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Greek horses in the digital age – Arts – Culture

Under the title The Myth of 99the Egyptian visual artist Dina Fahmy El-Rouby exhibits 99 paintings, figurative and abstract, at the gallery Cleg, taking different figures of horses. For her first solo exhibition, the artist, who is one of the owners of the gallery, has chosen to immerse us in the world of Greek mythology, using a virtual technique specific to the Metaverse.

Greek horses are known thanks to the myriad of texts bequeathed by famous poets, such as Homer and Hesiod. For example, the pegasus or the famous winged horse has always symbolized creativity and beauty, the departure for spring. The immortal Greek mythical horse is also the personification of thunder, and so on for the arion, the centaur, the hippocampus, the celestial white, the Trojan horse

The visual artist takes us on a journey, between past, present and future. The past has inspired the very theme of the exhibition, the present figures in the execution of the works through sketches, by mixing the layers of colors, and the future intervenes in the final phase of digitization. Because the works are stored in the digital form of NFTs (literally non-fungible tokens). These are one-of-a-kind digital tokens, which operate on the same principle as cryptocurrency, therefore based on a data storage and transmission technology that is intended to be transparent and secure. These NFTs are then digital works of art stored on these chains, which can be purchased for far from modest sums. They are sold on the Internet via cryptocurrency transactions (bitcoin), enough to form a very lucrative business.

Who says NFT, says new protocol which makes it possible to buy a file on line in complete safety. It’s a booming market on the Net, which will completely change the artistic situation. Because the value of these digital works of art, the NFTs, is constantly increasing. Sometimes they are sold for millions of dollars and are often created by artists unknown to the battalion, they more than compete with the traditional art market and are on their way to becoming essential », says Dina Fahmy El-Rouby. But why do collectors decide to invest in these non-tangible digital works? ” Simply, because they have a certificate guaranteeing the uniqueness of the virtual work of art, recorded on the blockchain. This certificate of authenticity attests to the originality and uniqueness of the file for sale. Collectors can then contemplate the work in their acquisition on any screen, on large extra-flat televisions, hung on the wall, etc. where the quality is so good that you have the impression of seeing it in real life, like a painting in your living room. In addition, we have the advantage of being able to change the image easily to display another digital painting at any time. adds the artist and gallerist, who is looking to introduce NFTs to the Egyptian market.

A variety of ornamentation is in use.

Even if the principle is still vague, especially in the eyes of the general public, the exhibition aims to make it more accessible. ” Today, to coexist with new technologies, available on the digital market, the value of imagination is even greater. As mythology is often associated with magic and imagination, I used ancient and legendary horses, combining authenticity and virtuality, classic paintings and modern technologies. », reiterates the artist. And to add: The horse is my totem animal, a symbol of passion, of the fiery appetite for freedom, of the motivation that carries us through life. In my works, it is sometimes wild, sometimes tamed; he moves freely or is forced to live in an enclosed space “.

Symbolism of the number 99 in numerology

Horses adorned with oriental motifs or Arabic calligraphy, others with more abstract forms, there are 99. And the choice of the number is certainly not random, but it has a special value in numerology . The double 9 symbolizes spiritual awakening, it is also a sign of a new opportunity.

Traditional numerology is an ancient discipline. Moreover, in Muslim culture, reference is often made to the 99 names of Allah. In the number 99, the number 9 is repeated twice, amplifying its energies and influences. According to traditional numerology, the number 9 reflects the mark of final achievement, opening horizons and raising awareness. It is the conclusion of a stage of life and the beginning of a new existence. By understanding the influence of numbers, life becomes more fluid. And for me, this fluidity refers to the digital age, the beginning of a new paradigm “, concludes Dina Fahmy El-Rouby, who gives her exhibition in her gallery, located in Cheikh Zayed, while making the works accessible on tablets, computers and smartphones.

The digital revolution seems to give artists and art professionals new prospects for promotion, which we are still trying to explore.

At the Cleg Gallery, Villa 118, Diplomats Quarter, Sheikh Zayed. Until May 3, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (except Fridays).

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