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Friends, Vikings, Breaking Bad… 10 scenes from series that are very difficult to shoot for these actors

Shooting a series is not always the easiest thing! It happens that on film sets, certain scenes in particular give the actors a hell of a hard time for tons of different reasons. Focus on 10 scenes that were particularly difficult to shoot…

The series require a very special involvement. And some scenes are more difficult than others to shoot. Between giggles, emotional or physical challenge, here are 10 scenes that gave the actors a hell of a hard time.

Betty’s dance in the series Riverdale

© The CW

Letting the dark side of Betty speak is not the easiest thing for Lili Reinhart aka Betty Cooper in one of the most adored series of the moment: Riverdale. And if the evil double of sweet Betty appeared in season 1 of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s series, her presence does not rhyme with “easy scene” for the actress. It’s in an interview with the magazine Elite Daily that the actress revealed that one of the most difficult sequences she had to shoot was the dance scene in episode 8 of season 2. ” I would say the most difficult scene I had to shoot was the Snakes dance scene in episode 8 and it’s easy to see why I think so. It was very intimidating and I was actually in front of so many people, around 100 team members or more… The focus is on me and it was intense and a bit scary“, she clarified.

Jane’s death in breaking Bad for Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad (2)


There is absolutely no doubt that the death of Jane (Krysten Ritter) in breaking Bad marked the minds of fans of the series. More than marking those of the viewers, it is also on the side of the actors that the scene was trying. Aaron Paul confided that it was also one of the most difficult scenes for him to shoot. ” Emotionally it was the darkest place to go“, reported the interpreter of Pinkman to EW. ” It was not a fun day (…) To play Jesse, I don’t especially use my old experiences. I’m just trying to force myself to believe that what’s happening is actually happening. That’s why this scene was so hard, I put myself in Jesse’s position and forced myself to believe that my girlfriend was here dead in front of me and I was trying at all costs to wake her up while having this guilt in me saying “I did that, I did that“, he clarified.

Daphne’s masturbation scene in The Bridgerton chronicle…


© Netflix

The Bridgerton Chronicle is now one of those pretty sexy series. And if season 2 promises to be even more so, the many sex scenes present in season 1 could have made us think that they were difficult to shoot. However, according to Phoebe Dynevor, it was not a duet sex scene with Regé-Jean Page, aka the Duke of Hastings, that was the most difficult to shoot.

On the contrary, it is a scene of… solitary pleasure. Indeed, in episode 3 Daphne indulges in masturbating to apprehend sexual pleasure. For the actress, to say that this scene was the most difficult is significant: To say it is something because there were many difficult scenes to shoot (…) We feel very vulnerable during these scenes “, reported the actress to Glamour which explains that in two, the scenes are repeated ” like waterfalls » and that many subterfuges are used to « always feel safe. ” But alone, it was totally different. The instructions were very specific: You must have an orgasm. It’s something hard to repeat, which means you don’t repeat. you just do it“, she asserted.

…And that of dinner for the series by Regé-Jean Page


© Netflix

Regé-Jean Page also had his share of difficulties while filming one of the most watched series of the moment: The Bridgerton Chronicle. Much like his co-star, it wasn’t a sex scene that he found difficult to shoot. But rather, against all odds, a dinner scene!

There’s a moment in the Bridgertons’ house that’s ostensibly calm and it’s a relatively happy scene. I am having dinner for the first time with this family. I don’t really want to be here, but it can’t be guessed. There are children who are here, they are happy, they play and are totally accepted into this exact warm and loving family that Simon never had. It’s never clearly explicitly stated in the script at this point. Nobody is going to tell. But that’s the real point about this scene for him. Living in space is one of the hardest things but also the most rewarding“, confided the actor to Netflix Tail. Because that’s what the actor seems to find the most difficult: to suggest emotions, feelings without really letting them shine through.

The most difficult moments are the most subtle, discreet spades around the table. When someone says something you don’t expect and shouldn’t explode, something you shouldn’t cry about, you just gotta take that jab right in the ribcage and just say it with a raised eyebrow and in the way you cut your peas “, he specified.

A difficult scene to play for Chrissy Metz in This is Us

Kaye_This Is Us


It was on Today that Chrissy Metz revealed the most difficult scene she had to shoot for This is Us. At least, in Season 3.” The most intense moment so far…is probably the episode centered on Toby, when we discover that he is no longer taking his medication to treat his depression “, Reported the star of the series.

