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French Days 2022 – Shopping Guide

The French Days 2022 are coming, it’s finally time to start doing good business! We take this opportunity to summarize here our selection of products at promotional prices to help you choose from the maze of online stores!

On the High-Tech menu with electric bikes, electric scooters, components for your PC, smartphones, audio, peripherals, drones, connected watches and more! So stay tuned and come back to this article regularly, it will be updated with new products for the duration of the French Days 2022!


Apple iPhone 13: The French Days 2022 continue with a new offer not to be missed, the iPhone 13 for less than €900 at Rakuten. Not stingy with bargain prices, the e-commerce site offers a wide range of products at unbeatable prices, so we continue our excursion to the land of promotions!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: The Samsung Galaxy S22s are out, but that’s not why you have to shun the Galaxy S21s, especially since the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G in 128 GB is currently on a mega promo at -40% during Rakuten’s French Days 2022 .

Electric scooters

🆕Ninebot KickScooter MaxG30LE II: With the advent of electric scooters and electric urban mobility, we immediately think of certain brands, in particular Xiaomi for scooters or Bezior for electric bicycles, but there are also Segway’s Ninebots which have all the assets to place themselves at the top of the market and currently, the Ninebot KickScooter MaxG30LE II is on sale on Amazon, during the French Days 2022!

🆕Xiaomi Essential: Electric scooters are on the rise during the French Days 2022! Amazon offers the Xiaomi Essential at 329€ and at this price we go for it without hesitation!

Xiaomi Scooter 3: We had already presented it to you, but the Xiaomi Scooter 3 is one of the best scooters on the market, currently on sale at Rakuten during the French Days 2022, you will find it there, at the best price, to enjoy beautiful spring rides and prepare for your summer outings!

Xiaomi Scooter Pro 2: The French Days 2022 continue on PureGameMedia with the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 scooter which offers a Rakuten promo code and a drop in price, so we take advantage of this great offer!

Electric bikes

ELEGLIDE electric bike: Electric bikes are the products of the year along with scooters. What constitutes the electric mobility market is currently booming and we can therefore take advantage of great prices during the French Days. Today we discover, still at Rakuten, the M1 electric bike Improved version of the ELEGLIDE brand at a very attractive price!


Apple AirPods Pro: We will have to have a discussion with our banker because these French Days 2022 are far too interesting for our wallet. We are still continuing at Rakuten with the Apple AirPods Pro of the year 2021 at -47%!

Connected watches

🆕Amazfit GTR2: The GTR3 Pro is not in your prices? Do not panic, you can always opt for the very efficient and very pretty GTR2 from Amazfit currently on sale on Amazon at -11%. A very nice offer for a model of this quality!

🆕Amazfit GTR3 Pro: Connected watches are among the most popular high-tech products at the moment, able to follow you everywhere and give you all the information you need, they come in several ranges and brands. We discover, on the occasion of Amazon’s French Days 2022, that the Amazfit GTR3 Pro smartwatch is currently on sale at -13%!

Apple Watch Series 7: That’s a good news. The Apple Watch Series 7, of which we obviously know the technological prowess it offers, is currently on sale, certainly at the best price, at Rakuten during the French Days 2022. We take stock of the price offer proposed by the merchant during this period of spring sales!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: At Rakuten we do not stop the good deals and it continues with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 at a price, for once, completely smoked since we are on a reduction of -45%, just that!


DJI Mini 2: Small, light and practical, the DJI Mini 2 drone is currently on sale on Amazon, in its Combo formula at -12%. A great deal just before the French Days 2022 which will begin on Wednesday May 4 on the main French sites.

DJI Air 2S: DJI has established itself on the market and proven itself thanks to the quality of its products. Its Air 2S model is no exception: you will be pleasantly surprised by the extent of its capabilities. Currently on sale, just before the French Days, on Amazon, you will find the DJI Air 2S at -6%!


Nintendo Switch: We no longer present it, the Nintendo Switch, a must in your living room or in the bedroom of your dear children, the Switch offers a very varied range of games.

Computer Components

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor: Still at Rakuten, which is unleashing its horses during these French Days 2022, where we find, this time, an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor at a price well below what we are used to seeing since it is offered -31% at Rakuten. A very nice offer if you plan to change your processor in the near future!

Connected TVs

🆕Philips 55″ 4K TV: Take advantage of a great offer on a connected TV from Philips during these French Days 2022 at CDiscount. An offer not to be missed, be sure since TV is offered at such a crazy price that you will be amazed! We detail it all!

Peripheral devices

🆕Fire TV Stick: Are you looking for an alternative to the Chromecast to watch your series, films and TV programs from a second TV (in your bedroom for example, perfectly installed under your duvet), then look no further! Amazon offers its Fire TV Stick at a promotional price during the French Days 2022!

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