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Above-ground fish farming, a sure source of income for Africans

Pfish farming, a secure source of income for Africans

It is a project for the future that deserves to be explored as a substitute activity to have a permanent source of remuneration. Faced with the degradation of natural resources, many fishing families in Africa are at risk of earning less income. Indeed, due to the imbalance of the ecosystem, it has been found that their fish production is constantly declining.

An alternative method to optimize the preservation of natural resources

It is judicious to note that following the demographic pressure, the increase in the needs generates the destruction of the biodiversity. This is a social phenomenon frequently encountered in rural areas in different African regions. This is why it is imperative to reflect on the establishment of a above ground fish farmingin order to remedy it effectively.

Environmentally conscious activities

Indeed, this activity particularly represents an optimal solution because of the many benefits, such as:

  • The preservation of natural resources,
  • The use of little space while having a tank as mobile fishponds,
  • The significant improvement of the living conditions of sinners and their families,
  • The establishment of a collective management of the project which makes it possible to sensitize the whole community to the protection of the environment.

Revenue Generating Solutions

Through the training provided to the fishing community in African villages, they effectively have the ability to:

  • Acquire new skills to improve their knowledge of fish farming.
  • Master the techniques required to ensure the essential technical follow-up, in order to optimize production cycles.
  • Effectively organize the sale of their fish production;
  • Gain financial independence.
  • Contribute to local economic development by calling on carpenters to make the equipment needed for aboveground fish farming.

A project promoting the development of the aquaculture sector

This practice actually has the merit of being a project with great potential. The results are not as uncertain as playing Casino777 casino, they will allow families to have a secure and sustainable source of income. Indeed, this aquaculture technique offers them the opportunity to meet the growing needs of the population in fish products. This is a strategic approach, because it compensates for the decrease in fish and the food imbalance, following environmental problems. Thanks to their mastery of production techniques, fishermen effectively contribute to the fight against the disappearance of fish.

To do this, the populations receive the essential training to guarantee the success of the above-ground fish farming project. To know :

  • Technique for acquiring fry which should weigh an average of 10g,
  • Stocking method,
  • Local food production process,
  • Compliance with feeding schedules,
  • Procedure for renewing the water,
  • Realization of control fishing,
  • Preparation for sorting and ration determination and sale.

At the same time, to carry out their project, the fishermen will benefit from an allocation of equipment and production materials. With this in mind, the fish boxes are made with materials from their locality.


To sum up, aboveground fish farming represents a sustainable source of income par excellence for fishermen in Africa. It effectively makes it possible to sustainably protect the environment while giving the local population the opportunity to diversify their activities. The deterioration of their ecosystem threatens to reduce the production capacity of the aquaculture sector and reduce their income. To do this, the community benefits from specific training, in order to improve their skills in this area and make their project a success. This technique promotes the preservation of fish species and the satisfaction of the fish consumption needs of the population. Therefore, it is important to sensitize the communities to adopt this method.

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