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all about the French Book of Origins

The Book of French Origins (LOF) is a register listing dog breeds. This is the only genealogical book dedicated exclusively to the canine species in France.

the Book of French Origins classifies dog breeds into 10 groups, which were established by the International Cynological Federation (CFI). There are breeds of dogs with a certain number of characters, a physique or a specificity different from the others, according to their lineage or their origins.

What is the LOF?

the Book of French Origins was established in 1885 by the Central Canine Society (SCC) recognized as a public utility establishment by the decree of April 28, 1914. In 1957, the Ministry of Agriculture officially recognized this register as the “Official French genealogical book for the canine space”.

The very first registration in the LOF dates from March 11, 1885 and concerns a French Pointing Griffon with woolly hair, named Marco.

This registry makes it possible to list and certify the purity of a breed of dog. Only dogs registered and listed in the LOF have the right to the appellation “purebred dog”. This designation can also justify a higher price than that of a dog crossed during the acquisition.

How to recognize a LOF dog?

A LOF dog has a birth certificate attesting to its registration with the LOF by its breeder, or a pedigree when it has been confirmed.

This certificate is an official document containing the genealogy of the dog. We find his parents, his grandparents or his great-grandparents. It is possible to go back up to 5 generations (or more).

It also certifies that the dog conforms to the characteristics set out in the standard for its breed.

A dog resulting from two parents of different breeds or devoid of belonging to a breed of dogs in the register can in no case be a LOF dog.

How to register your dog for the LOF?

There are several ways to register a dog for the LOF.

The most common is the inscription of the dog “in respect of descent”. This registration is obtained if the parents are already registered with the LOF. The puppy will in turn be designated as conforming to the standard of its breed by a judge during its confirmation.

There is also the inscription “initially”, that is to say without origin (parents not LOF). The dog must be recognized as conforming to the standard by a judge upon confirmation.

It also happens that, at the request of the Breed Club and with the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture, access to the LOF is temporarily closed. This scenario can appear when the population of this breed of dog is too large. You will then have to request a registration “to the waiting book”.

Finally, if it is a breed of dog imported and registered in a foreign herd book recognized by the SCC, it will be necessary to request a registration “under import”.

What is Confirmation?

A dog’s LOF entry is not automatically assigned. Indeed, a puppy from two LOF parents can receive a birth certificate and be provisionally registered with the LOF. He will only be definitively registered in the LOF and will obtain his pedigree after passing before a judge to validate his confirmation.

If the dog is said to conform to the criteria of the breed, the judge then signs the certificate, which must be returned to the Société Centrale Canine. The SCC will then return the definitive pedigree.

Finally, if the jury renders a unfavorable opinion, the owner of the animal can appeal and request a new presentation. For this, the appeal must be made to the SCC within a maximum period of two months after the negative opinion of the jury.

Namely, there is no maximum age for your dog to be confirmed, but a minimum age (adult height reached).

Can a non-LOF dog become LOF?

Registration with the LOF is necessary for a dog to be legally qualified as “pure race” .

If it is not registered with the LOF, it is said that a dog is considered “race type”, “bred in appearance” or “crusader”.

To know, a non-LOF dog can become suitable for registration if he presents all the characteristics of a very specific breed, while being of unknown parentage or from parents absent from the register. You will then have to register your dog with the LOF as an “initial title”.

Adopting an animal commits you, it is a decision that you will have to think carefully about. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the shelter closest to you before starting. They will be able to give you their advice on the breed of dog that will suit you best.


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