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Environmental Spring | Department of the Côte-d’Or

In 2022, the Printemps de l’Environnement is back in Côte-d’Or, the opportunity to highlight the actions of the Department which aim to reduce our environmental footprint.

Nature awareness outings

  • through Sensitive Natural Areas
    A new sensitive natural space to discover
    Alongside associations and local authorities, the Department works to protect sites that present a collective heritage recognized for its ecological, landscape and environmental qualities, in particular through the labeling of Sensitive Natural Areas (ENS).
    Located in the town of Étalante, within a limestone plateau occupied mainly by cultivated fields, the Cirque de la Coquille was labeled 12th ENS de Côte-d’Or on November 29, 2021.

  • within the Maillys ecological reserve
    Owned by the Department since 1995, the Maillys Ecological Reserve is a place of observation, awareness and environmental education unique in Côte-d’Or, which covers 36 ha of which 28 ha are in water. An educational trail allows you to discover the fauna (birds and small fauna of the wetlands) and the characteristic flora of the Val-de-Saône. In winter and during migratory periods, the site is a refuge for water birds.

    June 11, 2022take part in a fun and educational nature escape game to (re)discover the Maillys site.
    Script : A professor on a scientific research mission to the ecological reserve has mysteriously disappeared. Your editor-in-chief sends you on the spot to carry out the investigation and to discover the circumstances of this disappearance. Can you solve the riddle to appear on the cover of the new issue?
    Registration required : 03 80 63 65 73 or
    + info on the Maillys Ecological Reserve and program of outings

  • through outings in the middle of nature to escape in the middle of nature
    The Department is committed to raising awareness, educating and training the general public on biodiversity in Côte-d’Or. For this, walks to observe the fauna and flora in a fun way are offered and led by awareness specialists.
    + info and program of outings

Documents to download

  • through educational outings for schoolchildren
    The Department finances and offers schoolchildren, in partnership with experienced associations, educational and nature awareness projects throughout the Côte-d’Or.
    + info

Awareness-raising actions on zero waste through:

  • zero waste workshops
    Each month, the Departmental Council of the Côte-d’Or organizes zero waste workshops open to all, upon registration. Lasting 2 hours, they are accessible from 8 years old and take place in three stages:
    • a time of knowledge of the subject,
    • workshops (DIY, experience, cooking…),
    • then a moment of exchange between participants.
  • More info and on the Les Gestes d’Or website
  • a zero waste village
    On June 18, 2022, come and participate in the “zero waste” village organized in the Jardins du Département from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can come and have your broken down bike or household appliance diagnosed. And participate in workshops to learn how to make your lactofermented preserves and your washable sanitary napkins. Bike-smoothie entertainment and a giant goose game will also be on the program. The day will end with a cultural note.

Pedagogical actions and practices of sustainable development in colleges

As part of the Génération(s) Écollège21 system initiated by the Departmental Council, in partnership with the Dijon Academy, 16 ecological challenges are proposed each year to establishments, in various fields (water, waste, food, biodiversity). Each project undertaken is rewarded with Écollèges 21 prizes ranging from €1,000 to €2,000.
+ info

A departmental water strategy

A Departmental Tree and Forest Plan 2021-2027

Local authorities in Côte-d’Or with a tree planting project on at least one hectare can apply for financial support from the Department to benefit from this support.

  • The National Forest Park, a showcase for the Haute Côte-d’Or
    The National Forest Park and the Departmental Council of the Côte-d’Or collaborate closely on the management of the remarkable sites of the territory and on the labeling of several of them as Sensitive Natural Areas (ENS).
    + info
  • The Côte-d’Or Sylvotrophy
    As part of its actions in favor of biodiversity and the preservation of the quality of natural resources, the Department is embarking on the co-organization of the Côte-d’Or Sylvotrophée prize alongside the Pays Seine-et-Tilles.
    This is a territorialized prize which aims to distinguish public and private forest owners who have adopted a so-called multifunctional management of their forest, that is to say a management allowing both the production of quality wood and to maintain a certain degree of biodiversity.

A Territorial Climate Energy Plan

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