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Collar or harness: what should I choose for my dog?

This is one of the debates that drives discussions between dog owners, just like the choice of mat or orthopedic dog cushion, or the choice of kibble. When it comes time to take out Fido (aren’t all dogs called Fido?), many wonder if it’s better to opt for a collar or for a dog harness. As often during the debates, the supporters of the two camps oppose each other with arguments, more or less verified. In the field, collars and harnesses each have their own advantages. Knowing them better can be useful in helping you choose between a collar and a harness for your dog.

Beyond the advantages of a dog collar and a dog harness, the choice of model can also be the source of heated discussions. Choice of size, color, material, level of quality… Several criteria should be taken into account when buying a dog collar or harness, depending on your preferences and those of your faithful companion. With our selection of the 10 best dog collars and dog harnesses, you get a quick overview of the must-have models on the market. You are then free to choose the model that best suits your needs, your requirements and/or your budget.

Our selection :

  1. Julius-K9 dog harness
  2. rabbitgoo anti-pull dog harness
  3. Reflective TRUE LOVE Dog Harness
  4. Eagloo Dog Harness
  5. Dog harness Terres d’Eden
  6. Musonic Dog Harness
  7. Grand Line dog collar
  8. Kaka mall dog collar
  9. S.Lux dog collar
  10. TagME Dog Collar

What are the benefits of a dog collar?

For a long time, the dog collar was part of the basic equipment for any new owner of a dog (or a puppy). It must be said that the dog collar has several advantages. Easy to put on, it can receive the essential small medal with your contact details to be contacted in the event of your four-legged friend running away, or even a tracking system using a GPS collar. Above all, it is more pleasant for a dog to wear than a harness if the latter has to keep it on for a good part of the day. Despite its qualities, the dog collar is however increasingly neglected by dog ​​owners, in favor of the harness. In question, the impact of the dog collar on the health of the animal. By definition, the dog collar wraps around your dog’s neck. Each pressure on the collar then causes pressure on your dog’s neck and trachea, in an area where there are organs essential to his good health. If you are the owner of a dog capable of walking on a leash without pulling, there is no problem in equipping yourself with a dog collar. If your dog tends to pull when you go out, it is however recommended to avoid the dog collar.

What are the benefits of a dog harness?

An alternative to the traditional dog collar, the dog harness precisely counterbalances the main drawback of the collar. Placed at the level of your pet’s chest and back, the dog harness does not put any pressure on your dog’s neck. The dog harness therefore presents less risk to the health of dogs accustomed to pulling on a leash. For owners, it is also often easier to control the strength of a dog equipped with a harness rather than a collar. Be careful, however, to choose the harness carefully. A harness that is the wrong size, that does not fit easily and/or that moves all the time can also cause some problems (reduced dog mobility, chafing on the skin, etc.). Finally, let’s remember that, with a dog collar or harness, the best thing is to be able to walk your dog without him pulling on his leash.

Where can I find dog harnesses and collars?

The first instinct to find a dog harness or collar is often to go to a pet store. Large brands specializing in the sale of products and accessories for dogs, cats, rodents, etc. indeed have several models of dog collars and harnesses.

In practice, however, the choice is much wider on the Internet. With the major e-commerce players (Amazon, Cdiscount, eBay, etc.), you have the possibility of buying a dog collar or harness online from among several hundred referenced products. Above all, you have plenty of time to compare the different models with each other to be sure of choosing the right dog collar or dog harness. Our guide already helps you a little with a selection of the best dog collars and harnesses.

How to choose a dog collar?

Today there are a multitude of different dog collars. Among the criteria to take into account when choosing a dog collar, focus on:

  • The type of collar: for reasons of animal welfare, so-called strangulation collars and spiked collars (sometimes also presented as training collars) are to be avoided. Opt instead for a traditional dog collar, or flat collar.
  • The material: nylon, leather, plastic… the dog collar is available in several materials. For reasons of comfort, resistance and lightness, nylon receives the most favorable votes from dog owners.
  • The size of the collar: it must be adapted to the morphology of your dog. Too small, the collar will cause discomfort or even strangulation of your dog. Too big, it can be removed by your pet who will then find himself free to move.
  • Color and aesthetics: everything here is a question of personal taste. Online or in the dedicated departments of specialized stores, you will find dog collars in all colors, with or without patterns.

How to choose a dog harness?

We find in the choice of a dog harness substantially the same criteria as those mentioned for the choice of a dog collar with:

  • The type of harness: no choke or spiked harnesses here, but harnesses that vary in shape (T, H, Y, X). Easy to position on the dog, the T-shaped harness is recommended for large dogs. H-shaped, the harness provides better control. Y-shaped or X-shaped, the dog harness is the most versatile and comfortable model. It is suitable for walks as well as sports activities with your pet.
  • The size of the harness: this is an important criterion to take into account, since it is above all necessary to properly adapt the harness to the morphology of your dog. It is therefore advisable to measure your dog’s back/belly circumference at chest level (or chest circumference) to determine the correct harness size.
  • The material: for better comfort, opt for a dog harness with breathable material that wicks away perspiration.
  • Color and aesthetics: like the collar, the dog harness comes in a wide variety of colors. There are even dog harness models with a dedicated slot for personalization with the animal’s first name.

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