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His cats withdrawn by an association, fines, sponsors fleeing and future with the Blues in danger

Kurt Zouma’s 2 cats have been taken away from him by the RSPCA, who are now taking care of them. A decision following the brutal behavior of the West Ham United player towards one of his pets.

After the reactions, the sanctions. Kurt Zouma had his 2 cats taken away after the broadcast of the video where he was seen violently attacking one of them, reports sky news this Thursday, February 10.

The British Animal Welfare Association RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), indeed published a press release yesterday in which it announced that it had “ supported ” felines. ” Our priority is and has always been the well-being of these cats “, Can we also read from the institution, which adds that it took the animals in question to be examined by a veterinarian.

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They will stay at RSPCA at least until the end of the investigations carried out by the association. Moreover, she is not the only one to do so, since the police ofEssex also indicated that she had opened a “ urgent investigation around this folder.

The withdrawal of the 27-year-old defender’s cats is also what a petition posted on the platform demanded by the organization Anti Pet Abusebased at Hornsey in the north of London. It also asks to prosecute the person concerned, and has been signed by hundreds of thousands of people.

As for the footballer’s employer, the club of West Ham Unitedhe expressed his support for the investigation of the RSPCA in a statement released Wednesday. He also indicated that he had imposed on him the maximum fine provided for in his internal regulations, namely the equivalent of 2 weeks’ salary. This represents an amount of approximately 300,000 euros.

The sponsors dissociate themselves from Kurt Zouma and his club

This is not the only financial measure aimed at Kurt Zouma and West Ham United ; sponsors are starting to jump ship. One of them, Experience Kissimmeeactually announced that he was going to “ assess » his partnership with the club, after the decision taken by the team coach, david moyesto align Kurt Zouma Tuesday night against watforddespite what had happened.

Same story on the side of vitalityanother partner company of West Ham United, which is no longer. The insurance company said it had ” suspended » the sponsorship contract that bound him to the club.

Concerning more directly Kurt Zoumaits individual equipment supplier Adidas also terminated his contractual relationship with the footballer. ” We have concluded our investigation and can confirm that Kurt Zouma is no longer a contracted athlete with Adidas. “, announces the brand with 3 stripes in an official press release.

The case takes a political turn, the mayor of London, sadi khanhaving said to himself ” disappointed ” that david moyes made play Kurt Zouma Tuesday evening. Just like the association Blue Crosswho considers that having established the French defender against watford is such as to trivialize his odious behavior “. A decision which, according to the spokesperson for Blue Crossconveys a negative message, especially to young football fans why professional players should be role models.

Didier Deschamps could no longer select Kurt Zouma in the French team

There probably won’t be 12e selection in Blue for Kurt Zouma because of his actions towards his cat. the Animalist Party and the SPA had called on the French Football Federation and the tricolor coach to no longer summon the player from West Ham.

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Didier Deschamps also reacted yesterday, saying ” very surprised by the attitude of the former player of chelseawhich he calls ” inadmissible, intolerable, of an indescribable cruelty “. If he has not confirmed his dismissal from the France team, the coach recalls having already decided not to retain players ” for a certain time “when these” have made mistakes », Reports The Team.

In addition to the withdrawal of cats, financial measures and legal proceedings, there will therefore certainly also be sporting sanctions against Kurt Zouma.


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