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Abused Angora Rabbits: One Voice complains

In 2016, the association One Voice warned about the conditions of improper treatment of angora rabbits in a French farm. Despite the urgency of the situation, this breeder based in the Loire-Atlantic continues to inflict atrocities on rabbits by snatching their paws without preparing for their well-being. In addition, One Voice took the stage and undertook two new procedures in France and the European Union.

It’s been seven years, the One Voice association (who fought for animal rights) conducted an infiltrated investigation into a breeder of angora rabbits located in the Loire-Atlantique. On the spot, the investigators had was under shock. To obtain their feathers, the breeders attached the rabbits to wooden planks, by splitting and pulling on their thighset snatched their hair with a pinch. A real torture for these animals, who hurl in pain and tried to flee. The rabbit is usually a very discreet animal that uses its voice only in case of extreme danger, which testifies to the violence of this animal.

These angora rabbits are tortured in order to recover their feathers. Credit: One Voice

To denounce and condemn these atrocities, One Voice has unveiled its survey to the general public and published images of the living conditions of rabbits in 2018 and 2020. Despite this, the breeding of angora rabbits continues and nothing has changed. In this exploitation, only rabbits are concernedsince they are the ones who have the most hair. Males are killed shortly after they are born. It is estimated that 170 rabbits are healed alive in clapper and are epilepsy several times a year.

The first steps were not successful

Following this investigation, One Voice asked the Minister of Agriculture and Welfare ofprohibit the “depilation” of rabbits to collect their hair, as well as the sale and purchase of products containing rabbit hair. Cependant, the ministry implicitly denied the request of the organization, which seized the Council of State by presenting a report on the poor breeding conditions for angora rabbits. A request was also rejected, as authorities said the rabbits were not suffering.

On June 11, 2020, One Voice filed a new complaint against the French state with the European Commission. The goal: that rabbits are raised in good conditions, and that their well-being be respected. Unfortunately, the file was closed.

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Two new procedures for rescuing angora rabbits

However, One Voice does not intend to leave the matter. Deeply marked by these acts of violence against angora rabbitsthe association maintained with the Professor Donald Maurice Broom, biologist and professor of animal welfare at Cambridge University. Referring to the Guide to Good Practices of the Technical Institute of Aviculture (ITAVI), the professor said that the result is without appeal.

“The evidence in the ITAVI Guide, the photos, videos and scientific literature attest to the existence of several major problems regarding the well-being of angora rabbits in all livestock undergoing grooming and hair removal »he declared.

Indeed, angora rabbits should not be treated kindly: they hover by the hoofs or ears and attach to their paws are acts of maltreatment. The rabbits had to be died before and during the harvest of their hairwhich would have been cut rather than reached.

One Voice launches two procedures in France and in the EU to save angora rabbits. Credit: Radio France / Luc Chemla

Since December 18, 2020, the texts of the law were evolved in favor of animal welfare and included a new ban. “It is banned to any person who, to some extent, whether, student, custody or detention of domestic animals or wild animals approved or held in captivity […] to put into practice breeding techniques that are susceptible to use unnecessary suffering to animals account of the sensitivity of the species concerned and the physiological stage of the animals »can be read in the Rural and Maritime Fisheries Code.

Thanks to Professor Broom’s report on the Rural and Maritime Fisheries Code, One Voice decided to revert a new time to the chain, launching two procedures. The association has filed a complaint for failure at the level of the European Union Court of Justice, and has filed a preliminary appeal with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

One Voice sensitizes the general public

In order for his request to be heard, One Voice has published one petition to protect angora rabbits. Last weekend, the association also organized several awareness actions in six cities in France. In Lyon, militants marched into the street with pancartes choc and went to the passers -by to explain the situation to them.

« Nursed and isolated in small cages, their keyboard will last for many years, rhythmic by also painful and painful hair removal sessions. After having heard them cris stridents des rabins make themselves epileptic to vif during our first investigation under infiltration, after the images revealed in 2018 and 2020, we can only indulge, once more, of blindness and disappointing silence of our authorities »the militants said.

In Annecy and Nice, demonstrations organized by One Voice activists also took place. Disguised as rabbits, the volunteers mimicked the rabbit hunt, to sensitize the public to these cruel acts and mobilize more of the world to act for the welfare of Angoras rabbits.

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