I knew it was coming, that he was going to break down. And I must have been in a whole different state of mind because I was announcing that Kate was pregnant. Of course, in This is Us, you can’t have joy without pain. “, explained the interpreter of Kate. ” I think that was probably the hardest part, being focused on the joy and realizing that a huge shift is going to be made with Toby.“, she recounted.

The argument scene between Charles and Diana in The Crown

The Crown


There is an argument in the last episode that we had a lot of trouble with“, confided Emma Corrin, who plays Diana in season 4 of The Crown, to Preview magazine. ” It’s let’s say the first time they’ve really lost patience with each other and it sort of spells the end of their relationship. It was so hard to get to this very specific place after being so close on set Josh (O’Connor, who plays Prince Charles, Editor’s note). We had never had to explore this particular dynamic with them before.“, she explained.

An idea widely shared by his on-screen partner, Josh O’Connor: ” It was a tricky scene to shoot. I have often quoted this scene. As he (Charles, Editor’s note) says “I wash my hands of it, it’s over”. And I think that was kind of the end for both of us. We went through this journey together, we both filmed between 6 and 8 months, and we shot it almost at the end. It’s as if that was all we wanted to say to each other at that time, everything came out. (…) What was hard on camera was that I was literally screaming in Emma’s face“, specified the actor.

This cult scene from the series Friends

Ross Pivot Friends


It happens that some scenes that are difficult to play are not for dramatic reasons but rather extremely joyful. What if the difficulty came from fits of uncontrollable laughter? This is what probably happened on the set of one of the most cult series: Friends. According to James Michael Tyler alias Gunther, the inimitable Central Perk waiter, THE mythical Pivot scene was one of the most difficult to shoot.

We were subject to a very tight schedule and we had to redo the scenes several times to shoot them in front of an audience on Fridays”, he told Australian media News. “During filming, I remember that the ‘pivot’ scene, when they try to carry the couch up the stairs, took forever to shoot because the actors kept bursting out laughing. It was hilarious, the whole audience was so hysterical! »

A trying scene for Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things

Filming Season 3 of Stranger Things was not just a cakewalk for Millie Bobby Brown and her little comrades. According to the caption of his Instagram post, one of the major scenes at the end of the series was rather difficult to shoot. In particular, the scene where she fights against the Mind Flyer who has taken possession of Billy.

One of my favorite people I have ever worked with. Always considerate and kind to me as we filmed one of the toughest scenes I’ve ever shot.”, she explains. Looking at the scene, we understand perfectly why…

This scene of Game Of Thrones for Kit Harington

Game of Thrones (4)


You remember the Battle of the Bastards in Game Of Thrones , one of the most impressive of the series? Kit Harington too. Whoever plays Jon Snow has also not hidden that this scene had certainly been one of the most trying in the series. ” Oh my God “, he replied to The Hollywood Reporter. ” We rehearsed this scene for days because it was a continuous take with only a few cuts. Most of the horses are real it was such a tricky and dangerous dance because there are real horses galloping all over the place and most of the time I have my back to them“, said the actor.

You have to be really, really precise. We repeated all the fights, we made them and redid them, tirelessly. It’s like a dance, so if you like dancing it’s easier to manage. Director Miguel Sapochnik showed us a preview of the whole battle and he showed us everything that was planned and we were all like “Ok, this is going to be very difficult”, specified the interpreter of Jon Snow.

A physically trying scene for Katheryn Winnick in vikings

Lagertha Vikings

© History

Play in series like Game Of Thrones Where vikings is clearly not an easy task and in particular for a question of costumes… With regard to the outfits worn by the actors in vikings, we understand that it’s not like spinning at the edge of a swimming pool in a bikini. The costumes are just as imposing as they are heavy. This is what brought a little additional physical difficulty to Katheryn Winnick alias Lagertha. As the actress answered questions from her fans on Instagram, she was asked which scene was the hardest to shoot.


© Instagram by Katheryn Winnick

The one who plays Lagertha simply replied with a photo of the lake scene, where you can see the cast in the water. ” That was hard“, she comments on the photo before adding ” swimming in icy water with pounds of armor on your back“, she clarified. Frankly, we take our hats off to him because said like that, it doesn’t really make you want…

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