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How does the new version of iOS compare to the previous one?

At WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled the latest version of its iPhone operating system: iOS 16.

To give you an idea of ​​the changes and new features brought by the latter, we compared it with its predecessor iOS 15. Here is a brief overview of the new features that look like it would make for a serious upgrade.

The lock screen

Although iOS 15 managed to improve the look and feel of the system, the lock screen was still a bit basic. With iOS 16, Apple is changing the game and offering it another design.

It now allows you to customize the display of information. Your photos can be placed in front of elements such as the time and date, which gives a very pleasant 3D effect. For a better configuration, you also have the choice between different fonts and colors to adapt the images and the text to your tastes.

You can also add widgets, based on those of the Apple Watch, such as a calendar to see upcoming appointments, Activity to take stock of sports, and the weather application. They also help you track ongoing deliveries, latest match scores, or other useful information.

In addition, when listening to music, it is possible to display the full album art on the lock screen, above the playback controls.


iOS 15 began to tidy up the iPhone notification system, with the ability to mute conversations, set specific times, add photos to contacts, and group related alerts together.

In iOS 16, Apple has taken it a step further by bringing the SharePlay feature to iMessage, meaning you won’t have to open other apps to watch the movie or listen to the song simultaneously with your loved ones. You will also be able to continue chatting while the content is playing.


iOS 15 introduced privacy features to hide your information from senders, such as your location, online activities, or even whether your message was read. These additions were nice, but they didn’t really make up for the lack of controls and capabilities in the app.

iOS 16 addresses this, delivering new features that aim to close the gap with the competition. For example, scheduled emails will now be available in Mail. Also, you will be alerted just before they are sent, in case you change your mind and want to cancel it.

Mail will also scan your messages to make sure nothing important, like an attachment, has been missed.


Some of the most useful iOS 16 updates are in the Messages app. First of all, it will become possible to modify the messages already sent, thus allowing you to quickly correct a typing error before it is spotted by the recipient.

Even better, you can delete a message even after it has been delivered. Finally, you can mark a thread in your inbox as unread, to remind you to check it later.

iOS 15 had introduced the SharePlay function which automatically puts any content sent by friends, links to music, movies, interesting articles, etc., in the corresponding application.


iOS 16 introduces a really great feature that Apple’s navigation app has been missing: multi-step routing. Thanks to it, you will be able to plan trips with up to 15 stops, all without having to enter additional information in Plan.

This feature also ties into your computer, so you can sync your Mac travel plans with your iPhone before you go.

New public transport functions allow users to know the estimated cost of their journeys. With iOS 16, Apple is also offering to add transit cards to its Cards app, which checks balances to remind you when to top them up.

Shared photo library

Organizing a photo library can be a real headache, especially when multiple users want to access it. Now, with iOS 16, Apple is creating a new, one-stop place where families (up to six people) share photos and manage them together through iCloud Shared Photo Library.

All group members can add, remove, or edit images.

Live Text

If you could already copy text from a photo, iOS 16 uses onboard intelligence to detect it in videos. It will be enough to press pause and enter text from any image.

In addition, it also offers the possibility of currency conversion and translation functions.

Visual Search

Visual Search is a sister feature to Live Text that first appeared in iOS 15. It helps identify certain objects, such as landmarks, artwork, flowers, and dog breeds, by pointing at them with the device iPhone picture. The image is then analyzed and the results are presented by Siri.

iOS 16 adds more subjects, including birds, insects, and statues, while introducing a new feature to detach a subject from the background.

Other Features

Apple has splurged with iOS 16, submitting many other features such as improvements to CarPlay, dictation, setting up accounts for kids, fitness, accessibility, security and others. You can read more about them in our guide to the main new features of iOS 16.


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