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do I have to take out mutual insurance for animals?

Do you have a dog and are you wondering whether to take out insurance or mutual insurance for your pet? Here is some specific information that will help you.

The health problems spare no living being on earth, including dogs and cats. When they occur in these animals, they must be taken care of quickly before the situation worsens. However, in some cases, these problems persist and become much more serious. Solving them can therefore require a lot more resources. When you have a dog or a cat at home, it is therefore quite normal to wondering if pet insurance is necessary. If you are still unsure about its usefulness, this article is welcome to better enlighten you.

Is it compulsory to insure your dog?

Mutual funds for dogs, also called dog health insurance, are contracts that support the care of these animals. They are not to be confused with civil liability insurance which offers coverage for any damage caused by your companion. Insurance coverage is purely medical here and aims to take care of the dog in case of illness.

It is not mandatory to take out health insurance or mutual insurance for your dog!

Unlike civil liability which may be mandatory for certain breeds of canines, Mutual insurance for dogs is optional. Nevertheless, the law obliges the owners of these animals to provide them with care through article R. 215-4 of the Rural Code. The latter provides for a punishment in the form of a fine for contraventions. This concerns anyone who breeds, keeps or keeps domestic animals or tamed or captive wild animals. In reality, they must not be left unattended in the event of illness or injury.

That said, if you are not required to purchase insurance for your dog. Nevertheless, you must guarantee care for the latter if he is injured or ill. However, veterinary costs can be high. The ideal is therefore to opt for a complementary dog ​​health mutual to ensure the well-being of your companion and better manage your daily budget.

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How does dog insurance work?

Mutual insurance for dogs works pretty much such as health insurance offered to men. The companies ask the owners of these animals to pay monthly or annual dues. Of the specific guarantees will be made available to them for partial or total reimbursement of health costs.

By regularly paying the contributions, you have the possibility of taking your dog or cat to a insurance-accredited veterinarian. The insurer will pay health costs in accordance with the levels defined in the contract. He asks the owners of the animals to pay for the care themselves and to send invoices within 15 days. These are checked to proceed with the reimbursement of expenses. You must therefore keep the invoices issued by the veterinarian.

dog at the vet

What are the guarantees offered by such insurance?

To ensure optimal cover for your dog, mutual insurance companies offer numerous guarantees. Here are the most common:

  • The accident guarantee which reimburses visits, care and treatment when the dog suffers an accident.
  • The health insurance which also reimburses visits, care and treatment when the dog is sick.
  • The hospitalization guarantee to ensure the reimbursement of hospitalization costs and surgical procedures.
  • The assistance guarantee who provides advice to the owner for his various concerns.
  • The funeral guarantee for the reimbursement of the costs relating to the dog’s funeral.

These safeguards are nested within various formulas. It is mainly about the basic or entry-level offer which only covers care relating to accidents. The one in the middle of the range covers illnesses in addition to accidents. Insurers finally offer the premium formula which offers optimal coverage for the animal. It covers illnesses, accidents, but also preventive acts such as vaccination, sterilization, deworming, dietary food, specific lotions, etc. The funeral guarantee is also included in this formula.

It should be noted that each offer is associated with a annual reimbursement limit. During the course of a year, if the expenses incurred by the teacher exceed this ceiling, he will have to cover the excess. However, some contracts offer high levels of coverage and can allow the dog to benefit from better health care. Insurance contracts may contain exclusions of guarantees, deductibles or setting waiting periods for the reimbursement of expenses. You must therefore inform yourself well before taking out an insurance contract.

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Why buy dog ​​insurance?

Most of hesitant pet owners yet to subscribe to mutual insurance for their companion. This is a pity, because insurers offer several interesting formulas that offer multitude of advantages

take out mutual dog insurance

Manage your budget optimally on a daily basis

Budget management is a daily concern in every household. Raising an animal to which you have a duty of care can also generate additional expenses. Having to take care of the animal in the event of illness or accident requires a cash flow which can be high in very serious situations. Mutual insurance for dogs makes it possible to deal with the unexpected by reimbursing the various treatments undergone by the animal. However, you must take care to choose the best formula.

Guarantee adequate care for the animal in the event of illness or accident

The cost of caring for an animal can quickly become a barrier for households. In reality, the dog can undergo a consultation, a blood test, hospitalization, interventions, medical imaging examinations, various treatments, etc. Those are unforeseen events you need to be prepared for when you have a pet at home. Saving money can’t always solve the problem. By taking out dog insurance, you can always benefit from the necessary cash to preserve the animal’s health without breaking the bank.

Benefit from support for preventive actions

Like any living being on earth, the dog is subject to disease risks. However, these can be minimized through preventive care. Dog insurance includes a prevention package intended to prevent the risk of disease. This guarantee allows the owner to benefit each year from a given amount which totally or partially covers paramedical care. This amount can be used for vaccination, the purchase of skin and hair care products, a muzzle, dewormers, etc.

Take advantage of additional services related to contract insurance

Dog insurance contracts also offer additional services owners of these pets. They offer a 24/7 phone support. These provide you with the advice you need to meet your various concerns. You can also benefit from a client area to follow your contracts, your account, etc.

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Dog insurance / mutual insurance FAQ

When to take out insurance for your dog?

There is no specific age for taking out pet insurance. It is nevertheless advisable to do this as soon as possible to ensure better care for the animal from an early age.

How to choose the right dog insurance company?

Many factors must be considered when choosing an insurance company. These are above all the parameters defined within his insurance contract. However, you can use online comparators to find the best deals.

How much does dog insurance cost?

The cost of dog insurance depends mainly on the formula chosen by the owner of the dog. It varies from a few euros to hundreds of euros per month.

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