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From the Prix d’Amérique to the Grand Steeplechase: Pierre Pilarski in the footsteps of rarity

Pierre de Montesson, Daniel Wildenstein and Jean Pierre Dubois. In living memory (or rather young man), these are the rare owners who have managed to shine in the greatest French trotting and jumping races. At the start with Feu Follet this Sunday, Pierre Pilarski could therefore walk in the footsteps of rarity, he who has already won the Prix d’Amérique with Bold Eagle and Face Time Bourbon. In partnership with France Galop and Dynavena.

Pierre Pilarski, in the footsteps of rarity with Feu Follet in the Grand Steeplechase (aprh)

Pierre Pilarsky has become in a few years one of the flagship owners of the French landscape, firstly through its success, but above all its overflowing enthusiasm, its joy in communicating around its couriers, and above all its multidisciplinary success. As you know, its success story began at a trot with the phenomenal Bold Eagle, a pupil of the Dubois family acquired during his career, which allowed him to win 2 editions of the Prix d’Amérique. The greatest trotting race, he also had the opportunity to win it on 2 other occasions as co-owner of Face Time Bourbon. Some would say that the man in the “McDonald” coat is lucky. It is necessary for sure, but it cannot be reduced to that.

As is rarely done, Pierre Pilarski began at a trot before making decisive encounters which enabled him to set foot in the gallop. It started unexpectedly with an Anglo-Arab champion, Genmoss. At the house of Didier Guilleminthe undefeated queen of her race was followed by some good elements, as recently Making Movies, who was the first starter in a French flat classic for Pierre Pilarski. Another meeting, the one with Guillaume Macairebrought him into the world of jumping, where he mainly invests today with his son Hugo. In 2018, Pierre Pilarski won his first gallop race directly at Auteuil in the Wild Monarch, with Fiumicino. The adventure was launched.

Feu Follet with Baptiste Le Clerc, who will be associated with him on Sunday

With Guillaume Macaire, Pierre Pilarski has also bought a batch of young jumpers from Jean Pierre Duboiscontaining Fiumicino, Fandango, and a large black horse that the master trainer immediately pointed out as an element cut out for the high level. Guillaume Macaire was not mistaken, since it was Will-o’-the-wispwho offered a 1st Gr.1 at Auteuil to the Pilarski cassock in the Alain du Breil in 2019. Upon the arrival of the Haye Jousselin and the Grand Steeple in 2020, Feu Follet left regrets in the Grand Steeple 2021, ejecting Baptist Leclerc at the edge of the last kilometer when he had resources. After a problem in the fall, he has just walked in the Prix Ingré ahead of jem salt, and arrives ready for a real date with history. Indeed, if he were to win, Guillaume Macaire would exceed the record of Bernard Secley of 6 successes in the queen event, but Pierre Pilarski would also enter the very closed circle of owners who won “America” ​​and the Grand Steeplechase.

Pierre de Montesson, trotting and jumping legend

The 3 owners who have achieved this feat have a history with the Grand Steeple which is ultimately very close to each other. The first to do so was the famous Pierre de Montesson, a great racing man who has known the heights in both disciplines. At the trot, his coat is especially associated with the phenomenal One of May, great champion of the 60s and 70s, who built her legend with 74 victories in 146 races! Despite all her records, she has always failed in the Prix d’Amérique, in 6 attempts! At the heart of the Une de Mai period, however, he experienced consecration with Tuscanwhich won the 1970 edition ahead of Tony M. and Tidalium Pelo. Creator of the Haras des Coudraies, and of the famous line of “K” in jumping, Pierre de Montesson and his jacket are especially associated with Katkoamong the 3 triple winners of the Grand Steeple Chase in Paris with Hyeres III and Mid Dancer. From 1988 to 1990, Bernard Secly’s horse reigned supreme on the Butte Mortemart.


Two other men and interdisciplinary racing legends also create the feat: Daniel Wildenstein and Jean-Pierre Dubois. Famous art dealer, heir to george wildenstein who launched the family into racing, Daniel enjoyed the greatest success in all disciplines. In particular, he won 4 Arc de Triomphe with Go France, All Along, Sagace and Famous Painterand his First American Prize in 1996 with Cocktail Jet. A pure product of the Dubois family, which left its mark on French breeding, it imposes itself with Jean Etienne Dubois, and marks the beginning of a great era for the blue shirt, which will be at the top of the list from 1994 to 2000 among trotting owners. In 2004, the Wildenstein stable won its 2nd Prix d’Amérique with Kesaco Phedo. Jean Pierre Dubois won the Prix d’Amérique for the first time in 1979 with High Echelonbefore shining there 3 years later with Humor.

Cocktail Jet, first prize in America for Daniel Wildenstein

Already famous over jumps with numerous prestigious victories, Daniel Wildenstein invested in 1996 (which coincided with the coronation of Coktail Jet at Vincennes) in a batch of yearlings from Haras des Coudraies… Hold on! Accompanied by Jean-Pierre Dubois, he then falls on a sacred “brother of”, Kotkijet. Half-brother of Katko by Cadoudal, this Kotkijet began his career under the training of Jean Pierre Dubois, for whom he won twice at Auteuil. Kotkijet then goes to John Paul Galloriniwhich made him win 2 editions of the Grand Steeple with Thierry Majorcryck. Jean-Pierre Dubois remained co-owner, however, and therefore figures in this very closed circle of winners of the Prix d’Amérique and Grand Steeple!

Daniel Wildenstein at the head of his flat crack Go France

Kotkijet won its first Grand Steeplechase in 2001, just months before Daniel Wildenstein passed away. 3 years later in 2004, he regained his title, after overcoming an absence of more than two years. In the meantime, the Wildenstein estate took control, and gradually separated from the team’s jumpers and trotters… Kotkijet ended his career at Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé, but could not match his brother Katko by failing in 3rd place in the 2006 edition, at 11 years old. That day, he engages in a duel with Cyrlightsumptuous certainly, but which costs him a lot in the final stretch, where Princess of Anjou and Rigorous overtake it after the last hurdle. Many years later, Jean-Paul Gallorini still regrets not having had Kotkijet since his first steps, thinking that he would have made him beat his brother’s record of victories…

Kotkijet, a monster from Auteuil

Following in the footsteps of Katko and Kotkijet, 2 brothers with colorful entourages, Feu Follet therefore faces quite a challenge. He was born at Jean Pierre Dubois, who continues to flirt with the very high level whatever the discipline. In a different vein, but keeping this love of the horse, whether he trots, gallops or jumps, Pierre Pilarski could this Sunday enter a completely new dimension, that of legend… This one moreover necessarily built in rarity. A horse like Feu Follet is one, it’s up to him to prove it again.

Pierre Pilarski with Guillaume Macaire and Jean Pierre Dubois…how we meet again!


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