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How to change the behavior of a cat that wakes you up at night?

At night or very early in the morning, your cat is busy seeking your full attention? Do not panic, this behavior is common in this type of feline which certainly has a different pace of life from yours. Unfortunately, this habit can set in over time and interfere with your daily sleep. Here are some effective methods to change such behavior.

When a cat is not stimulated during the day, especially in your absence, it will tend to accumulate energy that it will spend as soon as you return home. He will then seem very restless and will not hesitate to wake you up at night to play or to be cuddled, which can affect the quality of your sleep.

So what are the best ways to stop your cat from waking you up at night?

As Bénédicte Hivin, veterinarian, explains, if your cat keeps you up at night, it’s for multiple reasons. The cat can simply be bored or hungry. He will then meow or scratch at your door for cuddles, which will probably wake you up. To remedy this situation, you can adopt these few methods that will allow you to find peaceful nights.

– First check if your cat is not hungry

eating cat

Cat eating – Source: spm

One of the main reasons cats wake up in the middle of the night is hunger. So do not take lightly his untimely meows that wake you up at night. By climbing on your bed, your cat is only communicating its need to you. Before going to sleep, you should check your bowl and even your litter box, which may be dirty. Leave food nearby, kibble and fresh water. Also make sure that your tomcat can access his food at any time during the night. By doing this, your cat will no longer need to wake you up to ask for food. It is also recommended to feed the cat late in the evening. With a full stomach, he probably won’t want to play.

– Occupy your cat during the day

playing cat

Cat playing – Source: spm

Besides the need to eat, your pet also needs activities. As it is often difficult to keep an eye on your animal or to stimulate it during the day, the cat will tend to take naps during the day and then wake up later in the night. The ideal is to be able to play with him during the day in order to prevent him from sleeping all day. If it is difficult for you to do so, you should nevertheless take the time to play with him as soon as you get home and in the evening before going to bed. You can also offer him other activities at home, for example by installing a cat tree in your home or by setting up a small play area for him. The goal is to create some kind of activity at home. If you have a terrace or a garden at home, consider leaving a small opening for him to get some fresh air when he gets bored.

– Ignore your cat’s behavior

ignored cat

Chat ignored – Source: spm

Cats, like dogs, like to attract the attention of their masters. Very often, this desire manifests itself at night. By dint of succumbing to the many provocations of your cat, the latter will appreciate these moments more, which will push him to reproduce this behavior. If, on the other hand, you ignore him, he will no longer have any reason to do so. During nocturnal awakenings, avoid reacting. Don’t talk to him and above all, don’t push him away! By reacting in this way, you risk reinforcing his behavior. Moreover, it is useless to lock him in another room or to punish him, this reaction will not be understood by your animal. Instead, ignore it!

– Make sure your cat is not sick

sick cat

Sick cat – Source: spm

If your cat meows insistently, in addition to the need to fill his stomach, he could be expressing deep unease or embarrassment. If your cat suddenly changes its behavior, it could even be sick. It is then advisable to monitor its condition and to turn to a veterinarian in case of doubt, these meows can also be moans of pain.

As you will have understood, if your cat wakes you up at night, it is probably due to lack of activity or to communicate a need. These few tips will certainly allow you to modify this type of disturbing behavior.

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