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“Celebrating Percheron Horse”, the summer event for breed enthusiasts in Perche

Percheron horses are put forward thanks to the association. (©DR)

Passionate about percheron horse, Evelyn Morinwho worked with his microenterprise for the Percheron Horse Festival every year for the August 15th, launched with knowledge a association for the defense of animals.

“We had the idea of ​​creating an event around the Percheron horse within the Écomusée du Perche. At the time of retirement, the director wanted to continue and so I organized three parties with my microenterprise in 2018, 2019 and 2021”, explains Evelyne Morin.

After these editions and especially the last one, Evelyne was tired and decided to stop there. “The idea popped into our heads,” says Pascal LeLongpresident of percheron horse association. “We wanted to make an association between friends. »

Pascal Le Long worked for more than twenty years for In the heart of the Perche as a screenwriter and director. With Caroline Hervea.k.a Miss Kittin, DJ and musician, they form the presidency of the association. “We started in September, we said to ourselves why not export this Percheron festival throughout the Perche region”, continues Pascal Le Long.

A traveling party

So come “Percheron horse in celebration”an event that will move every year on different sites of the Perche, August 15th. “We want to support, promote, develop and protect the image of Percheron”, says Pascal Le Long. “It was important to create this association to communicate on the Percheron horse through the territory and its history. »

The president had been working with Evelyne Morin since 2006, he also scripted the harnessed parades for the Percheron Horse Festival at the Écomusée.

“After 35 years of career at the Écomusée, I wanted to end on a beautiful month of August, on the theme of the Republican Percherons, I wanted to leave for something else and so I closed my microenterprise,” says Evelyne Morin. . “With the association, we are going to do a lot more entertainment, the party is the starting point of the season. »

Videos: currently on Actu

Thiron-Gardais celebrating

The first edition of the “Horse percheron in celebration” will take place at Thiron Gardais.

“The Percheron horse lives thanks to enthusiasts and the purpose of this festival is to continue to develop this adventure”, informs Pascal Le Long. “The idea of ​​doing this on an itinerant basis is due to the fact that there is an expectation, a desire, we already have the next destinations for the next three years. »

“While taking her everywhere, highlighting the local terroir with a Percheron resonance, we are going to put the breed forward, ”says the president. The common thread for the first edition is Guy Merelborn in Thiron-Gardais and died in 2017. Evelyne Morin and Pascal Long announce different animation and surprises.

It will be a challenge, because we will have to adapt every year to the place, there will always be harnessed rides, but we want to avoid routine.

Evelyn MorinSecretary of Cheval Percheron Association

“We don’t see the Percheron horse enough in its birthplace, there are a lot of equine associations in the Perche, but none on the Percheron”, concludes Pascal Le Long. “So we want to put him back in his place. »

Other activities and events are taking shape after the “Horse percheron party” on August 15th. Cheval percheron association has projects, but which are currently in talks. A membership campaign has begun.

President’s message

“Very attached to our Percheron land, to its history and above all to its legendary emblem represented by the Percheron horse, we have decided to come together within this association, to support and protect this magnificent horse. Connoisseur or candid, specialist or amateur , we need everyone to help us. “Cheval percheron en fête” is an event that will allow us to meet or get together every year. This party is intended to be the showcase of our action but not its purpose, it is together that we hope to act throughout the year and it is with you that we will succeed”, Pascal Le Long, president.


Membership: €15 for individuals; €10 for under 25s; €50 for institutions. Donations and sponsorship accepted. To be sent to Cheval percheron association, town hall, place Auguste-Hayes, 61340 Saint-Pierre-la-Bruyère.

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