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Assurances ASAP: the GENERALI agency taken over by Pierre Lecoq and Yvan de Boisriou

Coming from the seraglio and himself a breeder, Pierre Lecoq created the ASAP agency with his partner Yvan de Boisriou. They both succeed Philippe BIGEON (former agent) after having collaborated for several years in the company. They offer a range of specialized horse racing services. Learn more below. Publiredactionnel.

Pierre Lecoq, insurance agent and horseman.

Son and grandson of breeders (AndrĂ© Lecoq, creator of the “des Brosses” label in Feneu in Anjou), Pierre Lecoq has taken up the torch on a personal basis, and is involved in the institution as a member of the AQPS West association. When he decided to trace his professional path in the insurance register, he naturally specialized in the horse racing field and worked for 10 years at the GENERALI agency in Laval before taking over the reins in January. 2020 with the assistance of a partner, Yvan de Boisriou.

ASAP Assurances is an insurance agency based in Laval in Mayenne (53). Insurance agency for the GENERALI company (3rd worldwide company) which offers a full range of contracts for professionals and individuals, ASAP is also a broker on an ancillary basis with other insurance companies for certain risks.

The agency is particularly known in France for its specialty in EQUESTRIAN insurance and in particular for trotting and galloping professionals (trainers, stud farms, racecourses, etc.). This Laval agency is even the referent for Generali in the field of horse racing.

Yvan de Boisriou and Pierre Lecoq

Present in the field throughout France, this experienced team is made up of 14 people, 12 of whom are committed to providing quality service. They are divided between the underwriting department and claims management.

A partner of Pierre Lecoq, Yvan de Boisriou has been with the firm for 5 years. He was previously an insurance agent for another company for 10 years and knows the equestrian field well, having been involved in the organization of races at two western racecourses, where he officiated as steward.

The ASAP Assurances Agency team

In the field, Yvan and Pierre have been supported for a few months by Julie LEMESLE who also knows the equestrian field very well. She joined the team after 10 years with another insurance company. There is also Pierre ROULOIS who is alternating with an insurance school after having been an apprentice trotting driver.

Julie Lemesle, also spotter for Arqana

The ASAP Agency offers a wide range of contracts for horse professionals. It has the particularity of being able to insure high-value horses in the event of fire and during transport in particular. The same principle is applicable for the civil responsibilities of professionals (trainer, breeders, etc.), in order to protect them in the event of a lawsuit related to damage to entrusted horses.

In addition, ASAP offers mortality insurance for horses with insurance for stallions, racehorses (trot and gallop), broodmares including gestations and foals.

Range of contracts for horse professionals:

  • Buildings
  • Civil liability for trainers, breeders and various equine professions (with important guarantees for the horses entrusted)
  • Vehicles (truck, vans, cars)
  • Agricultural material
  • Horses transported (including entrusted horses)
  • Housing
  • Welfare and individual accident (including for jockeys)
  • Health mutuals for operators and employees
  • Retirement
  • Saving
  • Equine mortality insurance contracts:

    For breeding and racing horses (all disciplines combined)

    The risks of gestation and foaling with the insurance of the products to be born and the first months of the foal



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