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“Finisterestes” goes fishing for wasted fish

At the beginning of 2022, Karim Vincent-Viry launched “Finisterestes”. Responsible for purchasing in the fruit and vegetable sector, he was tired of seeing heaps of unsold vegetables. On the strength of his success, he is now attacking the fish market!

It all started with a double and painful observation. Every time he watched television, listened to the radio or read the newspapers, he heard about all the people who do not have enough to eat.

Every time he went to a vegetable warehouse, Karim Vincent-Viry saw the huge piles of all the ugly vegetables that were going to go in the trash.

Nature does things wellhe explains, but the stores ask for straight carrots so many centimeters long, so diameter. Obviously, there are some that match, but there are also plenty that are too small, too big, too something, and all that goes in the trash.

This winter, Karim Vincent-Viry decided to make baskets. Twisted carrots, forked parsnips, thin leeks, undersized cabbage. At 5 euros for 10 kilos of vegetables, his baskets quickly found takers. He now sells 2,000 to 2,500 a day throughout Brittany thanks to a network of stores that house his crates.

I was a store manager, no one ever thanked me, told me it’s wonderful what you do. Well, I hear that every day. I receive lots of messages from our customers, who tell me that I help them eat better” confides Karim Vincent-Viry. So, obviously, he wanted to go further!

In the world of vegetables, it is one kilo out of 5 that is not consumed, there are sectors where the ratio is even worse” notes the founder of Finisterestes.

In fish, for example, we only eat the fillets or even the heart of the fillet he develops. In the fishmonger’s workshops, we take them where the fish are the widest, but all the rest of the animal leaves to make kibble for the cats!’ he gets annoyed.

“60% of the fish is not consumed by human beings, it’s crazy! The head, the bones, it does not make you dream, all that can continue to leave to feed the tomcats, but all the pieces of fillets, it’s still a shame!

Karim therefore talked about it to one of his friends, a wholesaler in Lorient. Dominique Sire was immediately tempted. “Stores ask us for calibrated fillets, they have to be such a size, such a weight. There are beautiful pieces that we didn’t do anything about, while it’s noble and fresh fish, it’s true that it was a shame .”

In his workshop, Dominique Sire makes 300 g bags with the offcuts of fish fillets. Karim Vincent-Viry sells them for 3 euros in the shops he works with.

“The first day, in Landrevarzec, 50 kilos of fish left in 6 hours, it was the same in Ploumagoar “he congratulates himself. “We started again in Brest this weekend, that’s it, everything’s sold out, that’s it, here we go!”

“Obviously, it’s much more complicated to organize than selling a basket of vegetables. concedes Karim Vincent-Viry. You need refrigerated trucks to transport the fish, refrigerated cabinets in the shops, but it’s worth it. I want people to eat fish and fishermen to earn a living. If you can do both at once, you’ve won! “

Because the market is clear. Finisterestes will only sell Breton fish and therefore probably never salmon. “We will never know in advance what we will have to sell. It will be the product of fishing!he explains, like this, fishermen and wholesalers will better value their products. 3 euros for 300g, it’s not Byzantium, but it’s still better than the price of what goes to make croquettes or fish meal.’

This will allow people who cannot afford cod to have access to it. rejoices Dominique Sire. I’m sure there are expectations!

In stores, what hits the most are the fresh products!

Karim Vincent-Viry, Finisterestes founder

Karim Vincent-Viry confirms.

‘When I launched the idea of ​​Finistérestes, diesel was not yet 2 euros, but I wanted to give back purchasing power to people. In stores, what hits the most are the fresh products!'”

“It’s fine to say that people have weight problems and become obese, it’s because they can’t afford fresh produce.”

“I don’t do politics.he says, it’s not my thing, but we have to pay attention to the planet, we’ve already screwed it up enough, we have to stop acting as if we have several of them and then we have to pay attention to the people !”

After giving people back the potato with his ugly vegetables, he wants to spin them the fish… and of course, he has no intention of stopping there!!!


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