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Dogs and cats to adopt this week with the SPA de l’Eure

Every week, discover four residents of the shelter of the Ebroïcienne association for the protection of animals. They introduce themselves in an attempt to find a new family.


“Hello, I’m Célio, or mouth of hell as my volunteers call me. I am 3 and a half years old. As you can see, I have a malformed jaw, an impressive head and a fairly powerful build. But I don’t have the character at all in line with my body. In life, I have the temperament of a puppy. Behind my bars, I play the boss, the big doggie with his big voice who would like to impress people I don’t know, but when my volunteers come to get me, I transform and become the happiest loulou. They even say that I am very pleasant to go out because I do not pull on a leash and I am good as a picture when I meet one of my friends.

When I go to the park, in freedom, I live again. I run and take full advantage of this moment. Feeling the fresh air invigorates me and gives me an intense desire to crunch life. I like to play with humans and jump on them. Even though they told me I didn’t have the right, I still try to negotiate.

You will have to continue to teach me how to manage my emotions because I am sometimes a little crazy, and you have to channel all this energy. But I remain an adorable and endearing dog. »


“My name is Olie, a loving 10-year-old granny who needs time to trust and reveal herself. When I arrived, it was not a party. I was suspicious of everyone. Little by little, I understood that no one wanted me badly, even if I still have mistrust in my eyes. I party to people I know when they walk into my cubicle. Seen from the outside, I don’t look kind, but how would you be if strange people were staring at you while you’re locked up?

At the park, I do my rounds, I look for hugs and I’m not a runaway. On walks, I don’t shoot and am very friendly. When they call me, I find it hard to come because I like to do my little visit quietly. But I come anyway, a hug is never refused!

However, you should know that my former masters said that I was a great bodyguard. So I may need a few education lessons to teach me to trust my family and not seek to defend the territory or my beloved master. »


“I introduce myself, my name is Shadow! But make no mistake, I am anything but a shadow in your lives! I haven’t even celebrated my first birthday yet that I’m already a resident of the shelter… Very sad as a first year you will tell me. I was brought to the SPAE for negligence by my former owners, which makes me a little suspicious of humans. But I’m not mean at all. I just ask that we get to know each other a little before giving myself up, that’s all!

The people who pamper me have already figured me out: I’m a clever little girl who spends her days wanting to charm her audience! What better way to get the chance to get out of this cage and spend a life with loving people? I am soft and calm so I can easily adapt to a family. »


“My name is Flocon. I am a twink who plays a little on ambivalence to analyze my world. I use my cat talk to attract attention but at the same time, I’m so afraid of humans that I’m also able to snub you at the last moment. The sign of a great lack of confidence but of a search for affection. After a little time and without the context of the refuge, the interaction will be ideal.

My volunteers say that I am not of an aggressive nature and that only time will give me confidence in life. But for that, I have to be able to leave quickly because at the shelter, it’s always difficult to evolve in the context of confinement and with different people every day. What I need is stability.

With a little patience, anything is possible. And I deserve like everyone here to be part of an elite team! So if you are patient and loving, we can certainly form the most beautiful life partnership because the only thing I want is to love and be loved! »

Two hundred dogs and cats are waiting for a dedicated master at the Évreux Animal Protection Society. They can be adopted in return for a sum covering veterinary costs. Dog chipped, vaccinated and neutered: €190; chipped, vaccinated and sterilized female dog: €260; neutered, vaccinated and chipped cat: €110; sterilized, vaccinated and chipped cat: €160. Arrangements are possible in the event of the adoption of older dogs and cats. Bring ID and recent proof of address.

Refuge de la Censurière: 17, rue de Huest, in Évreux. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tel. 02 32 39 07 17.


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