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Behind the cruelty of cute cats and dogs fashion

Floppy ears, extra-flat muzzle, huge eyes… Some cats and dogs are the darlings of social networks. A fashion phenomenon that worries all those who campaign for the animal cause.

For several years, cats and dogs with particular physical characteristics such as a very flat muzzle or droopy ears have been the darlings of social networks. Do you find that cute? Know that in reality, they are sick and that we are far from animal welfare…

Hypertyped Cats and Dogs – Sick Animal Stars on the Internet

Grumpy cat, Lil Bib, Herman… If you love cats and frequent social networks, then chances are you know them.
These felids have become famous thanks to their funny faces. They have indeed physical peculiarities like big eyes or broken ears that make everyone crack.
They are animals resulting from a selective deviance from an ideal racial type: basically they have been genetically selected to accentuate to the extreme certain distinctive traits specific to their race! From hypertype pets

Cute? Really ? No, alerted Cat the vet, a British veterinarian, in a video posted on TikTok (in English). ” This is not cute. This is cruel » (It’s not cute. It’s cruel) she hammers.

In her publication, the young woman denounces the health problems that are associated with the physical characteristics of these famous cats.
His goal ? Educate Internet users about these animals which are chosen for their disease and sometimes used for advertising purposes or to showcase celebrities.

Folded ears in the Scottish/Highland fold are due to a genetic abnormality responsible for severe cartilage damage and causing what is called osteochondrodysplasia – © Moscow Aerlial

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trendy animals

Cats are not the only ones to be affected by this trend launched on the web, which consists of adopting animals with physical characteristics. Dogs are also victims of this new phenomenon.
As for shoes or handbags, the ” it dog have become the latest must-have accessory.

Breeds that are trending right now are Chihuahuas, Pugs, Boxers, and Bulldogs. Problem, they harm to other breeds and some dogs, especially those awaiting adoption at the SPA, are shunned.

Worse, this phenomenon has spawned theappearance of unscrupulous breedersattracted by the lure of gain, and who are just looking to produce many animals. They then favor parents not according to their health but according to the fashionable physical criteria.

Hypertype and animal abuse

The accentuation of morphological traits to the extreme is called hypertype. It can be dangerous for animals because it changes their physical appearance.
Thus, when a dog has a very flat face, it can present respiratory problems which will have cardiovascular consequences.

Developing a genetic defect or disease in cats or dogs poses a real ethical problem, because this choice is a matter of animal abuse.

cute animals

In a century, the French Bulldog’s skull has been shortened by 25% through genetic selection… to the point of transforming this playful little ball of fur into chronic respiratory failure – © Kasefoto

That is why, in Belgium, the Ministry of Animal Welfare could decide to act by banning certain breeds of cats, in particular by preventing their reproduction, advertising, import, exhibition, acquisition and possession.
Further, the races could be split into three groups: Prohibited, Remedies Required to Remove Hypertype, and Remedies Indefinite.

It remains to be seen whether, like Belgium, France will seek to find solutions to this growing problem.

Banner illustration: The very short legs of the munchkin are due to a dominant mutation, which means that if both parents have it, part of their young will not be viable, with both copies of the ‘munchkin’ gene – © Dasha Parfenova

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