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Cultural Policy News – Laurent Wauquiez, an increasingly illegible cultural policyCultural Policy – Laurent Wauquiez, an increasingly illegible cultural policy

Cultural Policy / Renaissance and Vénissieux Theatre, Bizarre!, Institute of Contemporary Art and Komplex Kapharnaum: new cultural structures are targeted by the reductions in subsidies from the Region. If the Lyon metropolitan area is particularly targeted, the complete picture does not make it possible to understand what is the policy desired by Laurent Wauquiez. Except that contemporary art, performing arts and art schools are in his sights.

This time, the list is complete, a priori. And it does not stop at the names already revealed in the various media such as Grandstand of Lyon and Lyon Capital the last days. Others appear, as was feared. The Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes regionunder the leadership of its Chairman Laurent Wauquiez, decided to cut schement in the budgets of several institutions. The right-wing executive explained to the progress these cuts by the desire to no longer allocate rents but to subsidize the project from now on, each year. Which obviously makes any projection into the future difficult, any certainty for actors in the world of culture, jeopardizes any solid construction of a project and programming on the hard way. One could almost suspect Laurent Wauquiez of wanting to make a whole sector that is hardly favorable to him more docile, by forcing him to come back every year to go to the counter…

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Among the lessons of this list of subsidies which will be voted on this Friday, May 20 by the regional executive in the culture committee, there is no real line of action. We note that contemporary art is particularly targeted. Schools and training in higher artistic education (a competence entrusted to the Regions by Act II of decentralization in 2004) too: they lose a total of 445,000. So Cinfactory Lyon (minus 100,000), and art schools which lost 34,000 Annecy and 180,000 Saint-tienne.

The Renaissance Festivals of the King of the Bird, in Le Puy-en-Velay in September, will keep their entire subsidy of 60,000 . But not everyone is so well off, even in Le Puy-en-Velay, the president’s stronghold: thus the festival Interfolk will lose 1800 (from 12,000 10,200 ). the Nights of Saint-Jacques festival in the same city goes from 50,000 to 42,500, losing 7500 . There is therefore no fear of favoritism in favor of right-wing towns, since this is run by a UDI, Michel Chapuis. And that, conversely, in Lyon, some players do indeed keep all of their subsidy. So of the concert producer Mediatone, which retains its 20,000 . Same for the turner AFX, which remains 15,000 . The fact remains that Villeurbanne (PS) and Grenoble (EELV) are two cities particularly targeted by the cuts. Like Lyon (EELV). The Lyon metropolitan area alone concentrates nearly 50% of the declines.

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Contemporary art in the viewfinder

But even Villeurbanne, everything is not so obvious: thus the Full Pixel, which had so far no subsidy, is given a dowry of 20,000 . The Ateliers Frappaz keep their subsidy of 80,000. The Blffique Thtre, Petit Travers and Premier Acte companies are not affected either. But most of the institutions of the French Capital of Culture 2022 are mistreated: thus theURDLA, which loses 30,000 (from 120,000 to 90,000 ). Of the’Institute of Contemporary Art, which hosts one of the two FRACs in the region, which loses 50,000 of its operating subsidy (from 450,000 to 400,000 ) and 100% of its investment subsidy of 150,000 . the Center for Traditional Music in Rhône-Alpes loses 10,000 (from 85,000 to 75,000). The theater company Ariadne loses 5,000 (from 55,000 to 50,000). the People’s National Theater does lose 150,000, going from 500,000 to 350,000. Ct dance, the Maguy Marin company lose 10,000. AADN (digital arts) lost 3640 .

In the Lyon metropolitan area, The Machinery Vnissieux, which manages the city’s theater and the current music room stamped rap Weird! loses 50,000 from 130,000 to 80,000. Oullins, the Renaissance Theater loses 40,000 (from 130,000 to 90,000). rock radio Ground FM she keeps her grant of 25,000. the Theater of Givors loses 5000 (from 46,000 to 41,000).

Clermond-Ferrand, apart from the second FRAC in the region (which loses 60,000 in investment, but nevertheless retains its 240,000 in operation), is almost spared by the cuts.

Rear machine for the Tony Garnier Urban Museum?

Rare are the structures that all the subsidy is withdrawn. This is the case of the Villa Gillet and the Tony Garnier Lyon Urban Museum, but also of Musicians of the Louvre Grenoble where 100,000 disappear. The orchestra founded by Marc Minkowski in 1982 had already suffered the first fault of dric Piolle, the EELV mayor of the city, during his first term, which had removed the 438,000 annual allocated from 2014. The name of Grenoble had then disappeared from its name. . This orchestra is largely self-produced. It should be noted that the mayor LR of 2and district of Lyon, Pierre Oliver, announced this Thursday, May 19 in city council that after discussion with Laurent Wauquiez, the Tony Garnier Urban Museum would finally keep its subsidy of 35,000.

