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Dog: the best shoes against the rain

Far from being a futile accessory, dog boots and shoes preserve the health of the most fragile animals. If many animals can, indeed, frolic in the rain without any risk, some others, on the other hand, need to be pampered a little more. This is the case, for example, of aging dogs who have some grip problems on wet floors or dogs who suffer from lesions in the pads. To keep your pet’s paws dry, waterproof shoes are the most effective solution. Designed in waterproof and breathable materials, these little rain boots will give your dog the possibility of frolicking in the rain without getting wet!

In direct contact with the ground, dogs can very easily hurt themselves. If you’re used to hiking or playing sports with your dog, you need to make sure he’s properly equipped to face the elements. After all, you won’t run without a good pair of sneakers, will you? For your dog, it may be wise to provide some specific equipment such as a collar, a good leash or waterproof shoes! Many commercially available models additionally have reflective elements that ensure your dog’s safety when night falls. Finally, think about the practical aspect of this type of accessory: you will no longer have paw prints all over the house when the rain falls outside!

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Why buy dog ​​shoes?

Quite simply to take care of your companion! Often mocked, dog shoes are nevertheless of real use for your four-legged animal. First, because they provide undeniable comfort when walking. And then, because they protect against possible injuries that could be done by walking on wet, snowy or even steep ground. Dog pads are particularly sensitive to temperature. Walking on sand in the middle of summer or on hot asphalt can cause serious injuries. Snow is also terrible for your pet’s paws.

It may also be necessary to equip it with shoes if it is aging and has some difficulty in maintaining its stability. A fairly common pathology in older dogs, osteoarthritis can cause some motor difficulties. You can help your animal by equipping it with shoes whose soles will promote its adherence to the ground and its stability. An excellent way to avoid falls or slips…

Finally, humidity is not for all dogs. Rainy conditions are sometimes contraindicated, especially in animals with recent leg injuries. The healing process only takes place properly in a dry environment. Waterproof shoes are, in this case, strongly recommended by veterinarians to avoid infections!

How to choose the right shoes for dogs?

For your dog to agree to wear shoes during his outings, especially in the rain, you must choose a model adapted to the morphology of his paws as well as his needs. Here are the criteria to pay particular attention to:

  • The type of shoes: breathable, fleece, non-slip, waterproof, technical… There are different types of shoes for dogs. You must determine the needs of your animal before defining the characteristics to prioritize.
  • The type of closure: if there are different systems for attaching dog shoes, Velcro remains the solution most often acclaimed by owners. Both practical and simple to implement, the scratch system can however have some weaknesses in the most active dogs. Laces are therefore recommended to guarantee ankle support in all circumstances.
  • Manufacturing materials: rubber, neoprene, polyester, fabric, nylon… The type of materials will determine the use of the shoe. For a waterproof model, orient yourself more towards rubber or neoprene models. For more lightness, nylon shoes are ideal for occasional use.
  • The price: on average, you have to count on a price of between 10 and 30 euros for four waterproof shoes. Please note that some models are sold individually! But the budget can fly away if you opt for a top-of-the-range model designed by a reference brand from high-tech materials.

How to take the size of your dog’s paws?

An effective shoe is a shoe adapted to your dog’s paw! To avoid annoying odds, here’s how to get the right size for your pet’s future shoes:

  • take a white sheet of paper and place your dog’s front paw on it;
  • draw the outlines using a pencil;
  • measure the width and width of the paw;
  • repeat the operation for the hind leg which is generally smaller than the front leg;
  • use the size guide corresponding to the coveted shoe model and compare it with the results you have obtained.

Tip: in case of doubt, it is advisable to choose the larger size.

How to get your dog used to wearing shoes?

Although most models have been designed to ensure the comfort of the dog, a period of adaptation is generally necessary before the animal gets used to wearing the accessory and accepting it. To avoid rejection, you must gradually offer this new equipment to your animal. Begin acclimatization by putting on one or two shoes at a time. Also try to distract your dog by playing with him or taking him out so that he doesn’t focus on his paws… In short, don’t leave him alone on his pillow! Repeat the experience in this way for a few days and you will see that your companion will quickly adopt his new shoes!

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