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Go Green: 7 Sustainable Getaways

The travel sector alone accounts for 40% of global energy consumption. While some hotels have just said goodbye to disposable soap and plastic bottles, others are leading the way towards a zero-carbon trend.

01 Hotel Marcel, New Haven, United States

Modernist architect Marcel Breuer unleashed his artistic genius and developed a futuristic design for this Armstrong Rubber Company building, better known as the Pirelli Building. The concrete walls of this brutalist monument now house a superb hotel with a warm welcome.

©Pat Krupa / Unsplash

Hotel Marcel has 165 rooms and suites offering majestic panoramic views of Long Island Sound and New Haven, home of Yale University. This hotel also has conference rooms where creativity and productivity are just waiting to flourish.

©John Muggenborg

For Hotel Marcel, ecology is not just a buzzword: Bruce Redman Becker renovated the building with the planet in mind. This revolutionary concept meets a whole series of certifications, such as Net Zero and Passive House, making it the first energy neutral hotel in the United States. It is also a cutting-edge culinary address: the chefs are busy every day concocting delicacies based on products from local suppliers.

From 239 euros per night for two to four people.

02 Aurea, Tola, Nicaragua

Nestled between golden beaches, azure lakes and fiery red mountains, Aurea is a refuge surrounded by a jungle where waterfalls temper the heat of bubbling volcanoes. Hacienda Iguana, the estate of this oasis of peace, applies sustainability in all its forms: no paint or plastic, biodegradable materials, buildings made of concrete and sustainable wood without maintenance, local and organic products, use of water of rain, collaboration with the local community.

Hotel Aurea offers a choice of different accommodations, from studios to penthouses and family rooms. All blend into the lush surrounding forest, where nature provides coolness and shade.

Discovering the infinite charm of Nicaragua and its picturesque villages where you can immerse yourself in the traditions of the local community. Head to the small town of Popoyo on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, a favorite spot for surfers and anglers in search of wild tuna.

From 90 euros per night in a double room, 360 euros in a villa.

03 DumaTau & Little DumaTau, Linyanti, Botswana

Positioned on a migratory axis of large animals, the ecological lodges respect the fauna and flora.

Located on the edge of a lagoon in the heart of the 80,000 hectare Linyanti Nature Reserve in northern Botswana, the DumaTau & Little DumaTau camp is the latest addition to the portfolio of ecotourism operator Wilderness Safaris.

Entirely renovated, DumaTau, or “the roar of the lion” in Setswana, is made up of two lodges and eight new tents with raw wooden terraces equipped with infinity pools, offering a magnificent panoramic view. Little DumaTau has four spacious suites. The camp is on the migratory axis of large animals, felines and rare birds. Many pass within sight of relaxation areas and the swimming pool, providing unforeseen magical scenes.

A pioneer in more sustainable, more ethical and more responsible safaris since 1983, Wilderness Safaris today unveils a fine set of 45 lodges and camps, all of which preserve the local fauna and flora through conservation centres. DumaTau is 100% solar powered, with electricity and hot water provided by solar panels and inverters. Greywater is treated in an above ground treatment plant, a reverse osmosis filtration system providing high quality drinking water.

From 1,490 euros per week per person, all inclusive.

04 Pikaia Lodge, Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

On Santa Cruz Island, the luxurious Pikaia Lodges are the starting point for the eco-adventure of globetrotters. This property is located on the Galápagos Islands, where penguins leap from steep rocks and parade on white sand beaches. The marine reserve of this archipelago is the absolute marvel of the underwater world, a colorful aquarium where the most beautiful fish evolve.

All four room types and suites are contemporary in style with panoramic windows stretching from bamboo floor to ceiling. They have a balcony or a shaded terrace with a view of Santa Fe Island. Wake up to the freshness of a sea breeze to enjoy the first rays of the sun. The spacious bathrooms are decorated with Peruvian travertine, which gives them an almost royal character. In these green lodges, climate friendliness and sustainability are top priorities.

This vast area is also the private reserve of the Galapagos giant tortoises. They live in the sunny plains and in the lush nature of the jungle where they feed on flowers, berries and tropical fruits.

From 4,105 euros for three nights per person for the Exploration Package, all inclusive.

05 Indrani Lodge, Genappe, Belgium


Indrani Lodge, in the picturesque town of Loupoigne, is only an hour’s drive from Brussels. This old farmhouse has been transformed over the years into a romantic lodge. Edible flowers grow in the garden and the herb garden is a treasure for the chef. We stroll quietly in the orchard and the picking garden, or up to the old barn. You can also take a dip in the heated swimming pool.


The estate offers five different types of rooms. All benefit from an ultra-modern layout and, of course, have their own bathroom.

This property qualifies as an eco-friendly hotel. The wines come from organic vineyards, the seasonal menu is made up of local products, and the bathroom soap is eco-friendly. Small additional advantage: you can go there all year round for an inspiring yoga session.

From 200 euros per night in a double room, breakfast included.

06 Room2 Chiswick, London, United Kingdom

©Andrei Botnari

Kingdom of the beauty of craftsmanship, a green oasis welcomes you just a stone’s throw from the bustle of London. Above all, at room2 Chiswick, we value local craftsmanship. In this “hometel”, the luxury of a hotel merges with the comfort of a home. “Live and relax” is the motto of room2 Chiswick.

©room2 Chiswick hometel

The 86 rooms feature the creations of artists and craftsmen. All rooms benefit from a modern design with characteristic patterns and strong influences from the Arts and Crafts movement, emphasizing minimalist fine craftsmanship.

©room2 Chiswick hometel

Here, all CO2 emissions are reduced to zero. As a result, room2 Chiswick is the proud holder of the title of the world’s first ‘zerohometel’. The green roof stimulates biodiversity and the solar panels provide electricity.

From 140 euros per night in a double room.

07 Six Senses Shaharut, Negev Desert, Israel

At the edge of the endless horizon of the Negev desert, the Six Senses Shaharut is almost biblical. In this haven of peace and tranquility, the golden rays of the sun dance across the orange sand dunes and the stars twinkle in the night sky. Six Senses makes every effort to preserve the bewitching splendor of this environment. Sustainable development, local production and the support of ecosystems occupy a prominent place here.

©Assaf Pinchuk

Six Senses Shaharut has 60 suites, villas and an estate. The atmosphere of the desert is omnipresent, the hues of sand creating a harmony between the resort and the rocks, the sand dunes and the surrounding mountains. The exterior façade is made of local stones, while local craftsmen have taken care of the interior fittings and decoration.

©Assaf Pinchuk

This desert landscape is a paradise for lovers of active holidays. They can explore archaeological sites, go on a camel ride, go on a jeep safari or treat themselves to the best spa treatments with Dead Sea products.

From 1,000 euros for a suite or a villa, 9,900 euros for a private estate.

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