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Horseback riding makes children’s eyes sparkle

Third sport discipline in Haute-Marne in terms of licensees, horse riding has everything to flourish, and to flourish the horses and those who love them in our territory.

What if Haute-Marne was a real horse territory? A territory that would ignore this predisposition for the equestrian thing? The much decried rurality and its spatial dimension are undoubtedly the first vectors of this specificity: in Haute-Marne, wherever the stall is, the horse occupying it is very close to a quarry and close to a forest. ; to deploy the strides of the full gallop, it is always better than a skimpy carousel. In summer, the horse will never be better than in the meadow; pastures, there are more here than in Nancy or Dijon.

25 disciplines related to riding

No less than 25 horse-related disciplines are offered in our department: between pony rides and very high-level dressage, you can practice show jumping, hitching, vaulting, western riding , pony games, equestrian theater etc.

There are equestrian centers almost everywhere in Haute-Marne or on the edge of it. These equestrian centers have the vocation to offer the first contact to any person, to any parent of future rider who knows nothing about it but who would like to know… We can discover the world of the horse, or the pony, at a lower cost, during discovery session.

Community or private centers

The equestrian centre, which belongs to a private person or which is managed by an association, must be affiliated to the French Riding Federation. This is important for issues related to the competence of the supervision, the training of educators, the insurance taken out with the taking of a license.

But there are also many owner stables in Haute-Marne. It’s not the same world. These entities are frequented by often seasoned riders, who own one or more horses boarded in the stable. There are also more or less specialized associations, also more intended for experienced riders, passionate about a discipline, and owners of their mount.

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The general public will therefore often begin their initiation in an equestrian center and they will be right. These establishments are controlled by Youth and Sports and the Department of Veterinary Services. The majority of these equestrian centers have been present in the Haute-Marne equestrian landscape for decades. Their longevity alone attests to their good conduct. They are first of all riding schools, open to children, even to very young children, from 3 years old.

Benevolence, care and love

Who says school says education. With a nuance of size: the pony is not a ball or a bicycle. Its classification among the realm of the living makes it a partner of unsuspected richness for the child’s development. Nearly all humans benefit from caring for a horse or pony. Before getting into the saddle, the child will brush his horse, prepare it, take care of it.

Quite simply because a horse, or a pony, always generates kindness, attention, even love on the part of the human who frequents it. And when retirement age strikes, the club pony or horse always finds a rider from the club in question to pamper him for as long as possible; no offense to the sad spirits, there are probably reasons for this…

The world of Haute-Marne horses is already and above all a source of fulfillment for riders of all ages. A source of appeasement also when the circumstances of life are upsetting. But it is also an economic player. An equestrian center is at least one or often several jobs. It is guaranteed activity for the farrier, for the veterinarian, for the food seller, etc.

Getting closer to life

Horse riding has a part to play in the National Park project. More generally, his practice and everything that surrounds it are fully in line with the designs of today’s society, a society that sees humans getting closer to the environment, being concerned with the living, learning from what latest. And the Haute-Marne is the green setting which can and must accommodate such a project, such a position. An emblematic instructor from our department recently defined her priesthood as follows: “ Horseback riding fulfills its role when it makes children’s eyes sparkle. “She often succeeds even if it means sometimes moistening her own…

Dominique Piot

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