Best Scholarship in Canada for International Students

This article portrays the list of best scholarships in Canada.

Scholarships can be a way of making life easier for you, especially if you seek to study abroad, the financial responsibility that comes with having to earn a degree in a foreign country can be quite burdensome especially if you are not financially buoyant.

This is why being on a scholarship is the best fit for international students, whether it is fully funded or not, a part of the financial responsibility you would have borne has been taken off you.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best scholarships in Canada

Best scholarships in Canada

Canada has tonnes of options to offer when it comes to partially funded and fully funded scholarships in top universities and these options are made available to a student that seeks to earn a bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degree at little to no cost.

This avenue gives you the privilege of polishing your chosen career path, thus placing you on the high side when a job opportunity arises.

Below are the list of the best fully funded and partially funded scholarships in Canada:

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship


The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is the best fit for an international student who seeks to pursue a doctorate at a Canadian University. The scholarship is targeted at students that have honed their leadership, excellence, and research skills.


Circumspectly, this scholarship is awarded to 166 students yearly and is aimed at improving the quality of education they have honed or gathered over the years.

However, the slot is only available to specific fields which include Health research, Engineering research, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities research.

Sponsored by the Canadian government, the beneficiaries of this scholarship will be nominated by their respective university, while quotas are determined mainly by the University of Toronto, British Columbia, and Mc Grill


Below are highlights of what is needed to complete the nomination procedure

  • Researchnet application form
  • Leadership statement
  • Common CV
  • Research contributions
  • Special circumstances
  • Two letters of reference
  • Research proposal
  • Project references
  • Transcript of records

Interestingly, the scholarship is valued at CAD 50,000 yearly for three years and is only available to

Scholars that seek to earn a master’s degree.

Letter B Pearson International Student Scholarship


This is one of the best scholarships in Canada. The scholarship is awarded to international students with excellent academic profiles and leadership skills who seek to pursue a Master’s degree in any of the Canadian best schools.


The scholarship is merit-based and the nomination has to be done by your High School Counsellors.

Featuring 37 students yearly, the scholarship is at the University of Toronto, and it is one of canada’s best and covers all of your tuition fees for four years, with an exemption of your accommodation, books, and other additional fees.


Ontario Graduate Scholarships


The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship awarded to graduate students who desire to study in any of Ontario’s schools.

The monetary support is between two years, which is dependent on the program you enrolled in (2 years for a master’s degree and 4 years for your doctorate).  However, students may be awarded the whole 6 years limit.

Eligibility is solely for a student who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree and has completed two terms.


Once you have been nominated, you have to apply for the scholarship in Canada. The scholarship is solely for scholars with high academic performance.


If you wish to apply to different schools, it is advised that you submit different applications per school.


The scholarship is valued at CAD 140,000 for 4 years.


Karen Mc Kelinn International Leader of Tomorrow Award Scholarship


The Karen Mc Kelinn International Leader Of Tomorrow Award Scholarship is one of the best scholarships in Canada. Sponsored by the Canadian Government, it is specifically for students that are gifted academically and for those who have held leadership positions in the community and in student affairs seemingly.


The scholarship is also accessible to students who seek to earn a bachelor’s degree.


One of the criteria for getting the scholarship is that you graduated from one of the secondary schools recognized by UBC.


If you are also someone who is dedicated to societal development, consider applying for this scholarship.


The Value of the scholarship is dependent on your financial need.


Pierre Elliott  Trudeau  Foundation Scholarship


Named after the former Canadian Prime Minister, the scholarship is aimed at equipping scholars with the four key pillars on which the foundation was enacted.


Students who desire to earn a doctorate in Human rights and dignity, Reliable Citizenship, Canada and the world, and people and the natural environment are advised to apply for this scholarship.


Furthermore, your achievement academically, leadership skills, resilience to make things happen, plus engagement skills are the factors that go into selecting the awardee for the scholarship.

Additionally, scholars must be actively involved in one of the foundation programs.

The scholarship is valued at CAD 40,000 yearly for 3 years and is solely for people who desire to pursue a full-time doctorate in the aforementioned pillars of the foundation.


University of Calgary International Entrance Fellowship


Featured as one of the best scholarships in Canada, the University of Calgary International Entrance Fellowship is the best fit for students who holds a bachelor’s degree, are academically excellent, and have passed the university English proficiency test.

Valued at CAD 15000 a year, the scholarship is solely for those who seek to earn a bachelor’s degree at the University of Calgary.


The scholarship is awarded to 2 students and it extends until the student’s fourth year which of course, is dependent on the student’s GPA.


For you to be awarded this scholarship, you must have a GPA of 2.60 and above.



University of British Columbia Public Scholars Award


The University of British Columbia gives its Public scholar award to over 30 students yearly.


The credibility of the award depends on several factors which include your research area of specialisation, and theses that are advantageous to the general public, which is the main target of the award.


Additionally, the quality of your research work is also one of the key factors for you to receive the award.


If you were awarded the scholarship, at the end of the grant year, it is expected that you provide a study report. Seemingly, you will be asked to present your research at equivalent networking events.


Apart from the CAD 10000 tuition fee that the UBC scholarship offers as a tuition fee, they also give research allowances and stipends to the selected ones.


Ontario Trillium Scholarship


The Ontario Trillium Scholarship is a scholarship that is awarded to those who want to earn a doctorate from top universities in Ontario


It is a merit-based scholarship that is the best fit for goal-oriented scholars, and people who possess excellent skills in research.


To be awarded the scholarship, scholars who were nominated must have crossed the 80% score threshold repeatedly for two years.


The endorsed amount for the scholarship is CAD 40,000 for 4 years.


Once you have been nominated, you have to apply for the scholarship in Canada. The scholarship is solely for scholars with high academic performance.


International undergraduate Leadership Scholarship


Offered to 50 international students yearly,  the scholarship is solely awarded to students that have impacted their communities via the service rendered, participation in sports, and arts.


The scholarship is awarded only to high school students that are interested in pursuing a degree in Service, sports, and arts.


To be considered for this award, your academic performance must be excellent, particularly you must be an ‘A’ student. However, the scholarship caps its minimum requirement for academic performance at B+.


Additionally, for you to be able to apply for this scholarship, You must be nominated by your high-school counsellor plus you will need to provide the contact information of your counsellor.


You will also need a letter of recommendation to be able to push your nomination.


The scholarship, which is one of the best scholarships in Canada caps its endorsement at CAD 10,000 per year which can be renewed yearly and is also dependent on the student’s performance.


University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

The scholarship is awarded basically to masters or PhD students. The basic requirement demanded for application is a 3.0 GPA.  However, the requirement varies with faculties, some faculties may demand more.

The scholarship caps its support at 5 years, so if you have pursued a master’s degree for 2 years, you still have 3 more years for your PhD

However, your department is the one to choose.

So, if you happen to be selected, recommendations will be sent to the faculty of graduate students.

If you are selected or rejected for the program, you will get a notification for that.

Finally, the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship scholarship offers CAD 14000 1 to 2 years for master’s and CAD 18,000 1 to 4 years for a PhD.


We have seen 10 of the best scholarships in Canada, I hope that this article has given you the best choice to choose from when it comes to selecting a scholarship for your degree?

Have any recommendations, ideas, or questions? Kindly use the comments.

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