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Elisabeth Borne will put us in misery… because she has already done it

It was the least exciting media soap opera of the spring, supplanted by HPI on TF1 and the rerun of Star Wars on TMC: who will become Macron’s prime minister? All the editorial staff of the mainstream press were on the job, complacently relaying the slightest trial balloon from Macron, as if this question was important. Hey journalists, we live in the Fifth Republic of Macron, the name of the prime minister does not matter since the toxic manager who serves as our president keeps control of everything, with the blessing of his relatives who consider him a living god (“ Jupiter”, remember)! Just see how only the press seems to notice the departure of Jean Castex, you know the pretentious prefect who yelled at us throughout the pandemic. “A quasi-saint of politics” Le Monde is carried away, however, with tears in its eyes. It must be said that this boring senior civil servant knew how to play with his singsong accent to give himself a different genre from what he really is (a neoliberal senior civil servant of his time), which only fooled the journalists Parisians for whom “southern accent = nice prolo”.

Note the efforts made by our mainstream media to make our oligarchic life – sorry, “democratic” – more interesting and surprising than it really is.

The suspense is therefore over, and … drum roll: the press has announced the appointment of Elizabeth Borne. Note the efforts made by our mainstream media to make our oligarchic life – sorry, “democratic” – more interesting and surprising than it really is. Thus, the choice of Borne would be hyper disruptive because it would be “left”. Le Figaro tells us: Borne would be “a techno reformer from the left”. Ah good, because the PS of Holland is the left? We no longer really know what “left” means, but on the other hand “authoritarian technocrat having always favored the interests of the bourgeoisie” here, on the other hand, we see better.

Because Elizabeth Borne has a record, and not light. Coming from the Ecole Polytechnique, a veritable nursery for the children of the bourgeoisie who will become prefects, senior civil servants, managers of private or public companies and who learn to consider that it is better to decide for others because they are too stupid to be an opinion, Elizabeth Borne has never walked the same ground as us. Like Jean Castex, this guy so authentic with his accent, she prefers the plane to the train.

Like Macron and many senior macronie officials, Borne knew how to go from public to private when the wind took him there. And it was the taxpayer and the motorists who paid the price: indeed, the journalist Benoît Collombat showed, in a Radio France investigation, that Elizabeth Borne is largely co-responsible for a renegotiation very unfavorable to the State within the framework of the renewal of motorway concessions (privatized in the 2000s). It was in 2014 and Borne was then chief of staff to the Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal. It is in this capacity that it conducted these negotiations, which proved to be largely favorable to private companies. Collombat tells us in passing that Borne was director of motorway concessions for the company Eiffage from 2007 to 2008… How can we be surprised, then, that she so quickly dismissed the renationalisation of motorways from the equation, despite the fact that it was demanded by deputies of the socialist majority at the time?

Like Macron and many senior macronie officials, Borne knew how to go from public to private when the wind took him there. And it is the taxpayer and motorists who have paid the price

This attractive maneuver favorable to the private sector was carried out jointly with Alexis Kolher, a senior civil servant then chief of staff to the Minister of the Economy, a certain Emmanuel Macron. Kolher is concerned by the same type of affair, relating to the way in which the State negotiated with the cruise company MSC, within the framework of the Saint-Nazaire shipyards, while Kolher had strong ties of interest with MSC .

Kolher, Macron and Borne became, as we know, central figures in the following political sequence, that of Macron’s rise and his violent reign in the service of the bourgeoisie. He was during all this time well served by Kolher, who became secretary general of the Elysée, and by Borne, minister of transport, for ecology, then for work.

Borne’s record is well known: Minister of Transport, she stood up to the strike of railway workers against the railway reform, which put an end to the status of railway workers and ratified the opening up to competition planned by Brussels. Borne supported absurd reasoning such as “competition = improvement in the quality of service” and was so keen to improve SNCF’s competitiveness that it refused to ban domestic flights in favor of rail links. Recently, at the time of the consulting firms scandal (still technically ongoing), we learned that his ministry had entirely outsourced the impact study of the 2018 mobility orientation law to a private firm: in other words , the document justifying, with the Parliament, the interest of the law, was written by a private box. No problem for Borne, definitely the kind of compatible McKinsey senior official.

Minister of Ecology, she shone by her zeal to reject one of the rare progressive proposals in Macron’s program: the ban on the use of glyphosate in agriculture, postponed to finally … wait for a European decision. Will our new Prime Minister keep this promise (which was not included in the program of the candidate president)? A suspense that the mainstream press will be able to maintain, not us, given the porosity of the links between our new Prime Minister and large companies in all sectors.

As Minister of Labor from 2020 until her appointment as head of government, she distinguished herself by her unfailing support for the application of an unemployment insurance reform, the main lines of which had been designed by his predecessor, Muriel Pénicaud, and voted in Parliament in 2018. This reform, which we talked about a lot in Frustration, considerably reduced the rights of the unemployed and their income, in particular those of those who alternate short contract and employment. As a good “techno” macronist, Borne knew how to defend this unjust reform with the bad faith and the aplomb which one must believe that they are taught in a seminar dedicated to Polytechnique (“Take the French for idiots, theory and practice” ): “The objective of the unemployment insurance reform is to fight against job insecurity by reducing the excessive use of short contracts. They have exploded by 250% in 15 years in France” thus supported the minister in June 2021. Coming from a member of the government who created the 2017 work orders which contained – among other things – the possibility for employers to use and abuse fixed-term contracts, this is quite inflated.

This is how you recognize a good bourgeois “techno”: someone who is able, without batting an eyelid, to pass off a political choice as technical.

Like any good macronist, Borne has constantly denied the political dimension of this reform (depriving the unemployed of their rights and reducing social protection) in favor of technical explanations (reducing unemployment, “sustaining” the finances of unemployment insurance etc). This is how you recognize a good bourgeois “techno”: someone who is able, without batting an eyelid, to pass off a political choice as technical. Someone who moves swiftly from large private enterprise to public service and who constantly has the interests of shareholders and employers in mind but behaves as if it were the common good that obsessed him. Bad faith or self-deception?

We will not dig further into the psyche of Madame Borne, it would be doing a lot of honor to someone who has not the slightest concern to continue the administrative and moral harassment of millions of applicants for job.

Now Prime Minister, second woman in this position, Elizabeth Borne had a few words for the “little girls” who had to “pursue their dream”. The dream of not being unemployed? That of breathing healthy air and still knowing birds that have not been decimated by intensive agriculture?

One thing is certain, the choice of Borne tells us a lot about the desire of the president and the social clan he serves to continue the social blitzkrieg he has been leading for 5 years. Facing Borne, it is up to us to set the limits now.

Nicolas Framont

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