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CFMOTO’s approach to Moto3

Today, after a first chapter dedicated to the CFMOTO success story, let’s take a closer look at the competition aspect of the Chinese company that we are witnessing this year 2022.

There have already been companies from the Middle Empire participating in the Grands Prix but, whether they operated under the names of Zongshen, Maxtra or Loncin, it can be said that the projects were either humanly too exotic, or technically too ambitious. The participation of a Chinese manufacturer therefore lasted all the longer since the arrival of the Moto3 category in 2012, replacing the 125cc, gave way to an Austro-Japanese duel at loggerheads between KTM and Honda, each manufacturer drawing on its greatest technological resources to offer real competition machines combining high performance and reliability.

For CFMOTO, whose development must go through the phase of increasing the notoriety of its name, its range of models and the quality of its products, there was no other realistic choice than to establish a partnership with a team and an existing builder. Obviously, the firm producing and distributing KTM motorcycles on the Asian market on its chains of the KTM / CFMOTO factory created for this purpose in Hangzhou to the south west of Shanghai, the manufacturer had found everything and it was therefore with the team Prustel GP that the agreement was concluded. An agreement which clearly states that “ the company will have full access to the experience and engineering accumulated by its partners techniques “…

Who is the Prüstel GP team?

Based in Oberlungwitz, Saxony, Germany, the team that today competes in the Moto3 World Championship under the official name of CFMOTO Racing Prustel GP was created in 2016 after the definitive bankruptcy of Racing Team Germany created by the former driver Dirk Heidolf. As a sponsor of what was then called Peugeot MC Saxoprint and which actually raced Mahindras for John McPhee and Albert Arenas, Ingo Prustel and his son Florian Prustelalready at the head of a large German logistics company, also became owners of a Redox PrüstelGP team which then fielded KTMs for Marco Bezzecchi and Jakub Kornfeil, then Filip Salač, Dirk Geiger, Barry Baltusthe unfortunate Jason Dupasquier and Ryusei Yamanaka.

But for 2022, Ingo and Florian Prustel wanted to wipe the slate clean of a sometimes difficult past, with the choice of two young hopeful drivers, carlos tatay and Xavi Artigasthe integration of the world champion Tom Luthi as a sports coach, and of course the contribution of a solid partner, CFMOTOwhile relying on a reigning world champion KTM RC4 still developed in Austria.

Su Zhen, Development Manager CFMOTO Racing : “ Entering this category of the Grand Prix World Championship means a new adventure for us and we are very excited. We are grateful to have strong partners, like the Prüstel GP team, and we know that the category is very competitive. We can’t wait to get started and will also be looking to challenge other international racing events in the future. We hope fans, especially those in China, will follow us on our journey! »

Florian Prüstel, Team Manager: Thank you very much to CFMOTO. We are proud that Prüstel GP can collaborate on a project like this. In difficult times around the world, and also for motorsport, we are grateful to have a partner like CFMOTO by our side. With this great global manufacturer behind us, we will have a great opportunity to bring top sporting results and media exposure for the brand. »

Who are the pilots?

Xavier Artigas and carlos tatay make up a 100% Spanish duo for 2022, both 18 years old.

Xavier Artigas scored a podium for his first Grand Prix at Valencia in 2019, and finished in the top three of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. 15th in the Moto3 world championship in 2021, he is in 11th place after the French Grand Prix.

carlos tatay is he a former winner of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, also winner of the FIM CEV Junior Championship. He is entering his third full season in the Moto3 world championship after being ranked 22nd and 21st in 2020 and 2021. He currently occupies 8th position.

What is the motorcycle?

The machines used by the CFMOTO team are based on KTM RC4. The Grand-Prix team has full access to experience and engineering due to its technical partnership.
Single cylinder 250 4 stroke, liquid cooled,
55 horsepower at 14,000 rpm, chassis and prototype engines built by KTM,
minimum rider + motorcycle weight: 152 kg


As we can see, the general approach of the team CFMOTO Racing Prustel GP is more than square: a reigning world champion bike, young and promising riders, a technical team with experts and the support of a prudent and reasonable manufacturer, who had also cut his teeth in competition by having been the only Chinese team to compete in the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man since 2013.

Admit that there are worse off in the paddock and that the adventure that is beginning is particularly exciting…

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