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Animal welfare requires good insurance!

Leader in animal insurance in Scandinavia, Agria insured the first animal in the world at the end of the 19th century! In the company of Julien Begue, Director France of Agria, we will understand why insuring your pet increases animal well-being.

If you were to speak directly to pet owners, what message would you like to convey?

The first essential piece of advice I can give to pet owners is to insure your pet as soon as possible. Don’t wait for an accident to happen or an illness to occur. It’s like thinking about insuring your house when it’s on fire.

A disaster can occur at any time. Taking out dog insurance or cat insurance makes it possible to meet potential veterinary costs while guaranteeing the best treatment for the animal: from the simple consultation, to more advanced medical examinations, but also hospitalization and surgery.

Why do owners not necessarily have the reflex to insure their pets?

Simply because received ideas have a hard tooth! Contrary to what one might think, you don’t need an extravagant budget to call on an insurance company. Indeed, at Agria Assurance pour Animaux, it is possible to insure your dog or cat from 3 euros per month! Because we know that insuring your pet promotes both the well-being of the animal and the peace of mind of their master.

Why is the Agria Insurance for Animals offer different?

Agria’s added value is to offer a tailor-made offer created in collaboration with the master according to the specific needs of the animal. At Agria, we take into account the breed of the animal, but also its status: pet, competition animal, breeding animal…

Our team is made up of animal experts and enthusiasts responsible for finding the most suitable animal coverage. Today, more than one million two hundred thousand animals are covered across Europe by Agria.

What are the advantages of Agria Insurance for Animals?

An insurance company and not an insurance broker, Agria designs its offer, markets it and bears the risks. At Agria, no bad surprises!

Plus, we’re the only pet insurance on the market to cover pets with no age limit! With the highest reimbursement ceiling on the market, Agria reimburses up to 7,200 euros per year for veterinary costs. Finally, Agria provides the greatest coverage of the market with the minimum of exclusion!

What are your commitments to animal welfare?

First of all, Agria Assurance pour Animaux is a partner of the Société Centrale Canine, a public utility establishment ensuring the improvement and reconstitution of dog breeds in France. Together, we are working to improve the health of French livestock by co-financing scientific research projects.

On the other hand, our collaboration with the Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF), has enabled us to create a research fund with the aim of financing studies and scientific projects in the field of feline breeding.

In line with your commitments, each year you organize a walk for the benefit of an association, tell us?

In all the countries where we are present, we organize a Dog Walk every year – a European charity walk. During this walk, the dogs that have a home walk for those that don’t.

For each participant in France, a donation of 5 euros is allocated to an animal protection association. Each year, this free event allows us to collect a nice sum; the more participants we gather, the higher the donation!

This year, the physical march took place on Saturday May 21 in Hermes in the Oise while a digital march took place on social networks all weekend. The 2022 edition raised several thousand euros for the benefit of the Lyon and South-East SPA, whose role is essential in protecting animals and finding them a home.

If you want to know more about Agria, our customer service and our Ambassadors in the region are at your disposal. They are also at your disposal and advise you to build with you the insurance best suited to the needs of your animal, according to your budget.

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