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CLC International Assurances: new guarantees for hunters and hunting dogs

As you know, hunters have the obligation to take out insurance each year to be able to hunt in France and in Europe. If a very large majority of hunters take out this insurance through their federation, and we can only encourage them to do so, it is not always easy to know exactly what it includes in terms of guarantees. Jean Simon and Ghislain Cotteau de Simencourt, hunters themselves, wanted to extend the guarantees offered to federations by adapting the needs and coverage necessary for the practice of hunting. Whether with his gun, with his dog(s), before or after the hunt, hunters can be faced with significant risks. Our two experts have thus created an insurance offer for the Federations with guarantees responding to all the concerns that can be caused by acts of hunting.

Ghislain Cotteau de Simencourt, Commercial Director and Jean Simon, Managing Partner

Jean and Ghislain, why did you want to offer hunting insurance for federations?
This desire to be able to collaborate with the world of hunting is entirely part of our DNA. We are both passionate about hunting and want hunters to be able to practice their passion in safety. Recent tragic events (although rare) remind us of how blameless we must be when hunting and organizing hunts. Hunting organizers thus play an essential role in enforcing all safety instructions on their territory. However, they cannot be behind every hunter on the day of the hunts. The ten-year training integrated into the safety component of hunters is therefore an excellent initiative. However, it is essential to prevent any accident. This is why we decided to create a formula that can cover the hunter in all hunting modes and whatever his status during that day.
The hunter, the guide, the Director of Hunting, the organizer, the owner of private hunting, the Chief of lines, the Chief of beat, The Chief of beaters, the personnel and volunteers on the spot such as the butchers, the teams in the kitchen…
During an accident, even if the first responsibility is automatically linked to that of the hunter, each actor of the day can have a direct or indirect responsibility.

How is your RC hunting contract more interesting than that offered by other companies?
Already because in the context of a material or immaterial claim not exceeding €50,000, which represents 99% of cases, this is managed within our firm and not by the company. There is therefore great responsiveness on our part and complete management of the claim. Naturally, bodily injury claims will be managed directly by the Company. Then our basic RC Chasse warranty is without franchise and also covers the hunter out of the act of hunting and covers the hunter’s civil liability from the moment he leaves home to go hunting and until his return, up to €100,000,000.00. And even more because the dogs are guaranteed outside the hunting season. Another specific case with bloodhound handlers, who traditionally must take out specific insurance for their activity, our basic Hunting RC covers this other mode of hunting. Finally, in the event of a dispute, the lawyer’s fees may be covered by your insurance up to 100,000 euros.

Have you also chosen to offer coverage for dog packs?
Indeed, fewer and fewer insurance companies want to insure dog packs. But you know it as well as I do, driven hunting is a very popular hunting method in France. Anglos-French, Beagles, Bleus de Gascogne, Foxes, Griffons, Dachshunds, Poitevins, Porcelaines, France is the first reservoir of hunting dog breeds in the world. We need to protect those who have had their dogs all their lives. In order to balance the sinister statistics, and ensure the durability of the solution, we initially propose a self-insurance mechanism which is proportional to the number of dogs in the pack. The idea is to unite the hunters around their piqueurs, men or women essential to this hunting activity, to enable them to cover the first glitches. . The insurer then takes charge of the claims (veterinary costs and death). In addition, we have just integrated a guarantee linked to a Aujeszky’s disease type contamination whose origin is a wild animal that can lead to the death of the dog. As you know and very unfortunately there are no vaccines against this disease yet and the costs inherent in the end of life of the dog can obviously be expensive.

Do you also offer other options that hunters may be interested in?
Indeed, we also offer individual accident insurance for bodily injury suffered by the latter, leaving him the choice of capital, a guarantee for damage to guns (depending on its value) and an individual guarantee for damage to dogs and according to his pedigree. Moreover we are able to support associations and groups through RC coverage and options Juridic protection and RC of corporate officers. This last one is very important. Too few subscribe to it, whereas the leaders of an association and a group can be sought out of their personal funds.

Does your expertise go beyond the simple fact of insuring hunters?
Indeed, our added value for hunters with the federations we support is to provide much more than insurance solutions. Our Group is now the leading French and European insurance broker. Thus by its positioning and the diversification of its clientele, the competence of its teams, an expertise in terms of civil liability and damage unequaled on the market. Our expertise will enable us to support the federations on insurance issues and their developments. In particular, we propose to set up training sessions on these subjects and are thinking about also discussing risk management in the broad sense, while having a very educational approach of these notions of cover for the federations and their hunter members.

Continuing on from what we mentioned together previously on the subject of legal protection, our contract dedicated to associations and groupings makes it possible to guarantee the association the lawyer’s fees in the event that one of its members excluded for a dangerous driving during an act of hunting, would legally turn against the association in order to be reinstated. In a society in perpetual judicialization, it is important that the hunting world be strong and united, which is why we make it our duty to defend the interests of the federations and their committed members. This is the philosophy of what we offer to hunters through their departmental federation.

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