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fatal animal feed contains arsenic! Attention.

This pet food has just been urgently recalled by the company that makes it. It would contain arsenic, a powerful poison that can be fatal.

On the site, feed for farm animals was urgently recalled. The food in question is Bio Tonique, from the HIPPO TOP brand. This is the batch with the following number: N5161DDLU12025 and has an estimated expiry date of 01/12/2025. This 500 gram jar of pet food was on sale from 07/01/2021 to 04/25/2022 throughout France. The brand itself voluntarily recalled this food, having found traces of arsenic.

An animal feed containing arsenic

What are the health risks for your farm animal? Animals may be subject to diarrhoea. Hippo Top asks its customers not to give this food to their animals and to return the product to the points of sale as soon as possible. An exchange can then be made.

The dangers of arsenic

Arsenic is well known to lovers of detective and historical novels. From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, eager murderers used this fearsome poison to kill quickly and safely. It is particularly difficult to detect because it is odorless, tasteless and nearly colorless. The risk is all the greater when the symptoms, especially in humans, resemble ordinary poisoning, according to the Swiss website Planète Santé.

For the moment, arsenic mainly threatens drinking water, explains the Swiss media. The World Health Organization (WHO) has set the limit of arsenic at 10 micrograms per liter of drinking water. This concentration is exceeded in some countries, particularly in Asia.

What foods are toxic to dogs?

Taking care of your pet means paying attention to the quality of its diet. Regardless of the breed of dog involved, it is important to know the dietary recommendations, as well as the toxic foods to avoid.

What foods are toxic to dogs?

Among the toxic foods for dogs and presenting a mortal risk, chocolate is particularly dangerous. This is due to the theobromine contained in cocoa. The body of the dog has more difficulty eliminating it than that of the man. The symptoms are vomiting, even neurological and cardiac disorders.

Other foods and ingredients should not be included in your pet’s diet:

grapes, which can cause serious kidney problems
the sweetener xylitol, which lowers sugar levels and damages the liver
salt, the excess of which causes cerebral edema.

Mention may also be made of alcohol in all its forms. In the most severe cases, this can lead to respiratory arrest.

As for the bones, they are not a toxic food for the dog. However, smaller pieces, such as those from a rabbit or chicken, should be avoided. Cooking also makes them more fragile. They can break and form splinters. After ingestion, there is a risk of perforation of the intestines and stomach.

What foods should I not give my dog?

Some toxic foods for dogs can cause illness, but are not fatal. For example, they can cause digestive disorders, poor coordination and muscle weakness.

It is therefore advisable to avoid:

raw potatoes, which can cause urinary problems
garlic and onions, which destroy red blood cells and cause anemia
macadamia nuts, which cause vomiting and abnormal fatigue.
avocado also exhibits a moderate level of toxicity

The consumption of tree leaves causes digestive disorders, similar to those observed with dairy products and lactic preparations. They can be the cause of cardiovascular diseases. The size of the fruit stone constitutes a significant risk of intestinal obstruction.

What foods are good for a dog?

Apart from toxic foods for dogs, there are also healthy foods that are good for your pet’s health.


Among the vegetables we can focus on carrots, spinach and asparagus. As for fruits, you can give him apples or watermelon.

Other recommended foods are lean meat, wheat germ and fresh, unprocessed fish, preferably cooked to avoid the risk of parasite infestation.

Taking these precautions into account, you can therefore serve him tuna or salmon for his daily rations.

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