To find out more about the reductions in Grenoble, where La Belle electrique and the MC2 are impacted, read the article that The Little Bulletin of Grenoble devotes to the subject, here.

The Little Bulletin de Saint-tienne did the same for the Loire. o the Cit du Design loses 180,000 in the middle of the Biennale.

Lyon, in addition to the cuts already revealed in recent days, we note that the company Adrien M & Claire B loses 5,000 (from 40,000 to 35,000), the company Propos loses 20,000 or 50% of its support. Turak Theater loses 15,000. The Three-Eight 25,000. Nuits sonores lost 15,000 and Woodstower 6,000. The Unexpected 2250 festival. Lyon BD Festival 2250 (from 15,000 12,750). The Cinmas du Sud festival loses 1500 . MAPRAA loses 54,000, again 50% of its support. The House of Dance 180,000 . The Caravan of Cinemas of Africa Sainte-Foy-les-Lyon loses 1200. Komplex Kapharnaum (street theatre) loses 10,000 from 60,000 to 50,000.

No redistribution in peripheral territories

It should be noted that we do not really perceive any redistribution of wealth in territories far from urban metropolises, contrary to what the Vice-President for Culture, Sophie Rotkopf, had declared to our colleagues at progress. Thus, the Arts and Music Association of Ambronay, which manages the famous festival, saw its subsidy drop by 33,000 (from 310,000 to 277,000). The Theater of Bourg-en-Bresse, which has just been labeled National Stage by the State, lost 14,000 (from 130,000 to 116,000). H2M, the contemporary art space of Bourg-en-Bresse loses 100% of subsidy, or 8000. The Parfum de Jazz Buis-les-Baronnies festival loses 1350 . Smaphore in Puy-de-Dme loses 5000 . Chambry, several structures are also severely impacted. Even the Cosmojazz Chamonix festival loses 3000 . Crest Jazz Festival loses 4500. The Cordes en Ballade festival, in Teil en Ardche, loses 2250.

Chambon-sur-Lignon not spared

Readings under the treeevent dedicated to French and international literature and poetry, led by Cheyne editions in Chambon-sur-Lignon, land of the “Righteous”, whose mother Laurent Wauquiez, Liane Wauqiez-Motte was mayor from 2008 to 2020 is one of the others festivals which sees all of its subsidies from the Region disappear: minus 9000 .

Notably, the festival Spring of Prrouges sees his grant increase by 27,000, from 18,000 to 45,000. Jazz Vienne is not impacted and retains its 150,000, a subsidy which had been increased when Laurent Wauquiez arrived at the helm of the Region. But they are indeed the only ones because, in terms of festivals, many are affected: 1,189,000 in total are eliminated from these unifying events. Grenoble, Dtours de Babel loses 60,000, the Berlioz Festival 22,500.

L’ARLD (Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes Book and Reading Agency Association) is not impacted and retains 444,000 in subsidy. Always next to the books, the association At My Librarian which brings together 170 bookstores in the region has gone from 0 to 80,000 . While the Villa Gillet and several fairs or festivals have a decreasing subsidy. It is difficult to understand anything about the policy around the book wanted by the Region.

Festivals and live shows the so-called

If the visual arts lost a total of 364,000, it is above all the performing arts sector that was the hardest hit, posting a deadweight loss of 1,309,000 throughout the Region, no territory was spared.

All of these subsidy cuts will greatly weaken an already sick cultural sector, the performance halls have not regained their pre-Covid attendance (we are talking about a drop of minus 30%). In addition, the domino effect is feared: service providers, communicators, media will be mechanically affected by backlash. There are also many jobs that are endangered, not just those of artists, but of technicians and administrative staff.

This Thursday, May 19, the cabinet of Laurent Wauquiez, contact by Le Petit Bulletin Grenoblereplied that the cultural institutions of the major cities today mobilize a significant share of the regional budget. It is not a question of making a value judgment on the actions that are being carried out today, but of moving from a financing of income, without any leeway, to a financing of projects. There are no annuities. There are projects. This is the reason why it will be proposed a device based on regional outreach project calls. The rebalancing will operate according to the actions that will actually be offered in the territories.

And to point out that the Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes region has the greatest esteem for players in the cultural world. She has always been by their side, especially during the difficult times we have just been through. Once again, it is not a question of degrading the quality of our institutions but of evolving, collectively, on a mode of intervention which takes greater account of the regional dimension and which makes it possible to irrigate the whole of the territory.

Of all the 313 cultural structures examined this Friday, while in 2021, the voted subsidies represented an amount of 21,379,698, in 2022 for these same structures the amount is 17,594,665. That is a drop of 17.7%. Where will these 3.5 M be used? Mystery.

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