perfect for removing a small fuzz in the coat.

What are cat scissors used for?

Cat scissors can serve two different purposes.

First we find the scissors to cut the claws. They are specially designed to be able to trim cats’ nails in complete safety; for this purpose, they are provided with ergonomic handles and small notched blades for greater precision.

Trimming a cat’s nails is useful for minimizing damage to furniture or for pets that play without retracting their claws.

On the other hand, it is not necessarily necessary, even dangerous, to cut the nails of a cat that goes out; indeed it needs sharp claws to climb trees or defend itself in the event of an attack by a dog or a fellow creature. It can also save him on a slippery roof.

Some cat scissors are dedicated to grooming; they allow you to cut knots or even out hairs that are too long.

How to use cat scissors?

To cut your cat’s nails, first wait until he is calm. Then take it on your lap and gently press the tip of the paw to bring out the retractable claws. Indeed, at rest, the claws of felines are not visible; you have to perform this little maneuver to make them appear.

Then, with your best hand, grab your scissors. For more stability, you can hold your cat scissors between your thumb and middle finger, with your index finger against the blades. If your accessory has a lug, wedge your ring finger in it. Once you’re ready, open your scissors and insert the tip of the claw into the allotted space. Cut sharply.

In order not to make your companion bleed, it is necessary to cut only the end of the claw. The vascularized part is often visible in transparency, it forms a pink triangle at the base of the nail.

If this is your first cat and you’re a little stressed, you can ask a vet or groomer to show you around.

What is the difference between a nail clipper and scissors for cats?

Cat nail scissors are nail clippers. There is another form of claw clipper with a vertically closing handle and a small sliding blade. Both systems are effective; the user will choose between the two models according to his preference.

Some scissors are dedicated to grooming the coat and therefore not intended to cut claws.

From what age can you use cat scissors?

You can start cutting a cat’s claws around 2 months. At this age, the claws are very sharp and the kittens are a bit crazy; they can hurt, especially young children. The cut should then be very light (about half to one millimeter).

Moreover, if you want to trim your cat’s nails regularly, it is advisable to get him used to it from a young age. Indeed, if you wait too long, he may be uncooperative.

Claw clipping is also recommended for older cats. Their nails wear less and are thicker. If we are not careful, they can incarnate and enter the pad triggering pain and infection.

How often should you cut your cat’s nails?

Like our fingernails, cat claws grow back fairly quickly. They can be pruned once or twice a month. In general, the claws of the hind legs grow more slowly.

Don’t forget, if your cat is a garden adventurer, you can let her nails grow long!

In a house or apartment, regular pruning limits scratches on wallpaper or furniture. For this, nothing better than a good pair of cat scissors.

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