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Comic strip: Sérignan Festival, beware, the Vikings are coming!

There was a time when the appearance of longships off the coast aroused irrepressible terror… But today, it is above all a shiver of pleasure that invades comic book lovers when it comes to Vikings. It is that the terrible men of the north have long since conquered the imagination of generations nourished by the irresistible Normans of Asterix, the Thor of avengersthe Northlanders of Brian Woods or the Vinland Saga from Makoto Yukimura’s manga… Without forgetting of course the most famous of all, Thorgal! And it is he who arrives this year in Sérignan, in the Hérault…

Mythical comic book character realistic, Thorgal is a series that skilfully mixes heroic-fantasy and science fiction, with a background of Scandinavian mythology.

Thorgal, this viking “not like the others…”

Created in 1977 in the tintin newspaper by John Van Hamme to the script and Grzegorz Rosinski in the drawing, this intergenerational character is an atypical viking: while he is an outstanding warrior, he is coupled with a humanism that makes him flee violence men.

To know everything about Thorgal :

Fred Vignaux has taken up the torch of this series with superb, he is currently preparing his 4th opus which will be the 40th volume in the series. It was he who designed the poster for this 27th edition showing Thorgal at the bow of a longship, facing a sea as rough as his many adventures, with the beach of the mayor with its handles. Thorgal takes a pensive look at this Sérignan coast, promise of better days under the brush of a Vignaux at the top of his game!

The 4th volume signed Fred Vignaux will be the n°40 of the original series

Originally from Toulouse, Fred Vignaux has always had a pencil in his hand. It was during a life-size role-playing game that he met Eric Pailharey and offers him to illustrate his scenarios. Thus is born, The Shadow of the Ancients to editions Black Pointin 2002. Then he signed the project Time-Twins with Jean-Christophe Derrien at Lombard. He also directed the 2 volumes of the series Call of the Legends at Drugstore and Foucault’s Pendulum with Didier Convard and Eric Adam.

Fred Vignaux. Photo DR

In 2014, he inaugurated the collection They made history from Glénat by signing the drawings of Vercingetorix. With Didier Convard and Eric Adam, he works on Snow origin.

At Glenathe was offered to participate in a very ambitious new project called The wisdom of myths. Under the direction of the philosopher former minister Luc Ferry, and on screenplays by Clotilde Bruneau. Fred’s covers allow the collection to benefit from a visual unity, and above all from magnificent illustrations, which largely contribute to its success.

In parallel in 2017, he joined the team The Worlds of Thorgal, with the 7th opus of the
series Kriss of Valnor. Xavier Dorison is struck by the atmosphere and the visual force of his style. Grzegorz Rosinskithe creator of the series Thorgal willing to pass the torch does not delay entrusting him with the original series in November 2019. He is currently working on the fortieth volume of the series, the fourth in his hand.


Two French designers at the helm of Grendizer

The presence of this author in Sérignan is naturally an event. But he will not be the only one to hold the pencil during this weekend of June 4 and 5.

Two French designers to animate the eternal Japanese robot! For this edition, Brice Cossu and Alexis Sentenac – the two French designers who have just taken over the design of Grendizer to the Kana editions – will be present at signings and they will also produce (from theFriday, June 3, from 6:30 p.m.

) a graphic performance on a bench, around the theme of Grendizer. This concept, which bears the name of Books about Town (of which Chris Wilkinson is the designer) is imported from Great Britain, in France, it took the name ofTwo-seater books

. It is a cultural concept that has given rise to many exhibitions. These benches, decorated by illustrators and artists

and exhibited in London, Paris, etc., aim to allow passers-by to explore the cultural heritage of their city, to promote the country’s artists and to celebrate reading for pleasure.Shaped like an open book sculpture is an original medium for urban art events that encourage all generations to rekindle their passion for reading

and writing.

To know more : The City of Sérignan decided on the occasion of its 25th edition to entrust a first bench toOlivier Vatine the second to Laurent Bonneau for the 26th. These benches have been placed in the public space near the Saint-Roch footbridge. the Grendizer Bench

will therefore land directly from space this year, to settle in Sérignan in turn… See the list of all authors on the website hosted byJean-Laurent Truc who will also be present at the festival to sign the album No comeback

(ed. Dargaud) of which he is the screenwriter:

Philippe MORET Friday June 3, at 6 p.m., opening of the exhibition devoted to the work of Fred Vignaux: Thorgal: The Mythology.At the Sérignan media library, 146 avenue de la Plage,
Exhibition until June 18 .Other comic book meetings in Occitania: Ludibulle is the new BD-youth and games festival organized May 22 in Hérépian(Hérault) by the association The Child Read organizer for 10 years of the festival BD’repian! Signing comic book authors: Yllya, Jez, Myrtille Tournefeuille, Emmanuel Roudier, Saboten, Mic. Confirmed game creators: Christophe Lauras, François Berdeaux, Michel Gonzalvez. And July 2 and 3, 2022Sainte-Enimie in Lozère will host Burle Bubblesthe 15th edition of

Enimie festival books, manga games

. City price:Each year, the City of Sérignan invites and awards a prize to a designer for the quality of his first album published in France. The winner receives an original sculpture by plastic artist Lionel Laussedat and an endowment from the City of Sérignan. The jury is made up of the President of the festival, two specialized journalists, a professional from the Occitanie Region, a librarian and a reader from the media library. This prize will be awarded by Fred VignauxPresident of the Jury, the

Saturday June 4 at 6.30 p.m. under the marquee

. This year, are selected: Luc Desportes forThe Richer scale(Galllimard) – Luc Desportes was born in 1965 in Suresnes, to a couple of architects. At the foot of their building: a neighborhood cinema, where Luc likes to spend his spare time… He develops his passion for storytelling through drawing, first at theDuperré School of Applied Artsthen to the National School of Fine Arts where he meets the director Cedric Klapischwho then prepares the shooting of his first short film. This is his first step into the world of storyboarding . The following year he worked with Jean-Pierre Jeuneton the film script The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain. In the following years, he broadened his areas of activity: illustration, television, advertising and comics with

Richter scale. Adrian Huelva , U4(Dupuis) ​​– Originally from Madrid, this autodidact in comics has been perfecting his knowledge of drawing and comics for two years at art school ESDIP . During this phase, he produced fanzines and webcomics in digital format. It was in 2015 that the Spanish publisher Dibbuksentrusts him with a project as a screenwriter and draftsman, the collective comic strip El Taller: 3a temporada , a work he produced with other new authors and under the direction of Kenny Ruiz. To date, he works for Dupuis on the adaptation of novels

“U4”.This is his first comic book series as a designer, with Denis Lapière and Pierre-Paul Renders writing the script. Morgane Lafille , Amelia Woods(Vents d’Ouest) – Barely finished her drawing studies in Bordeaux, she joined the Gottferdom studio in Aix-en-Provence as an intern. Its pretty line is immediately noticed by the team, which decides to publish its first original boards, tender and nostalgic in the Lanfeust Mag . Aix-en-Provence is the place where she meets her scriptwriter as well as the famous cat and the landlady who give her the idea for this story.

Amelia Woodsis his first comic book album. Quentin Rigaud , Stigma (Casterman) – Born in 1992, Quentin Rigaud studied comics at the prestigious school St. Lukein Brussels, then in Angoulême, where he was spotted during the festival’s young talent meetings. Streamer, he created Stigmahis first album, live for several years on the platform

Twitch . He lives and works in the Paris region.

The comic strip is also to be discovered on on social networks:

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