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Contaminated by the Covid despite the vaccine, they testify

TESTIMONY. If vaccination against the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus is very effective in limiting serious forms and the risk of hospitalization, it does not prevent contamination. Even vaccinated, it is possible to fall ill with Covid-19 and have typical symptoms (loss of smell…). Three women testify.

If the anti-Covid vaccination is very effective in limiting serious forms and the risk of hospitalization, it does not prevent contamination. Even vaccinated, it is possible to fall ill with Covid-19, and not only asymptomatically. However, a positive test in this context always arouses astonishment and a feeling of injustice. Three women testify.

For Manon, 27, getting vaccinated as soon as possible was essential to put an end to the pandemic, but also to protect herself and her future child because she had a desire for pregnancy. “I received my two doses of the Pfizer vaccine before getting pregnant, the second in mid-July. It reassured me, I didn’t want to take the risk of contracting Covid during my pregnancy and endangering my baby”, tells us this Parisian, school teacher. However, at the beginning of her 4th month of pregnancy, the young woman began to suffer fromsevere headache, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, then 3 days later, a sudden loss of taste and smell. “I didn’t realize it was Covid at all and I didn’t think about it at first since I was vaccinated. I was sick for 3 days, convinced of having sinusitis, until the loss of taste and smell on returning from school one evening. This symptom put me in the ear, and I had a rise in anxiety. I went to the emergency pharmacy to do an antigen test which came back positive after 15 minutes”, reports Manon. Misunderstanding took hold of her. “It was most likely at school that I caught the Covid, because several students in my class were sick but were not tested. I have always respected barrier gestures, I wear my mask at all times, I put on hydroalcoholic gel fifteen times a day… So, I admit that I was a little distraught when I heard the news…“.

“We must not lower our vigilance, it can really happen to all of us”

Because even if she knew that it was possible to be contaminated despite the vaccine, she did not think that she would be symptomatic. Fortunately, her gynecologist quickly reassured her. After seven days of strict isolation, stress and a lot of fatigue, she regains her strength. “What I learned from this ordeal is that despite all the measures taken, you must not lower your vigilance, it can really happen to all of us! So take care of yourself, and don’t underestimate the first symptoms”, she concludes.

Isabelle, 51-year-old administrative assistant, also knew that being infected with covid despite the vaccine was possible. “But, I naively thought that it only happened to others, to those who do not take special precautions to protect themselves. she admits. Because she scrupulously respects barrier gestures, wearing her mask as soon as she enters an enclosed space and drastically limits her social relationships. “What is all the more incomprehensible is that I work from home. So I really don’t know where I could have caught the covid!”, she wonders. And this, especially sinceshe received her two doses of vaccineand that she has made an appointment for the third which is scheduled for the end of January 2022. It is by the loss of smell, one of the characteristic symptoms of the coronavirus, which Isabelle understood that she was suffering from. For her, it was immediately obvious. A positive test confirmed his doubts. She then isolated herself with her husband and son. Fortunately, she was relatively spared in terms of symptoms. “I had a cold and a slight headache, but no temperature. Just the loss of taste and smell. Other than that, I felt fine.” What does she take away from this experience? The importance of continuing vaccination. “Even if it does not prevent contamination, it reduces it, and it is the only way out of this pandemic”she hammers.

As a health professional, Louise, a 25-year-old nurse working in Lyon, was able to get vaccinated almost as soon as the vaccination campaign was launched. on December 27, 2020. She received her two doses, the last being on February 27, 2021. Now, almost ten months later, she has contracted covid. “I knew it was possible to catch it despite the vaccine, but as a nurse, I really take all the measures to protect myself well so in a way, even if I am in contact with the sick, I thought myself sheltered.” Those are flu-like symptoms (body aches, fever, headache, cold), which led her to do an antigen test and then a PCR test which both came back positive. She then isolated herself for 10 days, waiting for it to pass. “This is why it is essential to continue to respect barrier gestures and to be tested at the slightest symptom, even if you have a complete vaccination schedule”, recalls the young woman.

Thanks to Manon, Isabelle and Louise for their testimonies. Interviewed in November 2021.

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